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Adana, Turkey

Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Had a great photoshoot with eleven puppies today!

Easier to shoot than toddler.

EXPLORED: Hey, why are you lookin' at me like that?


Puppies in an afternoon delight and they were hiding on the other side of the road gutter.


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My pup is unique,

i love it when she licks me,

i love it how she smells,

i love it how cute she is,

i love it when she makes me go bright!

Pet portraits

Pet Portraits on Canvas

Photoartomation Art Studio

Got to take pictures of some adorable boxer puppies today. The black one was the sweetest, very calm, and loved posing.

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(Our Daily Challenge - BEGINS WITH "P")

(Daily Dog Challenge - #94 - FRONT AND CENTER)

(112 in 2012 - #37 - FEET AND/OR FOOTWEAR)


I haven't had time in the past couple of days to even pick up my camera, but tonight this shot was just slapping me in the face when I was looking at the ODC and Daily Dog Challenge themes to get some inspiration.


Hmmmm....begins with "P"? So many possibilities: Patrice, paws, puppy, pooped (as in tired, not the other kind! LOL). I'm sure there's more. I thought it was cute how Patrice's two front paws were stacked front and center on top of each other.






Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Canidae

Genus: Canis

Species: C. lupus

Subspecies: C. l. familiaris


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our friend's 7 week old white retriever

Aren't they so cute!

Three week old terrier pups.

Our golden retriever Alfred at around 9 weeks old.

It's bad enough seeing all the puppies in the 52 weeks group this year. A friend brought this one right to my front yard! So stinkin' cute. Grimm wasn't having it though. I suppose we'll wait another year-ish.

We visited the Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto Florida today. I wish I had taken my flashgun with me, but I think I would have missed the spontaneous joy of this image. They do just amazing work with dogs for the visually impaired. They exist purely through donations. We got about 10 minutes with the puppies, sitting on the floor with 6 week old puppies. These folks do wonderful work, they are all volunteers. Say aaaah they are so cute.


This is my aunt's new puppy Lucy! :) She's a shihtzu/bichon and super adorable. Credits to Lid for this amazing picture idea and holding her up! <3

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