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thought this was the perfect fence for this week.. the rainbow theme just seems to work :)



Wish you all dearest friends a serene Advent.weekend.


***************************************************** the Vakil Mosque (Persian: مسجد وکیل ‎ - Masjed-e Vakil)

already that time again!! Another Fence Friday.. hoping for some kind of adventure this weekend.. Hope everyone has a fantastic fence friday...and a great weekend!

♡Happy Fence Friday♡

and I wish you all have a relax weekend!!




For Fence Friday.

Texture: My own.

Cheers and happy weekend. :)

Happy Fence Friday!

Unless I find time to get out and shoot this weekend, I will have to post some more images from last years files ( and there are still plenty left)!


Looks prettier on black!

or press 'L'


See most interesting here:


Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really, really appreciate it :-)

I will always try to reciprocate with a visit back to your stream


Fence along the walkway leading to the Sydney Opera House.

Image in old camera style.


Glad it's Friday! Looking forward to the weekend, looks like beautiful sunny weather in Sydney.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cast iron fencing along Circular Quay, Sydney.

At the end of this walk is the Sydney Opera House.


Have a great Friday, wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

Happy Fence Friday!! x


Explore best position #215.


Back to work for me today, so I will comment when I get off of work. Have a wonderful Friday.

Sadly, the hike didn't happen. Everyone decided to do something else..:) It gave me a chance to get some things done around the house. I have tomorrow, Friday, off as well. I think I'll go get me another pair of tennis shoes. My old pair is starting to look a little rough..:)

Glad to find another HFF shot from my old files;

and in the comment is another shot which shows the original tone.

Gosh I'm so behind, hope to catch up with everyone real soon...


Happy Friday All! x


Getty Images


Happy Fence Friday.. This is gutter guard for anyone who is curious!


Another shot of the fireworks after the baseball game on Friday night

FRONTPAGE!!! HUGE Thanks to everyone!

Most especially to my dear friend Chrissie for grabbing a SS..Please check out her stream, so many great photos there!


This fly is kinda big for its size and not that usual looking fly....Hes all tongued out too!

Monster FLY


Enjoy your Friday and the rest of the weekend guys! Catch on your streams later! hugs!

Happy Fence Friday, Everyone!!

I had to post today, because it is Friday the 13th (we already had one in February!)


Spring is around the corner!


This was taken in May 2008 in the village I grew up in Switzerland (Nassenwil, called Nashville by the locals!)


I wish you all have sweet Thursday

And happy Friday ,tomorrow ...(*^ ー ^)

The world can look wonderful on a Friday night with a pocketful of wages and a bellyful of beer

Wishing everyone a great Friday!

This small town is always so busy at Friday night.

My friend Susan and I are posting the same fence today, but from a different view. Check hers out!


Happy Fence Friday, flickr. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I love this flower, they are so beautiful to me. I hope you all have a great Friday afternoon. I will be gone for the rest of the day and If I did not get to you, I will tonight!




Sunset at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge on Friday Aug. 24, 2012




Well, actually the famous movie was "Saturday night fever" but since I took this photo on a Friday and today (Friday) I feel like's Friday night fever




An abandoned disco found on the way to the "lunatic tour"

yep.. there really is a fence in there


Happy Fence Friday Everyone!

This is my first posting for Happy Fence Friday. Since so many of my contacts participate I thought I should jump on board.


I'm not official though since they haven't accepted me as a member yet.


Does anyone? (cinda, Judi) know what kind of bird this is?

Happy Fence Friday! Happy Friday before Halloween! Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!



1/13/12 - 13/366


Since I needed the affirmation that today was indeed Friday. :-)


The 50mm is, oddly, rarely my choice of lens when it comes to fences. However, after seeing the opportunities it can present, I may have to pick it up more often.


Happy *Fence* Friday (the 13th)

brownish rudbeckias - are they beautiful or just dark & dull? probably need sunlight to be anything to look at :-)

have a great friday!


View On Black


on explore, #393

Una pesca esposta sul bancone di un bar,

A strange peach.

..after the rain...


Explored June 8,2008 - thanks everyone!


A bit of Friday creativeness. Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday's Child is Loving and Giving...

Happy Fence Friday

View of Sydney city skyline @ Circular Quay taken from Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Have a great weekend!


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happy fence friday



Pentax K-5



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Fog, Friday, and I didn't have go to work, Whoo hoo! Olga

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