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Rainy Day in Chicago. Day 2 of my new home.

Kinda' cool viewed large.

New Orleans is a very colorful town. In so many ways...

For the Day in the Life Of (DILO) group, a few shots grabbed with my Fuji digital on June 21st. The suggested theme was love, and I suppose that if my shots reflect that, it's mostly family love -- the posts were shot either running an errand for, or spending time with, my parents.


Shot in Fredericksburg, Texas.


Anyway, thank you for stopping by. Cheers. ^_^


"Summer turns to high"

I’ve been going through some old photo recently and came across this one. It is from my first weekend living in Chicago. I moved here in March and it was still cold. My first morning I got up early to take a photo walk, and this was one of the shots. I’ve learn so much about my new city since this weekend – love it here.

photographing some memories.... one of mama's paperweights

My brother bought an used Hellraiser Pinhead built-up set. Pinhead was built already, but brother didn't like the paint job. He is lazy himself and so wanted my hubby to help him a little bit. It's almost done, some finishing touches.

Right after morning coffee.

Pinhead is still missing his pins but my hubby ain't going to do that.


7.20 am

The recent warm weather has seen our Poppies rush to flower & to seed. The work of the petals to attract pollinators is done so they are in elegant decay.

weeds gone, new plants in. why is it so easy and enjoyable for her and it makes me cranky?

The kids loooooooooooove looking at the Christmas cards. Especially if it has a picture of another kid on it or a Disney character. Each day a new card or two arrives and I put it up there, and when the kids spot it they will point to it and ask, "Who's that?" :)


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At the end of the day, I went for a walk in the woods by the river. It's wet and muddy so I wore my plastic shoes. Mosquitos are beginning to come out already. No wildflowers yet.

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