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i was more productive today :p

flickr colour contest - self portrait by quemas™

I added a little more color to this version...

Please, repeat more times the stops!



Found this in my archives and enjoyed reflecting back on the early days when flickr took advantage of its down time.


Original Clogged Crayon Art: UnTrapped Melted Blue Splodge


Here it is . . . the unmanipulated, straight from the wrapper, melted crayon art! (and Chris, I thought I was done posting!) . . .


Eu tinha preparado esse texto e esta foto pra colocar durante a seqüência dos dias da viagem, mas vou antecipá-la! Merecidamente!

Lembram da promoção flickrcolourcontest?

Então, eu ganhei 3 meses de conta pro!!!!!!!!

Nem preciso dizer o quanto estou feliz, né? :D



Uma das coisas mais legais que acho do Flickr, se não a mais legal, é poder conhecer outros lugares, outras culturas, outros costumes.

Um pôr-do-sol em alguma parte do mundo, que nunca se repetirá e que eu não estava lá para presenciar.

Uma praia que talvez nunca poderei ir.

Um inseto ou peixe que eu nem tinha idéia que existia.

Fora as idéias e composições extremamente engraçadas, criativas ou lindas que encontro por aí.

É por isso, definitivamente, que estou viciada.

Viciada em ver, imaginar, com alta resolução e cores lindíssimas, fortes, vivas. Em sentir.

Aqui conheci pessoas, lugares, acompanho o crescimento de bebês, conheci a neve (o mais perto - macro até então), vejo o sol nascer.

Tudo que Deus fez e os milagres da natureza, tudo tão perfeito e lindo que só posso agradecer a Deus por ter olhos - e internet hehe.


E algumas pessoas ainda têm coragem de me dizer que é besteira tirar tantas fotos...


Obrigada à todos aqui - por compartilharem idéias, mágicas, pensamentos e suas visões do mundo.

E por eu fazer parte disso tudo :)





I had prepared this text and shot to put during the trip sequence, but now I'll have to post it before I've planned, and it's really deserved!

Do you remember the flickcolourcontest?

So, I won 3 months of pro account!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad!

Thank youuuu!!!!!!!!


One of the great things about Flickr, if not the greatest, is that here I can view another places, another cultures, another habits.

A sunset somewhere in the world that I wasn't and that will never be repeated.

A beach that maybe I'll never go.

A bug or fish that I would never wonder but that does exists.

Besides the ideas and compositions so funny, creative or beautiful that I usually see around here...

That's why, definitively, I'm addicted.

Addicted to seeing, imagining, with high resolution and beautiful and strong colors... To feeling.

In Flickr I met people, places, I see babys growing up, I saw snow (the closer - macro until now), I see the sun rising.

All God's creation and the nature's miracles, everything so perfect and beautiful that just makes me wish to thank God for having eyes - and internet hehe.


And some people still have courage to tell me that is silly taking so many pictures...


Thanks to everyone here - for sharing your ideas, magics, thoughts and visions of the world.

And for letting me be part of all of this :)

I sat and I thought to myself, "What shall I draw that others won't." Boobies? Too obvious. Goatse? Too easy. Think Ken. Think. Think think think think. After several minutes of debating I decided to document the process itself. I am not a math major and realized that the charts had to be understandable to the general populace. I kept it simple.

Peace and Love Offering to appease the Flickr Tubes Gods and Goddesses!

Eyes of a drunken floozie. Coloured Pencil.

Submitted for a flickr contest when the system was down 07-19-06


It's the first "photo" I've got 20 comments on. Maybe I've not been on flickr long enough ... maybe I'm not a very good photographer. Oh well.


This and other entries included at

Right coronary arteriogram. On the left, there is a focal mid right coronary narrowing. On the right, the same artery after angioplasty with implantation of a drug-eluting coronary stent.


Also present are pacemaker leads in the right atrium and right ventricle.


This is what happens when you eat cheese.


The clogged tube has been opened!


'Tube clogged, now opened' On White

Heh. I blame Luke and Chris.

If you're wondering what this is about, check the Flickr Blog.


Update #1: the competition is looking really good - be sure to check out the other entries.


Update #2: And the winners are ...


Update #3: Well, not a beer, but I did win a glass of lemonade! See below.

I love Mac and Flickr!!!!


"Cyan" and "magenta" that are a logo color of a "flickr" resemble relations of "Mac" and "Apple".





To flickr staff.

Thank you for holding a pleasant event this time.

"An artist spends himself like the crayon in his hand, till he is all gone." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Interesting that this was posted 10 years ago for a silly contest on flickr. And just in the past few years the coloring craze has caught on for real, creating an obsessive past time! Fortunately I'm not into coloring between the lines! But being addicted to any other medium is something I must confess!

I think I should stick to photography. However, besides learning that, I also learned that coloring for awhile was kind of fun and therapeutic. I want to win the pro account. Left side is some pansies that, after I drew them, I realized I was remembering them wrong. I learned that when you need a picture of a pansy, and you have looked completely through a gardening book, and a recent magazine, that pictures are hard to find when you need them. So I continued to draw them from memory. I'm afraid the memory is almost as shot as my drawing skills. The main difference between the two is I used to have a good memory to lose. I also noticed my circles that I began with are more fried egg shaped now.



I know it's not technically "coloured in", but I think this looks pretty cool {:->

What were you doing while flickr was down?

My donation to the Flickr colouring in contest.

When Flickr is resorts to old addictions. Note lucky shot glass.


Thanks to Harpy for title suggestion!!


7/31/06 - this one got me a month free of Pro for the contest. YAY!

entry for flickr colouring contest, July 2006

Lenore is visited by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who reassures us that yes, Flickr will be back soon.


[Related blog entry]

How nice of flickr to offer. I want that PPK!

too much fun here guys. thanks!


"It's not a big truck, it's a series of tubes. And if you don't understand, those tubes can be filled. If they're filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line, it's going to be delayed by anyone who puts into that tube enormous amounts of material, enormous amounts of material." Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), June 28, 2006.


and, don't miss the remix:



Thank you for supporting

me in getting a free 1-year

pro account.

Printer, Ink, and Photoshop.


Click "flickrcolourcontest" to see everyone else's.

Look Sir! Flickr is offline!


Hi 1978seymour!


We're absolutely stunned at the number of submissions to our impromptu colouring contest last week:


It gives me great pleasure to announce that you're one of 14 winners. We've added a year of pro to your account.


- heather (on behalf of the Flickr team)


Here's a link to the Flickr! Blog


Another entry for the FlickrColourContest


The reason for this picture is explained here.

My entry for the "Flickrcolour Contest." and the Valleywag contest. These two just kind of say it all.

Last time I was on Flickr, I believe, I was hit with insomnia. Now I can't keep my bleedin' eyes open.


The background photo, BTW, is a rushed, poor edit of a CPP image shot in collaboration with the very cool, talented, Kristal. Thank you for taking a look. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

She's kinda high-class, unlike me...see rest of this series

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