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Shot at Cape Kiwanda on I think the only sunny day in about a month and 1/2 on the coast that I was able to enjoy this summer. Any comments would be great! Thanks for looking. Chip


Due to more strict enforcement of their rules, Flickr has asked me and many others to take down info such as links to personal websites and workshop information. However, it is still allowed to have such information in one's Flickr Profile.

Key Hole Rock, Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur


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Sunset at Key hole rock at Big Sur, California 3 Jan 2015

Narrow minded people..


Who are they?

How do they think?


Narrow minded people are people who can look through a key-hole with both eyes at once.


They are people that only know one way, and no other way.


There is no "adjustment" or "change" to them.


They only know one thing, and will not accept any other.


It's either what they know, or nothing else.

They will never accept substitutes.


Let us not be of this kind.

We should accept every change or adjustment in our lives, and we should adapt


to these changes and learn from other people's mistakes.

Here is an image from Cape Kiwanda, one of my favorite beaches on the Oregon Coastline. I spent the better half of Saturday scrambling around the sand dunes in the beautiful warm weather. The winds were also gusting pretty decent so climbing the large sand dunes multiple times was literally real sand shower! The sky was pretty clear so unfortunately there was no real “epic” opportunity for sunset, so I pretty much played around in the Tunnel and Key Hole.

Through some exploring I have found 2 natural arches or key holes along the Oregon Coast....


This was shown to me by a friend and then I happened to do some scouting around and found another one nearby....


nothing fancy here, I was just enjoying the sunset!


Camera:Nikon D300



Focal Length:16 mm


ISO Speed:100


The waterfalls at the end of The Subway at Left Fork of North Creek, Zion National Park, Utah.


I haven' t seen any shots of this waterfalls from other photo enthusiasts so I decided to give it a try. Let me know what you think.

There once was a brass bezel to protect the oak edges of the hole. Long gone, I suppose, but the key exists and the lock works. Nope, I won't tell what's behind door number one. Sorry, couldn't resist. Pre-Civil War oak desk, massive and still intact.

Spent sometime at the Oregon Coast this Holiday weekend, hoping to get some photography in despite the weather forecast, cause it’s not like they are always right, right? Of course this weekend they were right and I spent two day in torrential down pours, flooding, high tides and high winds. Still a great getaway and a fun time, just limited my pushing of the shutter, which I have been really missing lately.


I had planned out shooting Kiwanda for sunrise on day one. The weather was light rain, so I was hopeful and decided to shoot the Key Hole, I could be lazy and drive up close on the beach on thought, well the tides were very high and after playing cat and mouse for a while, realized I could not make it as the tides were rolling all the way up the shore, so I headed back up to the other side by the Pelican Pub to rethink my strategy as I watched the dark sky’s start to change into shades of grey. At his point dejected looking at the ocean, I noticed a speeding bullet in my rear view mirror, coming straight at me I thought what the heck?? At the last second a grey Scion turns sharply in an aggressive manner spinning around in the sanding parking lot, like a teenager in an empty mall snowy parking lot. It didn’t take me but a couple of seconds to figure it out, I knew the car, I knew the driving style, and a quick text confirmed it was Mr. Aaron Reed trying to defeat the weather forecasts as well. After a few minutes of conversation, I headed back to walk to the key hole, while Aaron headed to the haystack, Who else are you going to run into in the rain and wind at 6 in the morning? A fellow photographer of course!


Hope everyone has a great week!!


Wedding Dresses :






Key-hole back wedding gown

Help a guy out and fav this photo


Pfeiffer beach,

Big Sur, CA




Nikon D800

NIkon 16-35mm

ISO - 50



1/5 sec -1/20



December 24, 2013

7:35:25 PM

2 shots hand blended

Was here recently and shot this with about 30 other photographers. Great times...

Hatteras Island Gazebo Over Pamlico Sound

Dare County, Coastal North Carolina

Accessed via the Outer Banks Scenic Byway (NC-12)

Date taken: October 28, 2013

Flickr Explore #309 on Friday, December 27, 2013!


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This past autumn my folks were nice enough to let me tag along on a short vacation where they stayed in a rental home that included a private boardwalk and gazebo above the Pamlico Sound on Hatteras Island in North Carolina. The Albemarle-Pamlico Sound is the 2nd largest estuary in the United States at roughly 30,000 square feet of water surface (behind only the Chesapeake) or, as some sources say, the largest "lagoonal" estuarine system in the United States (not sure yet what lagoonal changes--more research needed!). Essentially, the Sound is a mixing area of fresh water from the state's rivers and salt water from the Atlantic Ocean. Shallow by all standards, the average depth of the Pamlico Sound is about twelve feet, with the deepest hole reported at only twenty-six feet in depth. In totality, the Albemarle-Pamlico Sound is quoted as being a "key resource base" for the state and for the southeast, with primary industries such as commercial fishing, tourism/recreation, and resort development relying directly on the quality of the resource. At present, the EPA sites the largest threats to the water body as non-point (agriculture and urban development runoff) and to a lesser extent point source runoff. However, the Albemarle-Pamlico Sound has been rated good to fair based on fairly recent testing. A tremendous resource for photographers as well I would say!


On a photographic note, despite being attacked by very ambitious mosquitoes every evening, I was hoping to capture a later-evening shot of this scene with a boat's light trail speeding by in the channel just to the rear of the gazebo. Never happened, but I still think the idea would have been solid!

Though i reached late at location but managed to capture this beauty

Purple sand and Key hole rock, California

This is the only 'watering hole' on Cabbage Key, and it has been here since the 1930's. The walls and ceilings are plastered end-to-end with dollar bills. Memorabilia from generations of fisherman and travelers fills every other nook and cranny. It is definitely worth the stop to 'refuel', if you happen to travel that direction...


Processing notes:

...Texturized, under-painted, over- painted, colorized... and only 'god knows what else'...eventually, its smarter to just stop...!!!




Blinking through the key-hole.



A blue door from the village in previous picture.


Sorry for my delay. Have had strange network problems. hopefully it fixed now.


Photo: My own

Texture: Cris Buscaglia Lenz, Evelyn Flint Thank you both.

A small hole in a arch-headed central portone, through which the copper-green dome of Saint Peter's Basilica, can be viewed at the end of a garden allée framed in clipped cypresses

Twin Rock, Rockaway Beach, OR.


Just like its big cousin, Key Hole at Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA, the hole in one of the Twin Rocks at Rockaway Beach aligns with the sun at sunset on rare occasions. When it happens, golden rays of the sun pour out of this unique opening and when the sun is aligned, you can capture sunbursts or even the setting sun. The key hole has an Azimuth of about -259 deg. This means that in order to capture the sun through this hole, the sunset needs to happen at about 11 degrees south of west. At Rockaway Beach, this happens only twice a year; once around the third week of February and again around the third week of October. But the northern Oregon coast is mostly cloudy and stormy during these times. No wonder then, there are not very many pictures of this phenomenon from this spot! Last weekend, when we visited this beach, the sky was very clear and there was only one other photographer with a tripod. Please refer to my previous pictures from this series. I will be publishing a few more pictures from this shoot until the light was gone. This picture was taken right after the previous one, when the sun was hidden by the top left corner of the rock. The shafts of light was intense.


I liked the way shafts of sunlight were pouring out of the hole in the rock. I did not notice the inverted heart shape of the hole at that time; it was blindingly bright. Even after using live view on the camera most of the time, I was blacking out.


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"Morning glory is the best name, it always refreshes me to see it."

Henry David Thoreau


In this village I found all beautiful handles, key holes and other beautiful iron fittings.


For Fence Friday

Happy FF!


Photo:My own.

Texture: Lenebem Anna Thanks you.

Macro Mondays 29/10/18 theme TrickOrTreat

Under the bridge on Kilfaressey Strand,Co.Waterford.After very heavy rain overnight and morning,a huge volumn of water came through under the bridge from the valley behind onto the strand and out to sea.

This image shows an emission nebula containing an incredible amount of dust. At the centre, the Key Hole Nebula can be seen. The Keyhole is roughly 9000 light years away and can be seen with a small telescope.


This object was imaged on the nights of the 3rd and 4th of March 2015 from the suburbs of Melbourne. Australia. Conditions were a little below average, temperature 15 C, windows up to 5 meter per second winds. Imaging had to be cut a little short just before midnight as the clouds rolled in. The scheduled full moon was on the following night the 5th of March. This may have resulted in a little lost contrast.


I managed 4 X 1000, 6 X 1200, and a single 1500 second sub, all in Ha. Total time - 3.5 hours.


Seeing was a little below average on both nights, and gusty.


Full Res:



Well in the last 3 weeks I have lost my job and about £2000 with it when the company went under. I have been offed a new job with a brand new company which means we have to designed a new product. I also am trying to organise my first exhibition of my photographic work and on top of that I may have to have key hole surgery on my shoulder ! AAaaaaarrggghh !!!!! So this is why I have been absent from all my Flickr friends....I managed to re hash an older picture of mine by adding a nice dramatic sunset so I hope you like ....


who knew you could have so much fun with a spatula

city walk Berlin

Photo of another of my plaster mask. Blended with the photo of the key hole. Painted the eyes in Corel Painter. Brushes applied in Photoshop & Paintshop Pro.

My grandmother at 94 on her persevering attempt to get that thread in to the needle hole. After several trials finally she succeeded.


Hope b&w suits this low key portrait!

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During a short quick easy hike to Heron Pond in the eastern area of Colter Bay with some Flickr photographer friends, I stopped long enough to hop down to the Jackson Lake shoreline to take this shot.


For those so interested, I will be leading another 3 full day sunrise to sunset Teton mountain wildflower photo shoot in Jackson Hole, WY next spring and then a 3 day fall Teton photo shoot in September. If you're interested in joining me, see my profile for additional information where you'll also find info on my first of 2 ebooks: Jackson Hole, WY - A Photographer's Shooting Guide.




Basic equipment: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM, B-W CP filter, Lee Big Stopper, 201 second exposure




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Along with some others, I'm re-posting this in memory of the keyhole arch that I heard has colapsed. I wish I could have got a few better shots with more water flow, but this will have to be my memory.


Exposure: 3 Sec.

Aperture: f/25.0

Focal Length: 32 mm

Heliopan CPL


Welcome to the Oregon Coast, Your "Keyhole" to the Pacific North West !


Please take a moment and view this on black here B l a c k M a g i c and viewing it large :)


This is a natural arch in the sandstone rock formations at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast. I was inspired to shoot this after seeing Miles (mm767cap) shot he recently posted which you can see here The colors throughout the rock is incredible and quite a sight to be seen.


We went here hoping for a nice summer sunset, but it wasn't in the cards, as the fog and low hanging clouds prevented any sunset to be seen. This is quite typical on our coast when it's very hot in the valley.


:copyright: Jerry T Patterson - All Rights Reserved Worldwide In Perpetuity - No Unauthorized Use. Absolutely no permission is granted in any form, fashion or way, digital or otherwise, to use my Flickr images on blogs, personal or professional websites or any other media form without my direct written permission.


In June 2014 I was so happy to be able to participate in and contribute to the centennial celebration of the historic iconic Moulton barns of Jackson Hole's days of yesteryear, one that's forever established as part of Wyoming's old west.


What did the celebration include you ask ? Well, for one, the Moulton family attended the celebration. There was an art show where many had their photographs taken over the years throughout Jackson Hole displayed and auctioned in an effort to raise additional funds to help restore these priceless, historic barns.


Were you in Jackson Hole for the centennial celebration of the Moulton Barns? Do you you have photos entered into the art show dedicated to this celebration ? If you did, please let me know in a comment.



Equipment: Fujifilm S100FS (now long gone).


Location: Teton National Park, Jackson, WY (USA)


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From time to time for my Jackson Hole fall photography workshop adventure I'll plan to stay a little longer into early October. That's because around the end of the first week the nights get cold enough for the beaver dam to begin freezing so that when you visit it around sunrise you have a partially icy look with the reflection.



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