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After seeing the new Destiny weapon designs that Atomic Bricks recently posted, I wanted to create a custom that would be able to use one of them. Of course, even with all the available weapons, I had to go with the Vex Mythoclast (one that I will probably never have in the game!).


This one was fairly quick and I wanted to keep it simple, so I decided to use printed torso/legs. This particular combination includes the colors I wanted and seems to fit the Voidwalker motif. The helmet is removable.


(See the next photo for a better view of the Mythoclast).


Wolverine has been one of my favorite comic book characters for about as long as I can remember. He and the X-Men have provided many hours of entertainment and great stories over the years.

I used a Brick Affliction jacket here (slightly modified) and sharpened the claws to get the look I wanted.


"I'm the best there is at what I do. And what I do isn't very nice."

- Wolverine


The Jade Guardian is a character that walks the line of old and new technology, using energy weapons and defenses that are very advanced, but in the form of traditional weapons that were known and used by past generations.


This one is a bit more like traditional Lego than some of my other builds. I've wanted to use the armor from the new Superman sets since it was released. It's one of the most detailed armor pieces that Lego has created and I'm glad to see them moving in that direction. Hopefully we will see more of these type of interesting and detailed pieces in the future.

Ok, I know this is a blast from the past, but it has been on my painting table for ages and it is finally finished. I decided to exaggerate the goggles and make them brighter than they usually appear, just to make it a bit more interesting and add to the effect of the character.

Here we are again with another military custom done in completely unrealistic colors. This one was inspired by old-school G.I. Joe cartoons and comics from the late 80's and early 90's. In those days it seemed like each character was competing to see who had the brightest and most outlandish uniforms and gear. Most of this happened on the Cobra side of things, but there were quite a few of the G.I. Joe team who got in on the act as well. So, those themes played a part in the creative direction here.


You also may be thinking "I've seen parts just like that on someone else's work".….and you would be right! That's because this one is a collaboration with fellow customizer Richard Goff. Richard created the custom vest, legs and arm parts that you see here and I supplied the paint as I usually do. I'm guessing that even Richard will be quite surprised by the direction taken here - it is completely different from where it started. :-)

Hope you like it!


Happy New Year everyone!


I wanted to start the new year with something special: a build done with one of my favorite themes, Halo, and with parts from a few of my favorite custom houses.


After seeing the red Spartan awhile ago you probably guessed that a blue Spartan would be posted eventually and it is finally finished. I did some experimenting with a more pronounced set of highlights for this one and I'm very pleased with how it turned-out (like most customs, it looks much better in person than in photos, but this will give you the idea at least). Once finished, I actually went back and gave the red Spartan some extra highlights as well so they would match just a bit better. I hope you like the results.


Armor Set (Helmet, Armor, Arms): Brick Affliction

Legs: eclipseBricks

Weapon: Brickarms

Is this one of Bane's long-lost ancestors from the middle ages? Could it be a version of Bane from an alternate reality? Hard to say, but one thing is certain - he means business and is not to be taken lightly. Cross him at your own peril. ;)

I wanted to do one more Halo build before I take a break from my favorite franchise and move on to some other ideas (at least for now!). It also seemed like a good time to bring a few old friends back into the mix for this photo set, so be sure to have a look at those.


The Legendary Chief armor from Brick Affliction is my favorite of all the Halo armor sets. I really like the armor design, especially down the middle section of the minifig. The tapered design of the armor almost gives the minifig a slim appearance in some ways and flows very well. The overall effect is muscular and imposing, which fits Spartans perfectly.


Of course, this particular soldier is not Master Chief, but rather a Spartan inspired by some of the ideas in Spartan Ops and other parts of the multi-player. This one also got a bit of weathering - he has been through many battles and it definitely shows!

Well, I had one more Gear on my painting table waiting to be finished and now he is ready. This is Captain John Stryker of the COG military. He is a bold and accomplished leader with a long history of military service. In recent days he has spent time in the field with Whiskey Squad, trying to save what little humanity has left as the Locust and Lambent threats have continued to evolve.

Let the battle begin...

With the release of Halo 4 coming in only 2 days, welcome to Red Team. :)

This one is my last build for the year. I wanted to use a bright helmet color that contrasted with the other darker, military colors. Not the most practical thing if you are out in the field, but it makes for an interesting design. The torso is Brick Affliction and the weapon is Tiny Tactical.

Like many fans, I'm excited about the upcoming Avengers movie and wanted to create a custom that ties into the film. I've already seen some great minifigs completed for the movie and many people here are working on more. It will be fun to see all those.


For this one, it was done with an armor set from Breakthrough Army and the TLC helmet. Although I like the printing on all the Lego Iron Man minifigs, in my opinion they do have a bit of a "bobblehead" look to them due to the difference in size between the head and body. A correctly-sized set of armor helps resolve that issue for me. The BA helmet has a unique look, but I still like the TLC helmet better overall. So, what you see here is my favorite combination.


As with most of my builds, I didn't go for strict accuracy, but made decisions based on what I thought would work the best and help to achieve the appearance I wanted.


With that in mind, I went mostly with the traditional red, and left out some of the gold accents featured on the new Mark XLIII armor in the movie. This created a good base for the weathering and damage effects.


Speaking of which, the idea here was to have Iron Man appear like he's in the middle of an epic battle. He has been knocked through walls and tumbled across the concrete many times during the conflict. Of course, he has given as well as he has received. The remains of an Iron Legion soldier lay at his feet, just one of dozens he has battled today. For that part, I stuck more with Lego's interpretation rather than the appearance in the movie.


Check the other photos in the series for more detail.

This is my version of the Halo 4 Warrior (armor by Brick Affliction). I intentionally used a non-standard color pattern that doesn't match those seen in the game. This one took quite a bit of time and I'm very please with the result. It has become one of my favorite customs in the collection.

Is this one of Bane's long-lost ancestors from the middle ages? Could it be a version of Bane from an alternate reality? Hard to say, but one thing is certain - he means business and is not to be taken lightly. Cross him at your own peril. ;)

I wanted to keep this one simple and stay true-to-form with the Gears Universe, while introducing just a bit of color to the mix. The detail on this armor that Andrew sculpted is really outstanding. The design allows you to paint in a very detailed way with several different colors if you like, or just use a few colors and approach it in a more general way. I'm looking forward to seeing variations that others in the community create with these pieces.


Bringing the pain...

These guys look great in the game, but the plain black color of the armor makes for slightly boring painting. Thus, an altered color scheme was needed for this one. I hope you like the way it turned-out. As usual, the Brick Affliction armor is packed with detail and was a lot of fun to paint. Another Gear has now been added to the collection!

Figs by KalSkirata, photos and editing by BaneStudios

A special thanks goes out to Pecovam for sending over this awesome carved Emile helmet and armor. The helmet really does look great in person (nice work on this buddy!).


Of course, it was un-painted when I received it and I was thinking of a few different ways to handle the paint scheme. In the end, I decided to do something completely different with Emile for this build, so I created a more savage, "Wilderness Operations" version of the character. Let me know what you think!

Since the same color scheme was used on both, I wanted to get a shot of the UNSC Marine and Savage Emile together! Covies beware! Emile carving by my friend pecovam.

I wanted one without the helmet, so here he is - the man himself, Tony Stark.

...and the entire, motley group. Try not to run across these guys when exploring forgotten places on alien worlds... :)

Branch: Strategic Ground Operations (SGO)


SGO Light Desert Infantry are built for quick strikes. They wear medium-weight body armor. This armor also includes an advanced environmental control system, which alternately helps to cool the core temperature during the harsh heat of the daytime and provide heat, as needed, at night. Their helmets are also designed to deflect heat and provide the soldiers with protection during extended periods in direct sun.


MMCB, Brickforge and Little Armory.

I was going for a gritty look with these photos, which seems to fit the Gears universe. As with most customs, this one looks a lot better in person, but hopefully you get the idea! This is NOT supposed to be Clayton - it is another gear in similar armor with a different color scheme.


"We are the slayers of kings, the destroyers of worlds, bringers of ruination and death in all its forms. These things we do in the name of the Emperor and in the defense of mankind. Let none stay our wrath."


Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol: LRRP (pronounced "lurp").

Since we are definitely in the cold grip of winter here where I live, it seems like good timing for this one. It features a new vest from Brick Affliction (which I believe should be available later this month). It doesn't really have what would be considered realistic winter military colors, but I wanted to add a few accents to the mix to make it more interesting.

Here the new version of thire, with dark red visor, home made decal. Enjoy ;-)

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