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I'm not sure if this is an old garlic flower head or an old onion flower head - ID Please?

You begin this way:

this is your hand,

this is your eye,

that is a fish, blue and flat

on the paper, almost

the shape of an eye.

This is your mouth, this is an O

or a moon, whichever

you like. This is yellow.


Outside the window

is the rain, green

because it is summer, and beyond that

the trees and then the world,

which is round and has only

the colors of these nine crayons.


This is the world, which is fuller

and more difficult to learn than I have said.

You are right to smudge it that way

with the red and then

the orange: the world burns.


Once you have learned these words

you will learn that there are more

words than you can ever learn.

The word hand floats above your hand

like a small cloud over a lake.

The word hand anchors

your hand to this table,

your hand is a warm stone

I hold between two words.


This is your hand, these are my hands, this is the world,

which is round but not flat and has more colors

than we can see.


It begins, it has an end,

this is what you will

come back to, this is your hand.


--Margaret Atwood

being sick for a month means i don't have anything new to post.

this is from my trip to marrakech last year...

macro monday theme: broken


The broken shell of a sea urchin (probably Psammechinus miliaris). Size of this piece is about 2cm.


50mm Nikkor with 12mm extension tube.

Shot with extension tube of metal bowling ball and pins on gold metalic paper


"My art is an extension of myself, a third hand that serves my thoughts and dreams to the world. It is dark and I happily use the word creepy, yet it can also be whimsical and sad and surreal. These words do not define the process, simply the end result. What we are is more than what everyone sees when the process is complete."


I visited the darker side of my imagination this week and it felt good. That old feeling came back, the creeping thought of "should I share this?" and I was immediately at peace, happily moving forward with a self-portrait that calls to mind earlier works while pairing it with a new environment.


Create what you love, no matter what <3

Edem beach, Palaeo Faliro, Athens, Greece

Shield Bugs go through several transformations (instars) before adulthood. This is likely to be a juvenile Forest Bug...

Meike 10mm extension ring, handheld

UCR main campus, San José, Costa Rica


Lens mounted on a MOVO 10 mm extension tube

Nikkor 50mm/1.8 at f/16, cheap-ass extension tubes, Velbon tripod. I notice this has been hit a couple of times by people searching for Nikkor and extension tubes, so: I bought the tubes off Ebay dirt cheap, gave them a good dusting before using them, focus manually and use trial and error for exposure - which is just fine for macro. They are the most fun per pound I've had with photographic equipment since I spent twenty quid on a Zenit SLR in 1980 (and index-linked they win hands down).

i wanted the focus where it is. I loved the green and bronze of those barbicels. thanks most_uncool for telling me they're called barbicels!


No group images/invites wanted in my comments.

Gubbio Cemetery Extension. Weird.

I crawled around in the garden with my extension tubes today.

Why have a short drop when you can have...

Here we see a Route 215 pass it's usual terminus (a Route 379 is just entering the stand), and head the few hundred meters outside London into Essex for the seasonal extension to Lea Valley Campsite. The back of the Essex boundary sign can just be seen on the far left.


It's a rotten journey on foot as the pavements end, and it is a set of bends with ditches and little room for walking on a very busy road.

© 2015 Thousand Word Images by Dustin Abbott


My next review will take a deep look at the brand new Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC lens - a lens that is optically amongst the best that I have used. It is incredibly sharp and full of rich contrast wide open, but is a bit of challenge to focus. This second dog related image today is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This Lab was being trained for duck season, and it didn't matter one bit that the water was still littered with ice. He gleefully extended and dove into the water. I watched he and his trainer for a few minutes. Although I used a manual focus only lens here, I simply prefocused on where I predicted the animal to go...and I got a great, sharp picture at f/2.8. A high shutter speed made sure to freeze every drop of water in the air.


Technical info: Canon EOS 6D, Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC, Processed in Adobe Lightroom 5, Adobe Photoshop CC, Alien Skin Exposure 7 (use code "dustinabbott" to get a 10% discount)


Want to know more about me or make contact? Take a look at my website and find a lot of ways to connect and view my work.

View On Black

Bee on flower as seen with an extension tube and 50mm lens.

This picture was taken in Dayton, Ohio at Wegerzyn Gardens with my 180mm manual focus lens + 20mm Extension tube. Better view in Light box. Click on image for 100% detail and a little texture on pedals.


As always thank you for your lovely comments.

After changing home, we missed our swimming pool so I had to add one onto this one. Although it was a bit trickier than I thought it would be, it was totally worth it and is now a great place to sit and relax. Used inspirations from our previous place to encorporate here. More details on the blog <3


More Photos & Details here

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