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These bones hung just above the pennies.

I was busted for using the flash, or rather, forgetting to turn it off before taking a shot of this artwork.


Oh well, not the first time I've been reprimanded for not following museum rules.

What the eye perceives from a distance is fascinating really. Up close this just looks like a bunch of dots.


However, from a good distance (5-6 feet back) it's actually looping film of a crowd of people walking.

The 1st of 24 slides I prepared for my part of the panel.

(Left to rIght) Glenda Simms, Dave Shea, Erik Sagen, Anton Peck, Dan Rubin and Patrick Haney

Everyone appreciated this piece in particular even though I can't remember the name exactly.


There's a deeper story here when you really examine it.

Rubin showing us his stacking skillz.