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with bee's wings

have a fine weekend

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...and best viewed large.


The Eastern Tailed-blue, also known as (Cupido comyntas) or (Everes comyntas comyntas) is a common butterfly of eastern North America. Males are generally blue on the upperside of their wings while females are lighter blue to brown or charcoal in coloring, but there are also varieties of purple and pink found in both sexes. The underside coloration ranges from bluish-white to tan. There are two or three distinctive black to orange chevron-shaped spots on the rear of the hind wings (as clearly seen in these photos) and a trailing tail off the innermost of the spots. The butterfly is 13⁄16 to 1-1⁄8 inches (21 to 29 mm) wide with wings outstretched and slightly shorter in length.


ISO400, aperture f/11, exposure .006 seconds (1/180) focal length 300mm


Thanks for the snow Joeke, maybe this is not quite like your 'Light in the Forest'


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No Invites Please.

Tombstones ... texture by Joe's Sista

Rural central Illinois ... texture by SkeletalMess

The same sunrise as earlier shot,but from the other side of the Valley.

Please view take One as well and say which you prefer. No editing this time.taken at Powys Castle.

Cayeux sur mer (France)

1xp RAW HDR taken of the trainline that runs through the Chichibu mountain range, just Northwest of Tokyo proper.


Shot was taken adjacent the field we were picking blueberries in (see previous pic).





Digital blending from 2 JPG produced from single RAW file.


Multiexposure mode in the K20D used to smooth out the waters - ND110 would have been far too strong for this scene. I was waist deep in water for this shot, and a wave happily came and engulfed me (and my camera bag) in seawater. Nothing was harmed, since I only had the one lens and I kept my camera out of harm's way, but my spare battery was soaked through and through and died on me. It's lasted me for 2 years, I guess it was time to go.


Changi Boardwalk, Singapore.

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, TX. May, 2012. Pentax K20d with Sigma 70-300mm.


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