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This is what you see when you step out of the limo and on to the red carpet. Luckily they smile at me. Others they yell things at.

Off home after a few waves in the Mediterranean sunset..decluttr


Israel. It’s awesome. A place where you can walk in Jesus’ very footsteps, swim 440 metres below sea level and breathe air, and be besotted by a nation seemingly wall to wall with smart, beautiful olive-skinned women who all know how to break down, rebuild and fire an M-16 in less than two minutes thanks to their mandatory military service.

In Tel Aviv, most of the things you see on CNN are far from everyone’s minds. People party 24/7, drink fabulous espresso, and the girls ride around on mopeds being gorgeous, on their way to the beach to sunbake. Sometimes it seems like nobody works for a living there, they just hang out being fabulous.


It’s also a place where, depending on the weather, you can surf. Situated at the far-eastern edge of the Mediterranean’s wind fetch, Israel cops the sort of swell that wouldn’t get most surfers out of bed after a big night - though that doesn't stop the hundreds of surfers here, they'll take what they get given with glee.

Because the surf is so weather dependent, there’s a whole community of surfers who have moved right by the beach in Tel Aviv, and have all taken jobs that allow them to be flexible with their schedules. When the surf comes, it’s usually on for a few hours at the most, before the onshore whips up and ruins it. Beneath the landing path of the Dov Hoz aiport where planes fly so low you can see the pilots smiling faces, they punt, they hassle, they try and pull moves like you see in the videos, and all in this weak, sloppy gunk. Best of all, they love it.

It is here in Tel Aviv (and to some extent, to the North in Haifa) that most Israelis first stood up on a board. Some time after that, they were drafted into the Israeli Defence Force, and soon after that they were up to their necks in it on the front line of Middle-Eastern diplomacy. After serving their three years, most of them get as far away from Israel as they can for a while, boards under their arms, looking for solace in the open oceans of the world.


So next time you’re dropped in on by an Israeli with the crazy eye, spare a thought for him. He’s probably spent the last three years of his life dreaming about waves like this, stuck in a stinking hot fox-hole in a sticky situation somewhere on the Lebanon border, acting under orders of old men in safe offices far away from danger, and dreaming of clean waves, warm water and not being shot at.


Horizon S3Pro, Fuji Superia 200, Tetenal ergoline C41 22C 20min

The romance of rural South Australia. In celebration of Australia Day, Jan 26th. More photos in my shop (see profile for details).

Horizon S3Pro, Fuji Superia 200, Tetenal ergoline C41 22C 20min


Ice skirts. The stupid banding could be the camera rotation acting up in the cold.

view of aoyama bochi during hanami. aoyama, tokyo. Image made with the super sharp "Horizon S3 U500" russian made camera ! i am impressed with teh lens quality ! WOW !

Explored! Thank you!



An impossibly magical afternoon in Central Park NYC.


Six inches of snow fell the night before, and I was out of the hotel quick sticks in the morning to shoot some rolls before work.


I simply love NYC, and days like this don't help in warding me off wanting to live there. Of course, I've no idea how I'd sustain this kind of lifestyle for my wife and I but one can always dream.


Growing up in Brisbane Australia, where the temperature rarely if ever dips below 12ºC, and seeing all the American Christmas movies on the TV, you kind of wondered if that weather/atmosphere was actually real.


To wander around with the chilly air in my nostrils, the crunch of the snow under my feet, the fleeting warmth of a beam of sun between the trees and the sound of the horses in my ears, I was simply giddy with wonder.


I know New Yorkers reading this will be all "hey man, you don't know what it's like going to work in that shit every day" and they're right. This particular day was remarkably clear and just , well, spiffy.


More photos to come...


x aa


View On Black

Praça da Republica from the rooftop of Edificio Esther.

At the National Botanical Garden of Wales

playing with my new Horizon S3 panoramic camera

The Duk Ling or "Clever Duck", a Chinese Junk ship operating in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

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