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Dog in the River Dodder


Since updating my iPad to IOS8 I have had nothing but problems. Last night I did a factory reset and restore and things seemed to have been fixed. Today I find it's just as bad as it ever was. Indeed, worse as it has now taken to restarting without any input from me.

It has worked a bit better since I did an intentional restart, but I still have to keep a close eye on group awards and sometimes it won't select them at all.

Hi, just experimenting with what I can do with an iPad and Snapseed. At this rate of progress I’ll be hanging up my cameras a lot sooner than I thought!

Young Rudi Gaming on his grandmothers ipad. The game usually involves his favourite subject cars.

Ipad fingerpainted with procreate

iPad, Photoshop CS6, NIK Color Efex Pro 4


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noisy ipad self portrait.

Nikon D80. Edited on an iPad.

ipad, procreate, wacom

iPad Diversion

iPad, Blender, Tangent.


ipad with Artrage

iPad, Snapseed, Mextures

Made with Autodesk SketchBook for Ipad

iPad Illustration

iPad Illustration

made with iPad, procreate

ipad 2 photo experiment

iPad Illustration

iPad, procreate, pogo connect

iPad Illustration

iPad 2 is here and after resisting for few hours i found a compelling reason to buy it. i didn't know why would i need one until i saw this little connector which actually provides a USB connection with iPad and we can view our images directly from the camera on a bigger screen while shooting. Trust me there is nothing better than being able to view quickly on a bigger screen what we are actually getting and if we need to make changes right on the spot and re-shoot the scene.


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I started drawing freehand on my iPad, and experimented with different techniques by drawing eyes.

IPad brushes painting

iPad Illustration

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