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tehehe :)


description under construction


It's soo cold outside.. brr..

I really miss the sun :(

but i loove the red, yellow, brown leaves on the trees ..

mmm .. they look so pretty!! :)


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bokeh is so so fun!!! :D

winter is coming ...

and i hate rainy .. cold .. days ..

boo hoo ..




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I´m still testing this bokeh-macro stuff ..

It´s really fun to make such pictures :D

but I´m kind of confused with the technical part .. (f ex using the right lens ..)


Mpf .. !

Model: Izabela


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inspired by Benjamin Settergren - colors of the fall



these colors remind me of ice cream


Today is one of those days when you don't know where to go,

what to do,



You're sitting at home and thinking about stupid and unimportant things that makes you go crazy.


I think I should go shopping ..

Yes, shopping!

Shopping makes happy!



No sun, again :(


I think the winter is coming ...

Boo ho ...

But winter means snow!

Snow = white & fluffy XD

white & fluffy = <3


Btw: This is my favourite winter jacket/coat.

I totally love the hood :D <3 ( ... to all animal lovers: it's not a real fur! :)) )


Check out my Christmas Card Project, there are still some Cards ready to be send! :)

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We ( = my butterfly and I :)) ) are enjoying the sun <3

i LOVE spring

everything is greeeen, finaallllyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

again inspired by Helen Jane Long - Porcelain ( )






It's such a beautiful weather outside!! The sun is shining, children are laughing under my window. It sounds beautiful!!


Don't forget guys, I've started a Christmas Card Outsending (what is the real name for that what i'm doing here? lol my english sounds so bad ... )

Just click here for more information :)

"I want a Christmas Card"



Model: Lumi


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Finally a new picture, whoop! :D

I've been so lazy the last days .. weeks ..

Tired of work and everything ..

Don't have the time to take pictures and comment & visit streams - hope my dear flickr friends are not angry with me :(


But I'll try to change that as soon as possible, I promise!! :)


hugs to you all!!



did you know

death gods only eat

red apples"


inspired by Death Note


Dear flickr-friends,


it's time for Christmas Cards !!

Yeeey!! :)


Last year I've sent some cards to my dearest flickrers,

and this year I want to do that again! :D


So everyone who wants to get one:

Please send me your adress via privat message and you will get one!


No matter where you are living! :)





"All my life I've been waiting

for you to bring a fairytale my way ..."



Anastacia - Left outside alone



I'm so tired ...


.............. O_o

iii looooveee theee suuuun

iii loooveee the sunliggghhhtttt

ii looveee everything thats bright and waaarmmmm





... you and me ...




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no matter if its day or night,

sleeping = my obsession XD

just because of you.

Today I had a photoshoot with 3 beautiful woman and a very cool dj called

Check out his music:


This is one of my favorite pictures!

The photoshoot was sooo, so fun!

I'm sure I will upload some more pictures, sooo .. watch out for them! :D



Hello my dear flickr friends!!


I hope you all are having a beautiful, sunny and fun weekend! :)


As you can see .. this drawing is made by me :D

Haven't done this for a while. I stopped to draw such anime/chibi/cutiepies when I started to take pictures.

And thats about .. mm .. 1 1/2 years ago.

That's why im really suprised that this little character dont look like a monster lol :D


Hope you guys like it!


New pictures will follow very soon!! :)




Model: Ramona

Make-Up: Markus Kosek


daftdj series


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This is daft. :)

The musicmaker :D


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