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Red Arrows bank in formation over Galway Bay. Colours are enhanced (increased contrast/saturation) - the original photo had muted colours due to the amount of smoke in the air from the planes.


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Cloud rises over Clare Island on a cold November day, 2003.

View from Bencorragh (in Galway) looking towards Lough Mask, with Maumtrasna and Buckaun mountains under cloud on the left. The River Finney (which marks the county boundary) can be seen on the bottom of the picture.

Daniel O'Connell and Michael Quane on the beach at Fountainstown. They'd been out on the kayaks for several hours but were kind enough to chat to us and allow me to take their photo.

Michael Quane is a celebrated artist who has exhibited internationally and has many public works to his name including the statue, "Horses and Riders" , on the roundabout in Mallow! You can find out more about his work by searching Google.

Daniel O'Connell of course shares his name with a famous character from Irish history.

Scart Road, or Bothar na Scairte in Bantry, Co. Cork.


When you leave the wide open area near the harbour in Bantry you come across really steep hills to the east. I happened to walk that way pushing a buggy so I had to stop and catch my breath here before heading on up.


Bantry is much bigger than I thought before and I should get some nice urban shots there the next time I'm down that way!

Red sky after a beautiful sunset in Garretstown last Sunday.

The original high-res version is even better!

A bird atop the light outside my house calls into the glowing evening sky heralding the end of 2007.


After walking Oscar I had to grab my camera and shoot the beautiful evening sky. The background was this colour, there's no trickery here except a little vignetting and sharpening.

Dawn over the Claddagh, Galway city

Oh Teasers; how I love your babes & beer

Glendalough derives it's name from the Irish name for the area, "Gleann Da Loch" which roughly translates as "glen of the two lakes". It was a cold enough day so we only got a good look at the lower lake, but I'm looking forward to visiting again!

I'm loath to post photos from the same location day after day but I may as well call this "Conor Pass Week" and get the rest of them out of the dark where they've languished since 2006.


After the reaction to yesterday's Conor Pass photo hopefully you'll like this one too.


I have another 2 or 3 taken at the same time. The day was perfect for photography, the light was strong and to the side, there was an interesting sky and of course the scenery is beautiful. That was a very successful trip!

A daffodil in the garden of a house in the hills north east of Bantry Bay. I drove up there last Saturday morning and stopped when I saw the open gate. Wandering in the driveway I took a few shots of the view and then noticed these daffodils growing.


I prefer the daffodils. The day was too gloomy and the view wasn't that great.


Dedicated to the memory of the three young men who lost their lives today in nearby Dunboy Castle.

As I said previously, thick fog was rolling across the Conor Pass. It was frightening how fast it moved and the light and scene changed utterly.


Here's it's obscuring the road down the Pass, making the too-narrow road even more treacherous. I think by the time we left, even this stretch of road and the car park was covered in a thick white fog.


Don't forget! If you're around Cork on March 9th, head to the Lough for 3pm. I'm planning a photowalk around The Lough and all are welcome!

Surfers retire for the evening. They have come from the Delphi adventure centre - the beach is Sruhir, Co. Mayo.

Light trails from passing cars fill the frame with a golden glow on the corner of The Grand Parade and Washington Street, Cork.


Long exposure shot made possible by the traffic light switch on which I rested my camera!

A girl dressed in a communion dress and veil walks with her motherthrough the crowds on St. Patrick's Street Cork on Saturday. Dressed as she is, she looks almost lost but the crowd parted way for her and her parents.


I don't know why she was dressed like that. First Communion ceremonies aren't until next year. Is it a communion dress? Could she be a bridesmaid or flower girl at a wedding?

Hybrasil was a mythical island off the west coast of Ireland, glimpsed only occasionally through the mist. I was reminded of the legend while taking this shot of Slea Head and the Blasket Islands off the Dingle Peninsula in co. Kerry.

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