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What’s Your Flag?

If you owned a country, what would your flag look like? Draw a flag for The Country of Me. ds106 dailycreate tdc1038


To create this I used the Fresh Paint app for the background, a sailing ship from the app Little Artist and then I combined it all in Photoshop.

The Daily Create 553: Make a detailed drawing of one of your own eyes.

ds106 assignment "Junk Mail art" (

Grab some junk mail and use it as the background for your art. Paint, colour over it, cut it up, make a collage, a storyboard. Recycle into art, damn it!

Hung Out to Dry

Draw a washing line… ds106 dailycreate tdc1026


I used a pencil and marker to draw the cloth line. I added a white frame, because it did not look good with the black flickr background, which usually works good, but not here. I also did a little editing.


(formerly titled: BEST PICTURE EVER)

Make a magical mosaic mask.


I first drew the mask and when editing the photo of the drawing I applied some effects. Now it is neither digital nor analog.

The Daily Create 317: Spend the day taking photos only in black and white. Post a collage of your best one.

This is a tree presenting myself dancing through life. The spirals are my (flexible) roots like culture, ethnic background, my body, going deep into earth grounding me. The discs are my ideas and creations, my hands and head(s), forming gestures with the legs and feet, spreading all of the sky.


Tree Me

ds106 dailycreate

Draw yourself as a tree. Your roots could be visual descriptions of things that give you strength, while your leaves could be the things you’re trying to change.Or, to paraphrase Amy Fanghella, dare to create beyond the confines of this daily create!

Daily Create 158: Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood.

The Daily Create 315: Take a photo that includes objects near and far (deep depth of field).

Today's #ds106 Daily Create was the idea of my friend Ben, who loves the Daily Create. He wanted us to create a board game about ds106.


MOOCOPOLY is the game of teaching massively, openly online and includes the range of players from ds106, CCK08 to the Stanford trio, MITx, and more. Take your chance and many you will have community or not.


See more about the making of this monster


black and white project for The Daily Create

original is here:

DS106 Daily Create: Capture a photo in the golden hour- first hour past sunrise or last before sunset


The Digital Museum of Very Small Objects


April 10, 2014


Create an image of Very Small Object that is suitable for a new exhibit at the Museum of Very Small Objects.

A ds106 dailycreate.


January 8, 2014 -- Today's Daily Create assignment is:

The Daily Create is 2 Years Old! Redo TDC1 “Create a Photograph with a repeating pattern”


I think fractals are fascinating. Found "Fractal Trace" as a choice under "Filters" > "Artistic" (Gimp) and had fun using it to highlight the collard leaf's fractals. Collards are fascinating, too. This leaf survived 12 degree weather and didn't suffer any damage. It's ready to eat tomorrow.


The sun

a ds106 dailycreate.


Make a picture of the light of the sun. Do not picture the sun itself. Capture the light.


There are some reflections from the drops of water.


Design your worst DS106 album cover ds106 dailycreate tdc1045

ds106 dailycreate

A trip down memory lane.


As children we often love celebrations and holidays! Make a picture of you as a child during your favourite holiday or celebration.


#dailycreate, #tdc1094, #ltec647e, #647e

Since I submitted this daily create thought I needed to complete it! This is an orb. Learned the technique from my 365 and photo friend @windsordi. You use your own photo and a photo edit app to distort and make the orb. I will post in my blog the steps. Caution - it is addicting!


Can you imagine the original image? This was a monarch on a cone flower.

October 4, 2013 -- Cry, die, then fly … take a picture that expresses emerging from a crisis.


Got the idea when I saw my silhouette with the light shining through my glasses, so I went with it.


5th Floor Parking Deck.

The Daily Create. ds106 Radio birthday. tdc745

My baby brother is like my own son.. Raised him from birth

DS106 - The Daily Create -Take A Picture Of Yourself… Upside Down

Imagery taken from Bede's finger counting illustrated in Jacob Leupold's Theatrum Arithmetico-Geometricum, published in 1727, illustration in Karl Menninger's Number Words and Number Symbols: A Cultural History of Numbers.


Be sure to see the original animated size at


Photo used by


Caught between planes in an oddly empty Dulles airport

Paper abstract

Just one fish. Not two fish or red fish, blue fish.


Today's Daily Create assignment is:

Gab Collab

March 13, 2014


Gab paints a watercolour blob and uploads it to her Gab Collab tumblr blog.


Go grab a blob, download it, doodle on it, then submit it to her site and to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc795

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