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with Blueberries

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Yes: this is the most innovative picture in food photography, but you know: I'm a f***ing genius!


Obviusly I'm kidding..but today I have no inspiration. Sorry :-(


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For those of you that keep up with my Facebook page, you already know why I haven't posted anything up here lately. You can just skip over this, and comment if you darn well please. :)


A few weeks ago, I made a doctor appointment for my wrist because it has been literally stinging since the beginning of my fall semester. That would be about the 23rd of August, I went to the doctor and it turns out that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and had developed the syndrome because I fractured my right arm in three places. (I still have yet to figure out how the heck I fractured my arm?! I think I fell on it while wrestling with my youngest brother). My mom is always telling me I am a Hypochondriac, but it seems to be whenever I finally complain enough to get to the doctor, I have something seriously wrong with me; nevertheless, the syndrome was made worse by spending too much time on the computer, texting, writing papers in school, sculpting, taking pictures.. My doctor told me I should stay off the computer for as much as necessary, and it isn't as easy as it seriously should be. I am having a seriously hard time keeping myself away from the computer when I don't need to be on it. I shouldn't have Carpal Tunnel at 20, the ages vary from 30+ but yeah, this SUCKS.

I miss all of you Flickrites, I really do.

But all that is a good excuse to like my like page on Facebook, right? :) I thought so too.




@ Pizano's Pizza & Pasta

Chicago, IL

Winter cheer from sweet January strawberries

It will start to snow heavily from midnight in this city.

Be safe everyone.


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Nace un nuevo grupo de amigos....;-)


La creación tiene infinitas posibilidades...y en esa línea nos vamos a mover....vamos a partir de ideas o de conceptos y vamos a dar cada uno nuestra particular versión....


Los miembros fundadores...


Dircinha - Amateur


Akilea - Amateur


Chena - Amateur




Ruy Barbosa…Profesional


Nuestro grupo Profesional versus Amateurs


Esperamos que disfruten participando del mismo...

Blood orange tart with five spice crust and almond-scented soft cream


Recipe on the blog.

As in Vietnam rice feeds millions around the world.

It needs to be fed in return,

Day 49/260


Processed with Indoor Lightroom Preset from The Bell Sisters


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Made these yesterday..cant stop crunchy.


Recipe here

Visit Thirty3 @ 3 Baily Road for this food..

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For this week's MacroMondays

challenge B-Food.

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Southern Focus Challenge 15 - FOOD

I need some green!

"Photography is my BREAD and BUTTER"


Piece of Butter: 1 ¾ ” x 1 ¾ “

Taken 10.10.2018 and uploaded for #MacroMondays #B-Food


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200


4.5 mm

1/4 Sec

ISO 400

1 3 4 5 6 7 ••• 79 80