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George W. Dowell

Dec. 26 1854 - Aug. 8 1931


Mattie E. Wilson

wife of

George W. Dowell

June 27, 1866 - Oct. 4, 1916


Thou shalt compass me about

with songs of deliverance.

Gravestone with a story. You can read the story in next image of a house.

I am a 14 year old photographer with an A* in GCSE photography. I took this using a Canon EOS 1000D at Whitby. I would appreciate any comments on my photographs.

County Wicklow, Ireland. Monastery, black and white, bnw, bw, monochrome, grayscale.

Resting place at St Leonards church, Ragnall in Nottinghamshire.

Not many to be found like this, fewer still standing up. Our local cemetery is badly vandalized in many areas.

Gravestone in Park, Else-Lasker-Schülerstrasse, Ostersbaum, Wuppertal, Germany.

Skull and crossbone gravestone at Dunfermline Abbey, Scotland.


Danse Macabre

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Rollingstone1's most interesting photos on Flickriver

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A grave-maker... The houses that he makes last till doomsday

Seen today in the churchyard of a disused Baptist Chapel in Newport, South Wales.

These gravestones are in the graveyard at the church in Heptonstall in Yorkshire.Heptonstall's original church was dedicated to St Thomas a Becket. It was founded c.1260, and was altered and added to over several centuries. The church was damaged by a gale in 1847, and is now only a shell. A new church, St Thomas the Apostle, was built in the same churchyard.


Image captured using a Minolta MC ROKKOR-PG 50mm 1.4

Carr Villa crematorium and cemetary. Launceston, Tasmania

Lexington Cemetery

A day out photographing in the grave yard with my mentor and friend

St.John the Baptist, Stone, Bucks. 16/04/14.

St. Laurentii Church / Föhr, North Frisian Islands, North Sea


The Talking Gravestones (German: Sprechende Grabsteine) of Föhr, also known as the Story-telling Gravestones (Erzählende Grabsteine), are historic artifacts on the German island of Föhr. They can be found in the cemeteries of St. Laurentii church in Süderende (54.7163°N 8.4352°E), St. Johannes church in Nieblum (54.6934°N 8.4911°E), and St. Nikolai church in Boldixum (54.6958°N 8.5504°E), which is now a district of Wyk auf Föhr. Similar objects are known from the neighbour island of Amrum.[1] All such headstones made until 1870 are designated cultural heritage monuments.[2] Their inscriptions tell the biographies of the deceased including their private and professional lives, extraordinary events, and honorary appointments.

Lexington City Cemetery

we found this grave stone with the leather vest wrapped around it. it looks like a little kids vest but the deceased lived into adulthood...not sure what the story is but i'd like to know.

Gravestones at Reculver Castle

Family gravestone at Kingsmills Presbyterian Church, Co Armagh.


The inscription reads:

"Erected by

James Meeke Adams of Lisadian

in memory of

his Father John Adams Died 14th July 1912

his Mother Mary Ann Died xx July 1942

Sister Jane Died 8th Oct 1934 at Auckland NZ

also his cousin Elizabeth

Died 7tg Sept 1937 at Crumlin

his sister Annie Died 17th Feb 1966

and the above

James Meeke Adams Died 22nd Feb 1986"

Eight Square Cemetery in Wayne County, Ohio USA

looking down the block... Seceder Cemetery, Mt. Pleasent Ohio

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I thought this gravestone strange, then saw many more in the graveyard with the same skull symbol. Never seen skulls on gravestones before...

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