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Is mother nature mad at us? I think so.


Madre natura è arrabbiato con noi? Credo di sì.

Approaching hail storm at Seaford pier in Melbourne




Hail Stars




Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon 17-40 L




كونوا بالقرب معي هنا






دمتم بحفظ الرحمن



Fast melting hail accumulation in a small pine tree. Iron County, Utah.

Approaching hail storm at Seaford pier in Melbourne

Taranaki Falls

Tongariro National Park


This shot of Marianne's was taken while she was taking a battering from intermittent hail. The Whakapapa village is a base for a great number of walks in the national park which I would hope to get back to in the future. Because we were travelling with young kids, any walk of greater than 1-2km each way was done solo with one of us babysitting. Incidentally, Taranaki is hundreds of kilometers to the southwest from this location!


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Hail in front of use in British Columbia

This system dropped damaging golf ball hail on Olds, Alberta, and other communities to the east on the evening of Friday, July 28. This was the opposite of storm chasing. I left Sundre as the storm was building, and it followed me for a couple hours as I headed east.

~ This might curse our luck

These mirror-haunted hallways

We’re echo-testing for a hole We’ll never find


So let’s just close our eyes this time

I will love you always

I wouldn’t lie


Locked hearts keep lost time

’Cause it’s hard to lay arms down in the arms of the one who lays you bare


But if we don’t shield ourselves

then we won’t have to fear the arrows. ~


♪Raised By Swans - Hail of Arrows♪



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Hail storm blowing over Sligachan on Isle of Skye. Long exposure over the Allt Dearg Mor as a strong wind blows.

صورة اخذتها الشتاء الماضي في حائل، كنا في رحلة لقطع النفود الكبير وريحنا في حائل يومين قبل نرجع لعنيزة واخذت هالصورة للنجوم هناك.

اول تجربة فعليه لي كنت اتمنى صورة افضل لكن المرات الجايه ان شاء الله .

كنت برفقة الرائعين بندر الجابر وسليمان السناني .


I took this photo last winter in Hail city.

I was in adventure to cross the huge desert called "An Nafud".


On the way back I stayed in Hail city to rest two days, This photo was taken there.


Canon 5D Mark II Canon 15mm Fisheye ( 222 Pics. ).

I was shooting in the woodland today. Suddenly lightning and thunder multiplied the sky.

I just got in and the sky opened and emptied rubbish bins with hail, and a lot of rain. Such was one of the pictures I just had to take :)

Last night, right before sunset, mother nature offered yet another humbling spectacle.

Impending hail storm. Looking north from Canada de Pala trail, Joseph D. Grant county park, San Jose, Calif., Jan. 31, 2016.


Run, shutterbug, run!

Hail storm over Glengesh Pass, Donegal, Ireland.


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Germany ~ Franconia

my green Oase is pretty damaged after the heavy hail from Sunday evening :cry:

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Have a nice Friday!

Hail Storm coming in from the North Sea at Whitby

today's hail in my garden


Almost as individual as snowflakes

“Insanity is everyone expecting you not to fall apart when you find out everything you believed in was a lie.”

― Shannon L. Alder

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As the storm rolled in I knew it was going to be a doozie. I became a target for the violence nature can sometimes unleash. The hail spared me not.

Some Hydra soldiers aren't very bright and hail the wrong things.

Pavement littered with hailstones after a massive hailstorm today in Porto, Portugal.


View On Black


Is that hail, on my tail?

today at my window

Cut off one head... two more will take it's place, Hail Hydra!!

من حائل الغاليه

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HDR image of Hail Clouds over Littleton, Colorado at Sunset.


Hail forms in storm clouds when supercooled water droplets freeze on contact with condensation nuclei, such as dust. The storm's updraft blows the hailstones to the upper part of the cloud. The updraft dissipates and the hailstones fall down, back into the updraft, and are lifted up again. The hailstone gains an ice layer and grows increasingly larger with each ascent. Once a hailstone becomes too heavy to be supported by the storm's updraft, it falls out of the cloud. (Wikipedia)

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حــــــــــية- حايل



Best Viewed Large.........I'm in the camper opposite these two vehicles patiently waiting......waiting......waiting for the hail storm to stop at Bridestowe Lavender Estate. This was the first time we had been there and we only got a glimpse of the lavender farm for several minutes between all the rain, water, sludge and hail ! Of course the following day it was beautiful and sunny but we didn't have time to make another detour to go back to the lavender fields again.


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