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Electrical Storm, Kennewick, WA


I got here just a little bit to late to grab the shot I was hoping for, so I had to settle for the little guy on the right....hehe!

Check out S.E.H's sketch!

Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

Picture of my Muscat trip 2010 in Oman // Bild meiner Maskat-Reise 2010 im Oman

Taken from Zilker Park

The installation of cactus at Austin's Star Bar is documented in this mini-documentary:

I took this one this evening in Trafalgar Square. Been meaning to head over there to try and get some shots for a while now.

This was taken on the right hand side set of fountains, a 3 shot HDR, only about the 5th or so I've tried.

I took a couple other shots around the fountains and even though it was a pretty still evening a bunch of them came out with water all over the lens! So, they didn't work out as well as planned.. :)


Anyway, pretty chuffed with how this one's come out, still some artifacts left over from the merging in Photomatix on the left side that i missed in processing afterwards, but they're not that noticeable.

I never usually stop of at this station, but tonight the tube i was on terminated here and i had to change to another one. Neither the circle line or the district line end's their journey here, so I'm not sure why the buffers are here. Behind this shot, the tube you can just make out to the right also is at the end of it's journey, and beyond it are more buffers in a creepy looking setting.

I snapped pics there, maybe i got some good ones and i'll put them up sometime.

Big plug socket just off Carnaby Street.

I've heard about this, but never managed to find it before. So i Google mapped it earlier, found it on Street View and marked it on a map to go and find this evening.

There's a bit lamppost in front of it which is a shame, so i had to try and get it from some other angles. I've got a couple more shots which i'll put up of it some other time as well.

The sky was really nice this evening, quite a dark blue, with lots of clouds,shame you cant see more of it in this shot.


This is the first time i've taken a picture into Photoshop to get rid of some things as well. Aperture is really slow at cloning things out I'm finding, Photoshop did it in no time at all. There were some buildings on the left hand side, now there isn't :)


Really need to see this one a big bigger as well, it's a bit dark at this medium size.


Description: This sculpture has been a highlight of Soho for the past few years. The form of a giant electrical plug and socket on the Ganton Street facade of the electricity sub-station at second floor level lights up at night and can change colours.

There's a ghost coming to get you!

Took a little trip to Nottingham to meet up with a friend for lunch, which had to be postponed. So took a little Gowalla trip instead.


Robin Hood is one of my favourite things about Nottingham, and this statue is located outside the site of the old castle.

St James's Park Tube. - Another tube sign for tonight.

Was raining again this evening so i decided to give my camera a break from the rain, awaiting my op/tech rain sleeves..

Hopfully the weather picks up again soon though, got a few ideas and places i want to go and shoot, just a bit puf off with none of my stuff being waterproof. humph.

This is delightful straight from the tub. MMMmm Mmmm!

Taken this evening on the walk to Victoria. Finally managed to make it all fit into one shot :)

Was raining (shocker) but managed to keep rain off the lens for long enough to fire off some shots thanks to the hood, not heavy enough to use the rainsleves i bought which finally arrived today, whoop. Will get round to trying those out sometime later in the week if the weather keeps up.


Straight out of camera, with white balance correction and slight vignette added.

What's a geek wedding without a geeky identity and letterpressed card (oh, and also a Gowalla spot, thanks guys!)?


Printed by the wonderful Jozias (who also did my business cards)

Nicole Sullivan, Dan Cederholm, Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Wendy Chisholm, Tantek Çelik, Ethan Marcotte visit Jeffrey Zeldman at Happy Cog New York to answer the age-old question, What is HTML5, and should a couple kiss on the first date?


Taken at Happy Cog's NYC headquarters.

A riot police waiting with his team to be picked up and return to base.

Saturday, January 8th 2011 at 11:00-12:00 there is a demonstration by the Dayak ethnic council about culture and tradition. One of the point —according to the police safeguarding the event— seems to be about the politeness of berching.


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