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Unfortunately, We cant see their beautiful faces...

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Skin: Insol - Joel applier, ST5 (Catwa)

Hair: Modulus - Sam Hat & Hair - Reviews @N21

Facial Hair: ((Mister Razzor)) - Negan Facial Hair

T-shirt: Kalback - Basic T-Shirt M3+Shirt @MAN CAVE


This hair made me giggle. It reminds me of my epic RL bed hair. How you doin'?


[kik]hair-Fine-III(coffee) <--available at Hair Fair

tram hair H1212, H1219 for Uber...✂start!

※Hair accessories are not included.


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tomoto, kimonoF black

ayame ame*Kanzashi-Hydrangea- Bekkou

~Sakka's Studio~Bachi-Kanzashi Usagi Black



tomoto, kimonoF grey

~Sakka's Studio~Bachi-Kanzashi Sakura Red

~Sakka's Studio~Tama-Kanzashi Usagi Black



{yumyum} Earring001

@hair fair!

the rest will be blogged soon :)


Criei um blog para falar um pouco mais sobre meus ensaios, acesse!


I've created a blog to talk more about my shoots, check out!


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Eu sei...tá desfocada, fiz um crop...tá muito branca, fiz assim mesmo...a minha filha Giovanna escolheu assim mesmo porque a Thaís já estava apresentando uma olheira de final de ensaio...resolvemos estourar a luz assim...


Mas esses cabelos...ah! Estão lindos ...

Hair / WIP for Collabor88 - greenhouse -🍃



OP / Mikunch antique-op

i just love the way hair moves


please, please.

Yeah I freaking love LoQ's Hair Fair releases.


Thanks Gia! ♥

Was having trouble finding something for today (hormones = body image--).. but I just like the way my hair falls in this one for some reason :)

Skin: Pink Fuel

Clothing: B.C.C.


Hair Fair 2014

and more hair...i swear she has grown more since being on the outside...where did this fluff come from? LOL.

Danitta Congrejo

* Model & Photographer: Danitta Congrejo.

* Hair Style: booN XFE275 blondie

Model: Lisette Nikol

July 2014.


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Hair from Nikita Fride, my favorite hair atm, too bad it's soo prim heavy, that I can't tp anywhere. But still I just love it.

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hair flicking is a lot of fun.



mmmm, i love greeen.

nom, nom

I love my hairr! Too much!!

Just an Experimental shot..




All photographs are under copyright © Tasmiah Tazin. ♥

The Photographs should not be Used anywhere without permission!


love it!


her hair was half curled then straight on the other side :O so i cut it a bit, the straightened it, then curled it :3


hope you guy like it!

skin: Kooqla

top: Teefy

Dress: Pink outfitters


Hair Fair 2014

Original factory styled hair, still unbelievably perfect.

...also known as Frost Beard. Hair ice forms on moist, rotting wood from broadleaf trees when temperatures are slightly under 0 °C :@)

Hair is segmented into little sausages, by twisting around zee fingers. Take care to segment the tops into sausage that will frame the face nicely and not ruin the thatching(the criss cross-y section at the part line). I'll now leave her to dry in a warm room(in summer, in the sun), periodically scrunching the curls upwards into tighter spirals until it's dry.

All of the Black and White Hair series can be bought as a print.

Please contact me for further details.

立て位置シリーズ第五弾「髪」 今日はこどもの日。

子供の黒髪は自然光に栄え艶やかでキレイですね。石川直樹さんの写真集で髪というタイトルのものがありました。本人曰くモデル撮影をした際、髪が気になり髪ばかり撮ったことが始まりらしい。vertical black hair

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