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Design is my life.


Thanks to everyone for more than a 1000 views I feel so happy and if you're kind to see my other works here or in my flickr photo gallery i will feel even more happy. I try to put my everyday taken pics here in flickr with exeptions like this for some groups and my illustrations at devian thanx.


UPDATE: Awesome +3000 views thanks and hope u watch my other stuff.

I was taken with this design inside our hotel in Lima, Peru.

Used Corel to edit my Red Berries shot.


This year I participated in the copenhagen photomarathon like last year where I came in number 3. I did not do as well as last year, I came in number 8. you can see the whole series here

Paris quai de Valmy (near by canal St.Martin) spring 2010 .



One thing lead to another... how much does your own actions impact what is to come?

How much is set in stone or bound to happen no matter what you do...

Regarless, always keep trying your best, it is as much and the only thing anyone should ask of you...


Don't look back.

Keep on track to break the curse.

Take the chance:

Design your universe.

This FAB Design Ultimate was one of the most extraordinary looking cars I saw in London this year.


I'll post another strange looking thing tomorrow...can you guess what it will be? ;-D

These little apples are so cute!

Miami Design District, Miami, Florida

Hi Every one

I have a wonderful gift for you people visit

A site full of information and true researched work

t-shirt design for the client

In world store - terra design -


Flickr group


I opened pose shop - terra design -. The shop has poses and a part of Furniture Store ** terra **'s furniture. Because of some people contacted me "Why did you quit terra?" then they wanted my furniture when it broke. I quit terra's MarketPlace shop at the same time so they looked for my products. I will not furniture maybe. But they can get what their wants :))

Adapted from an awesome concept by Igarashi design.


The tricky part was to make it minifig size accurate.


Sorry for the poor flix, my cam's away for some time, so I had to use my wife's pocket cam...

A huge design raked into the sand on the beach at Brean, Somerset.(published in The Daily Telegraph 12/07/2017)

KiB Designs Mainstore New LM


I hope you like the new place of KiB Designs Mainstore, with a beautiful landscape to enjoy, thanks to my dear sister Hans for all her help (landscaping is all done for her !!!) ♥♥


Place shared with my sister Hans and my friend Alkith!

There you can also find the mainstore of Ignition Art !!!!


All pics in the here


Seoul, South Korea


The Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park (DDP) is a large urban development project in Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea that includes a park, exhibition spaces, and restored parts of the Seoul fortress. Originally planned for completion by 2010 to coincide with Seoul's designation as World Design Capital that year, but construction only started in April 2009, and the DDP was officially inaugurated on March 21, 2014. Organizers hope to make Dongdaemun the fashion hub of South Korea and possibly the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Detailed nail designs of the popular web browsers

Made by Santiago Calatrava in the City of Arts and Science in Valencia

daft punk style -


still de stop motion para matéria de animação do curso de design gráfico, na PUCPR...


o gif em baixa tá embaixo...


design is continuity

::TD:: Shanon Gown with Appliers ~ (Available in 11 colors)


+ Poses | *PosESioN* Melissa Set


Details @


Blog LuceMia

My Flickr


Shoreline at Paignton, Devon, England, UK

This design is a combination of a japanese kimono, a bodysuit, and a hoodie/dressing gown. It is made of silk on the upper half and of polyester on the lower half, with the dividing line being concealed underneath the belt. though the "ears" on top of the hood are made from a firmer taffetta in order to make them stand up, and the "panty" section is lined with cotton in order to preserve hygiene and comfort. This design takes inspiration from Japanese culture, as traditionally, a furisode kimono is a style of formal wear with large sleeves, and is worn most frequently in modern Japan by unmarried women for special occasions, and unfrequently on a daily basis by some men and women in Japan. The kimono is a clothing item of growing popularity in Europe, worn most frequently as casual wear, much like a dressing gown or lingerie piece, which is the style this design is intended to be worn in, even though it gives nods to aspects of the kimono which derive from Japanese culture, such as how the left side appears to go over the right side, since in Japanese kimono traditions, this is always the case unless the kimono is being worn to a burial. Most kimonos are floor length, but this design is intended for an American or European audience as a casual lingerie/pyjama garment, as opposed to being based purely off of Japanese culture and the Kimono. The back of the dress honours japanese tradition by being the place where the belt is secured, on this design this is achieved using the same mechanism used by average brassieres, a hook and eye mechanism, making it easy to apply and remove, and applying enough support to the garment without putting any pressure on the wearer. The 'tail' on the back is sewn onto the belt on the reverse of it, above the hook-and-eye pieces, and falls down to cover the join at the back. The concept of having a tail and ears comes from the rising popularity of cats in modern Japan, as they are no longer considered a food item in common society, and are now a very popular pet and staple of culture, as you can see many fashion designs from Japan featuring it, and in many places in Japan, most notably Tokyo, you will see many things feature cats such as mascots, on products, as logos, and even cafe's with live cats for customers to pet and play with, which are very popular in Japan. Cats on the European market are also exceptionally popular, since animal themed clothes have long been a favourite for casual clothing in the homes of western people, and felines have connotations of beauty and comfort (Cat-napping, anyone?), and it is highly beneficial to consider the general concept a potential buyer would see behind an animal. For example, a rabbit is considered shy and also sexual, so lingerie featuring rabbits would probably be in a 'pure' colour such as pink or white, but would do well being quite skimpy, and would probably sell better around springtime, specifically Eastertime. Cats as a domestic animal are famed for sleeping a lot and being comfortable anywhere, and also looking very beautiful, and a clothing piece featuring cats gives the buyer an impression of comfort and beauty. Bodysuits are regaining popularity in culture today, though they were at their peak popularity in the 1980's, which was a time of freedom and sexuality for all people, though there were many advances for Women's Rights during this decade, and women began to be seen much more as the independant and sexually revered figure they are portrayed as in most media today, than the conservative possessions they were considered for much of history. The concept of a bodysuit ties into the connations of cats, since both are linked to ideas of independance and beauty, and femininity (many men would consider a cat more of a 'woman's pet' than an animal such as a dog or snake, so being a cat lover is often considered a feminine trait in western society). This design is intended to express femininity, beauty, and sexuality, and would be marketted at an audience of 18-25 year old women if it were to be sold. The garment would be applied by opening the bottom of it ( there is a 'popper' mechanism between the legs of the piece) and placing it over the head, much like a tshirt. It is not intended to be worn with anything underneath, but it could be worn with lingerie beneath it, and underneath trousers or a skirt to be a casual garment for warmer weather. The silk allows for it to be soft and flexible on the upper half, whereas the polyester on the lower half enables it to be figure hugging, comfortable, and flattering, and yet still shiny like silk, so you would not instantly recognise the difference in material.

The design is mainly in black, as this design is considered figure flattering, sexually enticing, and is linked to the concept of black cats, who have connotations with mystery and beauty. The colour pink is used on this version of the design as it is very feminine, and pink is a colour frequently seen on European versions of the Kimono, often with pink sakura flowers (known as cherry blossom in the western world), which are a cultural icon used very often in items of clothing based around Japan and it's traditions/culture. since in Japan the flowers have many connotations about life, and are very frequently found in Japanese media productions such as Anime, Manga, and Japanese movie and television production. The flowers are very deeply rooted in Japanese history, and were used as metaphors in a vast quantity of Japanese World War 2 propaganda, since the flowers have deep connotations about youth, life, and blooming in the sense of a person becoming better/maturing. The blue used in the other version of this design is used since it is linked to water, which has connotations of youthfulness, fluidity, freshness, freedom, and masculinity, and would probably be more popular with women who identify more with these ideas than those given by the colour pink, allowing sellers to appeal to a wider audience.


hi guys...

i will need your help on this.

i am a dentist and my dental office is blue and yellow with white walls.

what do you think of using this photo to "design" a little bit the office? your opinion is important . thanks.

2 flash metz one at left of the camera and the other at right.

nikon d90 and 105mm nikkor micro

one blue baloon stretched on a speaker conected to computer and multisine to create a sound at 120h,6v. stop shot for the flashes at 15 ms trigger. ;)

cream with colorant and blue striped background

Vienna Hoher Markt Hotel Topazz

Design week Milan.

April 2011.

Here you can order my pictures online.


HDR from 3 RAW

Photomatix / Photoshop CS4 / NIK Color EFEX Pro

Canon 7d

Canon EFs 10-22mm

Just some of my Fractal Designs. Time for some infinity ! gps tracking devices for automobiles


Designs for the printed page

Leo Lionni


From my collection:

Rubbermaid Design Series bottles! This BPA-free bottle is made of Tritan which is stain and odor resistant. Plus, the finger loop makes traveling on the go a breeze and these bottles are dishwasher and freezer safe.


- BPA Free

- Made of Tritan material that resists stains and odors

- Bottles and designs are dishwasher safe

- Chug cap is interchangeable on all Rubbermaid water bottles

- Finger loop for easy carrying

- Freezer safe


For additional information please visit our website at:

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