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As a kid growing up in Montana and being a regular visitor to the lush greenery and towering peaks Glacier Park, I never could have imagined that as an adult my very favorite place to go would be a desert called Death Valley. But there is just something amazing about this place.

Photos cannot be used or taken without permission.

This closer shot of the rare Walia Ibex shows the massive, heavily ringed horns of the male (females have smaller horns without the pronounced rings) as he deftly descends the precipitous crags of the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia.

Pink clouds at sunrise mimic the ripples in the sand in the Ibex dunes.

Alpine ibex - Stambecco - Capra ibex

Italian Alps

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Dopo un sacco di tempo che non caricavo una foto... ecco uno scatto nuovo nuovo dalle alpi ;-))

After a long absence.... a new shot form the alps

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At skyline, the Grand Combin 4314 m.

From 2800 m.

Val de Bagnes. Alpes valaisannes. Valais (Wallis) Western Alps

Oh....di nuovo il fotografo...

Oh! again the photographer...

Bouquetins femelle


When I arrived in Israel, wildlife was not on my shoot list. This was kind of a nice surprise. We were traveling along the Dead Sea and made a stop. Up the slope was a small herd of wild Ibexes. They were very curious of me trying to climb up to get a closer shot. They didn't seem to mind me invading their territory.


Dead Sea | Israel

Near Lac Blanc, Chamonix, France

Augstmatthorn. Switzerland.



Stambecco, Piemonte

Alpine ibex, Piedmont


Photos cannot be used or taken without permission.

This picture is presenting three distinct levels:

1) foreground: soft focused adult ibex

2) center: youngest ibex perfectly on focus

3) uniform background of distant woods


a way like another to give justice to the penetrating gaze of the young ibex :-)


I was a bit amused by this geometric faces combination, which reminded me somehow the Ingmar Bergman movie "Persona"... and its famous geometric compositions, derivated by particular alignments between both actresses faces.


Oh well... here instead of two Scandinavian actresses we have... two mountain ibexes :-)

why not! :-)



©Roberto Bertero, All Rights Reserved. This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer.

Revisiting some of my older images.

Stambecco - Capra ibex - Alpine ibex

Stelvio National Park

Negev Highlands.

Makhtesh Ramon, Israel

MONO - Aerosol Rock Painting in The Highlands of Scotland . Nature meets technology , soft organic contrasting with hard block linear construction. Miles from anywhere . . . Mista Breakfast 2007


Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso

Ibex Valley meadow area

Capra ibex - Alpine Ibex; Stambecco


Gran Paradiso NP, Piedmont, Italy

Idex Sand Dunes


This is not the most flashy picture I've taken this summer, but it's probably the most peculiar.


Shot taken in the early morning, the sun was about to rise behind me and my camera, while the moon was setting behind the ridge leading to the Colle di Fremamorta (2.615 m), Natural Park of the Maritime Alps (Italy).


I made ​​it just in time to insert my telephoto lens in the camera and focus to the moon that it had already begun to disappear behind that ridge... incredible as it seems that our satellite goes faster when you take a point of reference!

Anyway, only at home I realized that on the right I got in the frame also an ibex (tiny, but he is there)... actually had to be a fine specimen judging by the length of the horns.

The entire Colle di Fremamorta area is in fact full of ibexes, entire families :-)... I've got the chance to confirm this the following week when I've spent a night inside the walls of a ruined fort up there. In the evening and in the morning (when there was no one around except me) ibexes reappropriate the whole area.



©Roberto Bertero, All Rights Reserved. This image is not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without the explicit written permission of the photographer.

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