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(just an expression for lack of a better title)


Mesh Tiki Top Hat by Headhunter's Island

Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) standing on a ground and eating a slice of bread.


Wiewiórka (Sciurus vulgaris) stojąca na ziemi i jedząca kromkę chleba.

Oscar, a Red Panda, eating bamboo at The Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Virginia

Happy v-day to all. <3

Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) standing on a grassy ground and eating a mushroom.


Wiewiórka (Sciurus vulgaris) stojąca na trawiastej ziemi i jedząca grzyba.

...after you photographed them.

Broccoli romanesco.

Je viens de le manger en gratin !!!



One of the 4 lovely outfits for the upcoming Swank event, Crazy Retro Watermelon.

It's as always a HUGE package containing all im wearing on picture and more.

Fitted mesh , appliers etc etc . Just go check it out for yourself .

Swank open it doors the 5th of August.




{YD}Little piece of summer @ Trés Chic


Lovely gacha from {YD} all items you see on the picture, are from the Gacha @ Trés Chic


On blog the gacha key for a more detailed picture of all the items.



Love Be x

Those cockatoos are eating pre-matured mangos dropped from the tree by other cockatoos (as below )


I told them not to waste but they didn't care.


at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Eat an apple, Save the core,

Plant the seeds, and Grow some more.


Several photographers were up at Trout Lake in Yellowstone at dusk hoping to see river otters but looking for whatever else we might find. No otters, but this obliging muskrat swam up to the otter log with a mouthful of greens and entertained us.

thanks to Cinnamoncandy for the rock

and thanks to Lill-stock for the moon!

Fields of Beja. Alentejo, Portugal

Taken a few years ago as a storm slowly ate up the colour of a New Zealand sunset


6 Image Stitch in CS6

PP in Photoshop, NIK Suite

East: chopsticks meet west: spoon& folk:)

The art of human when they needed to eat their food, I think about our hands:))


Still life theme.


Thank you and see you again next few days, I have journey to the south and lazy to carry my laptop, but will try my best to see and join you all. TAKE CARE.

After a long absence, Mr. Feral returns after being presumed :pensive:. Only to eat and run without a thank you. Just like a cat. :)

Cos You Are What You EAT ;P


Vanilla Cupcake (Vanilla Frosting)

Made By Me..


Thanks Tina For The Mini cupcake Pan.. :)

Had a super fabulous weekend. Got to play hostess to the lovely Mireille from Pittsburgh and we ended a long day of exploring at the Cut. It's awesome to be able to show outsiders the city. Hope you make it back soon, Mireille!

Scenes from Conor Harrington's exhibit "Eat and Delete" for more of Conor and to see him at work check out and as always up to the minute street art @bytegirl24 on instagram

vinto il contest per il logo del gruppo smarties

yeee :)

I shot this before my last upload where he's eating a different mantis and has the stretched out tongue for the pic I was after, but decided this was worth uploading after all. This was my first attempt at the stretched out tongue and I was obviously way off.....much harder than it looks.

Northern Mocking Bird eating some cactus fruit.

Reached 60 000 views on Flickr last week. Feels amazing, and it just the beginning. Thank you!


I've also launched my Facebook page. I'd love you for helping me getting it started.


Dalseg Photography.




I have caught glimpses of the Worm-eating Warbler in the past but until yesterday never had the chance to photograph one. They are by far one of the least flashy of the warblers but I still like the bold eye line and soft yellow-brown that helps them blend in to their surroundings. I spend the morning driving around and listening for birds in the Delaware Water Gap area on the New Jesey side. I was blown away at how many warblers call this area home or are currently migrating through. I had a somewhat limited time to explore the area and in that short period heard so many warblers calling my head was spinning. When I came upon this area I was thrilled to spend some time with this wonderful warbler and thankfully the light cooperated. The background on this image is thanks to a medium sized patch of fresh ferns growing on the forest floor. Taken in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Northern New Jersey. ~ 5/12/17 - ¹⁄₄₀₀ sec at f/4.0 - ISO1800 ~ 500 mm ~ 500 mm f/4

man, what is that smell? it's overpowering!

oh that. I'm cooking dinner.

what is it?

you remember that thing we found? with 6 eyes and tentacles?

I thought that was a dream! you mean that guy was real?

was. he's in the pot now.

you're cooking that thing?

well, I didn't want to eat him raw, you know?

shouldn't you have asked, I dunno, the UN or something?

the UN? guess I forgot. heh heh.

How the hell do you eat an alien?

I figure with hot sauce. and a beer, of course.

well, yeah. of course.

I had to wait for someone special.

Someone who would make my heart feel

as if it's been trampled by elephants,

thrown into the amazon, and eaten by piranhas.

(Lisa Kleypas)


Challenge on flickr - Fauna/Close up

7 Days with Flickr - Sunday: fauna

(photo by Freya) more!

After exactly nine months and after eating more than my share of dust, I have been finally reassigned to the design office back in Riyadh effective today.


Eat more chicken and have a healthy life :o)

A spider is eating a fly

Not live to eat.

Check out my BLOG for details.


Thank you very much for the support!



A White-tailed Fawn is keen to get enough of the tender greens along the shoreline on a sunny August afternoon. Its mother retreated to the safety of the woods up the bank but this youngster was too busy eating to pause at the presence of this kayaker. Taken on the Willow Flowage in Harshaw, Wisconsin on August 9, 2014.

By far, my most favorite street stencil.

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