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This beach close to my summer house is selected one of the best beaches in Turkey. It has Blue Flag..

Holiday Cactus / Weihnachtskaktus (Schlumbergera truncata)

in a pot in our garden - Frankfurt-Nordend

A memory from our holiday in Yamba. Each morning these Rainbow Lorikeets would arrive on our apartment balcony, and wait for us to supply their breakfast of fresh grapes. We looked forward to seeing them :)

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Holiday in Toscany

Dress : Gizza – Laila Dress – Camo Teal. New in main store.

Scooter with bags, and poses : Kalopsia. At TLC.

Retro camera and vinage hairdryer/gun : Tentacio Retro Toys. At The Kawai Project.

Shoes : Pure Poison – Boho Platforms – Brown.

Hair : Little Bones – Lavender. At The Secret Affair

Skin : Glam Affair – Katra Skin – India 03F. At Skin Fair.

Sunglasses : Theosophy – Mommouth Glasses – Bronze.

Décor : from Spring in Toscany by iBi. <33


International Workers' Day (also known as May Day) is a celebration of the international labour movement. May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many other countries. In Portugal, only from May 1974 (the year of the Carnation Revolution - 25 April ) that is turned spontaneously to be celebrated in the May first.'_Day


Sunset afterglow ~ Florida Everglades U.S.A.

(I chose to de-luster this one just a mute it a bit

by slightly taking the color over-saturated bite out of it)


(three more photos of this night in the comments)

Bombay Sapphire Martini

lots of great new items at the mens dept



I was out and about, goofing with star trails when the clouds started to billow in. I like how these first wisps hover over the city skyline. Then things clouded up. ;-)


Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.


Robert: "When you're looking for fun and quiet, there's always a troublemaker to annoy you!"

Matt: "When you're looking for fun and action, there are always plenty of cool obstacles to make a nice little slalom!"

Made for a contest.

My last upload before i head off on holiday for 2 weeks.

I thought i would go out with something mellow to look at.

Take care everyone and i will catch up with you all in a couple of weeks. :)


EXIF.....F16.....15 SECONDS.....ISO100.....11MM.....COKIN ND4 GRAD.....5.39am



I did some baking yesterday. Shortbread with thyme, lemon and vanilla. These biscuits are so good and easy to make.


Have a happy and tasty Easter! :))

Lights show at Lincoln Zoo Chicago.

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Explored 11/25/2012 #425

Magic time of the year.

"What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace." - Agnes M. Pharo


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I've been very busy lately and my comments have been short or non existent

I want to thank everyone who kept coming by and commenting anyway.

It's been a crazy week as I leave for vacation and there was just too much to do.

So as I fade away to my holiday PLEASE don't remove me from your contact list! :-)


and on that note from the way back machine... well not that way back 1987

Who thinks that's way back? Damn it's not Mozart or anything...


Holiday from the Other Ones


The Embarcadero holiday lights are on - time to shop! ;-)


Happy holidays and happy shooting, everyone!


Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 100-400L, f/10 @25s, ISO 50. No filters. Two-image stitch in Photoshop.


“Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!”


Hope everyone is having a good one!

I didn't have much luck with new shots last week, so I'm digging back into the archives. Here's one from late December '08. That's the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge in front of downtown SF, lit up for the holidays.

Went to a champagne tasting the other day and snapped this of a box of wines. I liked the unusual looking caps.

And after posting both verisons on Plurk, I thought I would post both here to see what everyone thinks! Obviously, this is the original of Holiday Shimmer :)


The Hair is from Renderosity, Modified by me!


~Larger is Better!~


Rawa Island, South China Sea, a paradise island out to sea....

an oldie from 2005, gotta love those el-cheapo Fijian "kids eat free" holidays - well, as long as you don't mind the occassional coup happening while you're there :)

(taken with an old Kodak 4mp P&S)

Happy holidays to everyone.Have a nice day ahead!


-off for holidays-

Happy Holidays Everyone..


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I've done a few bokeh experiments..and will be doing a 10 days of bokeh Christmas mini series..


Will bug you all with bokeh pics until the Christmas day.


NO annoying banners and invitations please


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A little Christmas bokeh for all of you bokeholics out there!! 8 more days until Christmas is here, so crank up the Christmas tunes and grab your coffee it's crunch time now. All I have left to do is bake all of the rest of my dozen or so types of cookies....Mmmmmm Mmmm!!

HBW and have a great day everyone!

happy holidays everyone...

merry christmas and happy new year!!


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Morning greets a damp peony in a Holiday Inn parking lot. Beauty waits to be noticed in unexpected places.

Samana, République dominicaine

I haven’t posted a night shot from Seattle since September. Steve suggested taking some night shots around downtown Seattle for the holiday season, so we met and looked around the sights. I’m slowly entering that holiday mode and spirit.


Please enjoy a glimpse of the entrance to Pike Place Market, one of Seattle’s most renowned landmarks, during the holiday season. It’s nice to see all the letters lit up this year. Sometimes certain letters are missing (i.e. the “L” in Public”) -- that has happened many times in the past!-- so it can give an entirely different message, but quite harmless with the right sense of humor.


Still marveling at how fast time flies sometimes. This will be my sixth Christmas living in Seattle. If you had asked me four years ago if I would ever become a sole proprietor and start my own small business as a professional photographer, I would have scoffed in your face and asked -- politely -- if you were on any type of medication. I also wouldn’t have predicted that I would still be living here, the longest time in one place. Perhaps it’s home now. Not sure. A few days ago, the City of Seattle sent me my business license registration forms so I can continue operations for TIA International Photography in 2013, commencing the fourth year of the business.


I am grateful.





That's it!...I'm going on a healthful diet and lose some weight...come next Monday!

Happy Holidays to all our friends. Rich

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