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Week 33 - Dolly Diptych Weekly


These were two photos taken separately, but I wanted to make them look like a single image. I hope I have achieved that :) By the way, my Taeyang really needs new clothes, he's been wearing the same shirt for months...

Collaboration with ElSur:

his picture on the left

mine on the right

edit: mine


please visit his stream and enjoy! :



6.52 :: now you :: diptych

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself." --Amelia Earhart. Model is Elizabeth.

Tillie: "Mommy, can we go shopping today?"


Mommy, "Child, no we can not! We just spent over $300 this weekend on dolly goodies. Sorry, Tillie"


Tille: "Drat! I'm already dressed to go!"



Thanks again to everyone who bought goodies from me this past weekend. You helped me get to go on a shopping spree!!!! ;0)

Taken under a bridge in Seattle. I like each one on it's own ok. But together they just do something magical for me. They were pretty much on the strip of film just like this

for Ana, mi irmã Portuguese


'Forget' by klsanderson and 'Ponder' by Sao

Diptych collaboration with (klsanderson) for the Diptych This! group.

'Adios ayer............' On Black

I just really wanted to do a diptych...

Left image: Geekgirly

Right: me


I've wanted to use the image on the right for a few years now, but I've never quite known what to do with it. The original is a zoomed out reflection of myself in a ferry window, with a mountain range in the background (you can see part of the mountain range in the top right corner--what looks like a hat is actually the sky). I thought the image could work for the "Dreams" project, but when I paired it with Sarah's, the literalness of both images didn't quite work--especially because Sarah's image was far more dynamic tonally. So I decided to take mine into more of a fantasy realm, befitting of the theme. (I'll post a separate entry of the before and after, in case anyone is interested.)


© Κατερινα 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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~ Doug Larson


A diptych with the lovely Lauren.


She's on the right and I'm on the left.

Little Jouet in a cup will make your morning bright and cute. ^_^


9/52 Dolly Diptych Weekly 2012.


Explored. March 5, 2012. #168. Thank you. :)

Me-Well, doing a daily life 365, a blythe 365 & keeping up with all the movies we've seen this year has been quite a chore.


Cullen-But the people want more of me!


Me-Uh, ego much?


Cullen-Fine. I'll just do my own 365. See, I have a camera & I don't need you.


Me-I was going to do a 52 weeks of Blythe.


Cullen-That isn't enough. *stomps off*


abad. 364/365.


Last day tomorrow! I have a really cute idea for my last pic. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates & it looks as cute IRL as it does in my head!


PS-Yeah, I was still in a diptych mood. Sorry 2 in 2 days though.

photo de gauche ici


Je l’appelle mon tigre,mon chat,mon lapin,mon monstre,il est tout petit et deja assez grand pour savoir que les cœurs c’est pour ceux qu’on aime.

Je me souviens bien du temps ou je dessinais en cachette des cœurs,c’etait facile une fille m’avait dit c’est juste un 5 dessiné a l’envers.

Le 5 dans la graphie iranienne est un cœur a l’envers


He is small but already old enough to know that hearts are for the ones we love.

I remember very well the time i used to draw hearts,they were so easy to draw,a girl had told me,just draw an upside down 5

5 in iranian is an upside down heart.



Dolly Diptych Weekly 37/52

Took down my Christmas decorations today so I'm getting in the mood for Valentine's Day.

I'm on a diptych kick, just started a group to feed the need - Diptychs, and I am seeing the world in pairs today!

Life on the Minnesota prairie in the 1850s. Seen at the Treaty House History Center in St.Peter, MN

large original mixed media diptych i made for commercial illustration.

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(July 9, 2014)


Pentax K-3 ♡


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My photographs do not belong to the public domain.

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another old photos diptych

April 9th, 2012

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The rest of this set can be found on my website.


Databent Diptych.

Created for MacroMondays - Theme - Diptych

Lazurite and fairy tale illustration by Artus Scheiner (1863-1938)

diptych for Utata theme 'life form'

Another entry for my rainbow blythe diptychs. This one is obviously all the colors together. LOL!!


I'm so happy that I customized the Simply twins. I love them even more!!!

Jealous of all the diptych goodness going on on Cindy & Lauren's stream I had to get in on the action.


I'm on the left, the talented Lauren on the right.



She's on the bottom and I'm on the top. Sounds naughty.


When Lauren and I collaborate on a diptych we have no idea what the other will be shooting. So it is always fun and a surprise for the both of us.

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