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Time to take you crazy kids for a brief detour to our beloved kingdom Belgium, which has been without a federal government for 6 months to this very date. Some of us even have some faint recollection of the actual June 10th elections ;-) Don’t ask what it’s all about, we haven’t got a clue ourselves anymore, no government is a way of life! But things are still going great, on our way to become the first TRUE daydream nation ;-)

In the meantime watching and listening to some wild Belgian action:

From the moment you came into this world

A ladder was placed in front of you

That you might escape

From earth you became plant,

From plant you became animal,

Afterwards you became a human being,

Endowed with knowledge, intellect and faith.


Behold the body, born of dust,

How perfect it has become!

Why should you fear its end?

When were you ever made less by dying?

When you pass beyond this human form,

No doubt you will become an angel

And soar through the heavens!


But don't stop there.

Even heavenly bodies grow old.

Pass again from the heavenly realm

And plunge into the vast ocean of consciousness.

Let the drop of water that is you

Become a hundred mighty seas.


But do not think that the drop alone

Becomes the ocean,

The ocean, too, becomes the drop!



strobist: one SB800 behind subject with two gobo's, to limit the light on the walls

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Antwerpen, 16-08-2011


Eerste steen gelegd in 2006 en sinds mei 2011 open. Is het resultaat van een architectuurwedstrijd. Het ontwerp wijst naar een grote "schatkist" die het collectieve geheugen van Antwerpen bevat. Op de muren werden drieduizend aluminium handen bevestigd naar de legende van Brabo. Er zijn tien verdiepingen, kenmerkend zijn de golvende glazen.


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No private group or multiple group invites please!

Natural colors - no PS except unsharpen mask (shot without tripod)

for my working-partners 'cause it's My Birthday today.. (Explore #8/500 top position)

Leuven - Belgium -


Het schijnt al drieduizend jaar bewoond te zijn.

Bite van gerookte kabeljauw, daslook, beurre noisette en crispy aardappel

once in a while this re-edited photo is filling up my desktop but i haven't showed it here yet..

blogged in Leuven, 12.10.09

(voor Cathérine..)

zelfportret (schoolopdracht)

Bite van kabeljauw, pickles, jonge bloemkool en mierikswortel

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