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Spyderco Pingo with custom blue titanium scales from Woro Knives by Andrzej Woronowski, Wanger/Doering bronze Minipen

Pocket dump picture with Boker Anso Cox slipjoint knife with custom OD micarta scale from Cuscadi, Nottingham Tactical titanium clicky pen Triple Aught Design Edition with topo lines, leather credit card wallet from Hanksbyhank and Makers South, Olight S1 Baton brass CR123 flashlight

Marbles G.I. Utility Knife shown with paracord anyard, that has cat's paw, knife lanyard knot, and extended two-strand Matthew Walker knots, tied in olive drab paracord, with snap hook attachment.

Pocket dump picture with LionSteel Shuffler slipjoint knife in natural micarta, Baron Fig Squire rollerball pen in stainless steel, Baron Fig credit card wallet, Foursevens Preon P1 copper AAA flashlight, Wasteland Oddities Zippo, Stonebrook Jewelry damascus steel wedding ring

Fender/vertical half hitching done with crimson paracord around an ICON Rogue I LED flashlight.

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WIP(work in progress) pic of small braided leather finger loop fob. 3/32" goatskin lace worked over paracord with 4 strand round braid, now have 8 strands to cover lanyard knot. Hmmm, now what...?...

Cooler Stahlbau der AlpspiX bei Garmisch Patenkirchen!


Orange ITW Nexus TAC Link with a 3 pass gaucho knot, tied with 2mm navy blue cord around the gate, and a hank of navy blue paracord on the carabiner.


The knot is tied and tightend up on the thinner section of the carabiner's gate, so it's gonna stay put where it is. But, you could make the knot so that it fits around the hinge or latch section of the carabiner, with the knot just tight enough to friction fit in place, you could then use the as a slider lock. A strategic application of krazy glue secures the trimmed/tucked ends of the knot.

Three Rivers TRM Nomad LTC200 slipjoint knife in carbon fiber



-iPhone 5 Hitcase (modified)

-Boker Urban Survival Knife

-Titanium Tactical Pick

-Carbon Fiber Impact Dagger (custom)

-Titanium SERE Kit Necklace (custom)

-TAD Life Capsule

-TAREINCO LoPro Wallet

-Skagen Titanium Watch

-SERE Bracelet + Gear Leash (custom)

-Covert Titanium Capsule (custom)

-TDI Knife (modified)

- Iphone 5 with Cygnett Case

- Secrid Slim Wallet (check out my video review here )

- Keys with True Utility Money Capsule

- Leatherman Style CS

- Seiko 5 Baby Monster


UPDATE: Check this little video of this everyday carry pocketdump here

Northwoods Hawthorne Jack slipjoint knife in red micarta, striploin steak

EDC (everyday carry) pocket knife for the last few days, after digging it out of a storage tote, is a Kershaw Emerson folder, with paracord lanyard/fob. #affiliate #edc #paracord

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