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Diyarbakır Grand Mosque

In Turkey/Syria/Iraq and Middle East, they drink something like 20/30 cups of tea everyday! They love it! This photo was taken in Diyarbakir (Turkey) during my comeback from Iraq.


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Diyarbakir Grand Mosque

I've made this photo the last day of my Iraqi reportage, in Diyarbakir (Turkey), inside a Mosque. I think is a really beautiful scene with this lightning and the old man who was studying the Koran.

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Diyarbakir, Sur, Keciburcu

nel cuore del Kurdistan settentrionale

Yedi Kardeş Burcu writes “It is mentioned in the tablets that, located in the south of the walls, Seven Siblings Dungeons, were built in the name of Artuklus Ruler Melik Salih in 1208 according to the plan drawn by Melik Salih by Architect Ibrahimoglu Yahya. The decorations on the dungeon give the dungeon and monumental view. Silmes are giving a pretty glorious look with the double headed eagle, winged lion teazlings and the tablets which surround the dungeon like a belt. On the front face of the Seven Siblings Dungeons, double headed eagle motif, set on the tablets which have besmele-I Serife on it, has divided the lion figures into symmetrically two sides. The eagle figure is a talisman motif protecting the city from the evil. Eagles are both guards protecting the city and talisman keeping the evil from coming into city. The usage of winged lion expresses power. In this way, animals, symbolizing the sun and the light, are given altogether. According to dungeon’s myth: “The ones in the dungeon, protecting the Seven Siblings, do not surrounded during the time when Diyarbakir was conquested. This gets the king’s reaction and he sends ambassadors to the dungeon. Seven Siblings, promises to surround if they ‘bring their king’s’ the king arrives at the castle with his commanders and at that moment the castle blows up. The king, commanders, and the Seven brothers die, the enemy disperse. After this occasion, the dungeon has been referred to as Seven Siblings Dungeons.”


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