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~ Paul Oakenfold - Dark Machine


Thank you Sunny for such a beautiful & moving testimonial, it really touched me & made me smile *hugs*. If any of you are unfamiliar of her work then you must check out her fabulous stream.


I was MIA cause I had somethings important to sort out which mean a lot to me, I just hope everything works out well & stay that way.


Happy Monday Blues =) | Listen | > Nothing is beyond <



Front Page + Explore #36 - Thanks to Riena for letting me know about front page & grabbing the screen shot & Mayumi for explore rank, thank you everyone for your comments & visits



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Tu n'as rien vu...



roots, and light ...


as if everything that exists,

aromas, light, metals,

were little boats that sail

toward those isles of yours that wait for me



This one leaf was sitting on a bench in the park. HBW!

~ George Washington Carver


Last night I watched The Wedding Singer for the first time, I dont know why it took me so long to watch this sweet movie. Totally loved it! might watch it again sometime soon =D If you haven't seen it, do check it out soon. The song below is from the same flick, loved it! =)


These are buds of these flowers


HNFF, HSoYF & TGIF =D | Listen | > Tune it in! <



Explore #76 - Thank you everyone for your visits & comments



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~ Chateubriand


♥ Happy Bokeh Wednesday ♥


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Man... I *love* these shots! I find it even sweeter that this was the last shot of the roll. Something terribly romantic about that fact ;)


My feet look silly though. I don't know why I love to take shots of shoes. Pretty silly indeed.


Collaboration with *Plop goes the world*



PS: More collab madness coming up! Two more series with two of Flickr's finest fellas!

Toronto vacation 2006. Exploring cultural diversities.

My second upload from the second "trifecta"/ triples swap I did with Toby Mason and Hodaka Yamamoto.

By using a splitzer to expose half of a frame, Toby (fotobes) shot a tunnel in London and Hodaka (hodachrome) shot a castle in Nagoya, Japan. Then I shot a full frame of my friend Noe in Joshua Tree NP.

We all used the LC-A+ camera and Lomo XPro Chrome 100 film.

Also from this swap:


Another double. Both shots showing Nick and Cath on Mayhill throwing the Nerf toy.

Contemporary architecture, cross-processed (June, 2011)

Have a good workweek, all...

April is the cruelest month ...


T.S. Eliot

Musac, Leon | Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim + Kodak EPP + Xpro

More snow here today but it's not settling.


I'm getting better with the macro filters!

Boracay, Philippines


this has been seen on Explore... and

was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer as one of the photos

for their article on Lomography. woot!

e100vs - expired 2/2001. cross processed.

Expired Velvia 100 film shot with a Diana F+ and developed in Black and White chemicals.

Friday night.....tired but in one piece.


Agfa CT Precisia 100


grande hotel, araxá, mg

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