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The name of this mountain is Kirkjufell (''Churchmount'' or should we say ''Churchill''? ;). It is on the Northern side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula (see map).

A long day of travel around this fabulous peninsula was reaching its end, so the sun stood low giving the strong blue colour of the sky and a slightly reddish hue on the clouds to the right.


Technical note: A polarizer was used for this photo, which by virtue of its cutting down of disturbing reflexes diminishes shadows and strengthens colours at the same time.

Eldgjá is the larges volcanic canyon in the world. Ofærufoss was once the most photographed waterfall on Iceland, due to a basalt bridge above the lower part of the falls, but it collapsed sometimes during the winter 1993-1994.


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One of Iceland's most Iconic (and photographed) locations, Kirkjufell with Kirkjufellfoss in the forground

Laki, or Lakagigar ("Laki craters"), produced the earth's largest basalt lava eruption in historical times in the 1780'ies. The fluorine gases that followed killed 75% of Iceland's livestock and led to a famine that cost the life of 20.000 people - a significant fraction of the Iceland population at that time.


Large areas are covered with black ashes, where a yellow moss is the dominant vegetation. The whole scenery is almost monochromatic black/yellow.


A must-see on Iceland, but unfortunately not very easy to reach. The position for this shot is unfortunately very inaccurate.


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Doing some minor editing to my wife's I-Phone Iceland images. It's amazing what camera phones can do these days.

Gracias a todos por los comentarios y faves.

Gracias a todos por los comentarios y faves.

Lago glaciar Jokursarlon

jökulsárlón - Iceland


The first sunset on this beautiful beach of black sand sprinkled with spectacular and magnificent islands of ice.


Nikon D800 + Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S @ 20 mm

ISO 100 - f/11 - 15 sec


Lucroit Filter Holder + Hitech IRND Prostop 6 stops + Hitech GND 0.6 HE


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The sun rises over Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon on Iceland's east coast. As chunks of ice break off the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier (background), they float through the lagoon on their way to the Atlantic Ocean. The tremendous sound of ice cracking and plunging into the frigid water is as captivating as the view, while the seals swimming between the icebergs soften up the stark landscape.


Jökulsárlón is featured in 007 movies A View to a Kill and Die Another Day, as well as Tomb Raider, Batman Begins and an episode of the Amazing Race.

Berufjordur in Eastern Fjords, Iceland

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Iceland's Ring Road crosses one of thousands of small streams flowing from glacier to ocean, as it meanders towards the towering mountains in the distance, while clouds roll over their peaks.

Gawd I wish I was in Iceland right now! Though looking outside of the window I might as well be there. Except too many people around, too much traffic. And not enough wind. And not enough rain. And I have a flushing toilet within walking distance ;-) I have been re reading my blog from Iceland, and I have never realised it at the time, but I talked about the weather at every opportunity :-) I would not moan now, and I can travel with one weeks notice. In case someone has paid for their holiday and can not attend and doesn't want the holiday to go to waste :-)


When you are on holiday, even the crap weather is much better than the one at home.


Oh and I forgot. In case you do not follow me on Facebook you might not know that WOW Iceland (magazine you get on iceland air airlines) did an interview with me (I completely forgot about it)


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La casita de mi sueño...

When we first arrived on Iceland, I was very surprised about the rough landscape. During the 1 hour drive from the airport to Reykjavik we have seen no trees, no plants and no grasses. If you're used to green surrounding this feels kind of strange the first minutes...


But the icelandic landscape has a lot of faces and changes within minutes of driving. Regarding the greens it became better to the south near Vík í Mýrdal. I never expected to find such fine greens on Iceland. Worth taking a photo.


If you look closely you can see the shouthern glacier Mýrdalsjökull rising in the background (will set a note).

Iceland October 2014 at sunset


I shot 90 minutes of pictures from just before sunset till about an hour after the Sun went down and I am still working on them. This one is my favourite so far, a beautiful place that is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Shot from Stokksnes in South East Iceland

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Aqui os dejo otra del viaje que estoy haciendo por Islandia.

Gracias a todos por los comentarios y faves.

La Strada n. 1 Hringvegur, consente di fare il periplo dell'Islanda, è la strada più importante del paese e non è totalmente asfaltata. E' impossibile percorrerla senza femarsi ogni pochi chilometri per ammirare la selvaggia maestosità della natura islandese.

Qui una lingua del principale ghiacciaio del Paese, il Vatnajokull, arriva fino a valle a lambire la strada...

Un sogno nel vento!!!!!!

Suður Langholt, near Selfoss, Suðurland, Iceland


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Iceland road


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