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Today's #ds106 Daily Create was the idea of my friend Ben, who loves the Daily Create. He wanted us to create a board game about ds106.


MOOCOPOLY is the game of teaching massively, openly online and includes the range of players from ds106, CCK08 to the Stanford trio, MITx, and more. Take your chance and many you will have community or not.


See more about the making of this monster


All PLNs start with a single connection.

I am sharing an office: still waiting for permanent relocation - could be a while. This is the view of my desk at uni. Details of postcards in next pix.

Learning Phases throughout 2.0

"1. Silence your inner voice

2. Dramatically reduce using words

3. Absorb unfamiliar ways of expressing yourself within your #PLE

4. Focus on the unknown within your closest environment

5. Find & experiment with your personal accent - virtual tools can be invaluable at this stage

6. Let your transformed roots become your next source of energy"

- "How to become a Peer in the #Open" by @Connectirmeli (June, 2012) -


- I finished today a 'round seven-year-process of experimenting, action research and living theory perceptions in practice. In brief - when I started I had Transformative Learning Phases as a base:

Withdrawal => Defense => Minimizing => Acceptance => Adaptation => Integration (as they had become crystallized during European Union Socrates Programme Minerva Project Intercultural Learning in the Internet).


The second meta level idea was formed by The Conscious Competence Ladder: Unconscious Incompetence => Conscious Incompetence => Conscious Competence => Unconscious Competence.


The third corner stone later on emerged called as Invisible Learning proto-paradigm. It became crystalized through ongoing learning experiments within my closest environments as follows:

- We've all got Identity 0.0 through our childhood, youth, the way we were socialized to working life...

- We've more or less been forced to fit in Identity 1.0 through quarterly economic thinking. It satisfies a lot of people in form of good salaries, good retirement allowances, rewarding work in general Good Life 1.0.

- Identity 2.0 has emerged among a growing global tribe of people - who are obsessed to co-(re)construct as long as it takes to get rid of Life 1.0. - The current key finding that has become crystalized through living among the before mentioned tribe for last four years is that we need(ed) Everything 2.0 to get rid of A Lot of 1.0.


My above picture summarizes how Learning 2.0 (and all the way from the beginning simultaneously unlearning both 1.0 and 2.0...) has looked like, felt like, emerged and appeared from #cck08 to and themes around which I'm going to co-(re)invent, experiment and contextualize more in future. - In my present home country Finland there's exactly now a vast demand for co-creating 'stepping stone methods' for transforming the present socio-cultural (working) climate. Having reached the end of the road (of management and education 1.0) has been a commonly heard conclusion in a number of seminars in Finland during recent couple of years.


IDENTITY 3.0 - the Fourth Identity wiil be one perspective - a proto-perspective! - to what we've been / are aiming at through the variety of ongoing unlearning processes like unconferences and Massive Open Online Courses. - A proto-MOOC 3.0 is already looming in the horizon...!?

By afternoon, the ample clutter and lack of sunlight in the office often drive me to the relative austerity of the dining table. View outside is always lovely, too.

Here's the view of postcards wall. It's always a welcome distraction.

Graham Mills demos how the StoryMachine tool might be used to, for example, explain the structure and information flow in the Connectivism & Connective Knowledge course. See for more information.

As the sun sets on CCK08, we wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving in America and a prosperous New Year 2009. What ever happened to Christmas? Really...


Como el sol se pone sobre CCK08, deseamos a todos un feliz Día de Acción de Gracias en los Estados Unidos y un próspero Año Nuevo 2009. ¿Qué le ha pasado la Navidad? En serio ...

Vernetzungen und vernetztes Lernen am Beispiel des CCK08

My workstation at RMC Course Design and Development. I work in a trailer, but the space is bright and quite nice.


I design and develop university-level courses, in collaboration with subject matter experts, in all kinds of subject areas: math, engineering, business, history...

...refers to a blog post by Tom Whyte written in October 2008:


"...Even though the box has been opened, there still remains many unanswered questions regarding the overall theory of Connectivism and its potential applications within society..."

- CCK08 Week 1 Paper - Version 2.0 (Final Draft)

Connectivism - More Than a Pipe -


- The photo belongs to an assignment for an encounter art workshop in January 2013. The topic is: "A Symbol of new Beginning". The photo is cropped from the original copied in the comment field:

"Feel the beauty of a moment. Don't get stuck with it. Feel the next moment. - It can contain crucial things which focusing on the beauty could prevent you from seeing." - @ConnectIrmeli (June 2012)


Einstein said: There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle - but... don't innovations and making the invisible visible reside smashed, distributed and split in pieces in the gray areas - not either within seeing everything as fabulous or seeing nothing as fabulous...?! - When I started to practice mindfulness during last year - the instructors began by emphasizing the following:


1) See the beauty within this exact moment

2) Don't get stuck - the next moment already arrived

3) Remain breathing the energy the feeling of the beauty caused

4) Use the energy originating from the beauty for sensing the difficulties - utilize the energy rising from the beauty for not to get stuck with the difficulty, because again the next moment already arrived

5) The above is called practicing curiosity. Practice it a little bit during every moment - but again, don't get stuck with admiring your newly improved curiosity skills...


- I noticed quite soon that this is what I've practiced since the first MOOC I participated - #cck08. It's only been called 365 photos instead of mindfulness. I also felt that practicing prayers originating from the early Eastern Christianity follow the similar method. - As seem to do Buddhist prayers and Hindu prayer tradition...


- Experimenting with and contextualizing next learning practices very soon takes us to foundations of our world-views. We need ways to wake dialogue and keep it alive and empowering. Visualizing feelings daily rising from the gray areas of our world-views seems to be an efficient method. Can we ever reach the same through using words only? - I don't believe so...

Sharing this feeling... I used the image copied in the comment field #1 in a #cck08 blog post: Understanding Self. The text attached to the image said: “I see the current phase of my learning to be like the bridge in the attached picture. I’m about to reach the other coast. My next learning cycles will not only reveal the landscape itself, but also show how my transformative learning journey did change the scenery.”


- As means of learning I perceived in 2008 the circle full of tasks by Alec Couros - linked in the comment field #2 of this photo.

- I mentioned attached with my 2012/366/329 how the performance the Museum of Postmodern Art by perceived similar stages of action as experienced within networked learning

- The above #TP382 photo shows the next phase of my learning - not focusing on personal, but co-creative

- The chain of (learning) events 2008-2012 revealed that in front of 2013 there's still fog in the air - but there are people visible who'll share the next... whatever will come up

- The Museum of Postmodern Art project continues until 2016. What's going to happen related with co-creative learning? - In 2016 there is going to be:

=> much less fog?

=> surprising co-learners?

=> what else?


The topic of #TP382 was visualizing 'the harvest' - where ever you get it from - my 'harvest' from past four years comes from learning emergent network weaving.

Cappadocia, Turkey

For the CCK08 course, in response to week 8 forum discussion on power and authority.


Original image: No Power Needed by ClassyShots (Mike)

December 08, 2008. I've photographed Tapiola (in Espoo, Finland) quite a lot during last three weeks. -set "100 pictures of Tapiola during November 2008" at Picasa visualizes my learning connective thinking through beginning photoblogging during the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge CCK08 course by University of Manitoba.


My photographing has highlighted the meaning of the old pines for the silhouette of the older parts of Tapiola (built in 1950's -1960's). In this picture - the Tapiola Church behind the pines. a photograph by photographing one specific detail of it."


I completed my first shared web photo assignment during the #cck08 course. It was about commuting.


I took the photos for the above linked set with this Nokia 6280 during several days in a row. I got an idea... I can date the pics backwards and there I have got the beginning for my 1st 365 photos! Interacting & development through visualizing is THE thing I got from the first massive open online connectivism course. It's a tool for (re)creating emergent contexts - recreating the own old pipe, which is where connective behavior begins at. -Once you begin to feel comfortable & secure enough within the new context - it's time to return to verbal communication as well again. Putting one's old way of creating word attachments into blog post size pieces does not help anything...

Set address in Picasa: Beginning photoblogging: 100 pictures of Tapiola in November 2008


November 30, 2008. A scene toward the water tower right before the sunset (Tapiola, Espoo, Finland).

The Discovery Educator Network is a global community of educators who are excited by the power of digital media and want to collaborate and share resources with other teachers.

The Chilbo Community in Second Life hosts the Connectivism Village, a Second Life cohort of the Connectivism & Connective Knowledge course being taught in Fall 2008 by George Siemens and Stephen Downes. See for more information.

The place where we will meet with George Siemens to discuss (a little more) about Connectivism.


The meeting will be in spanish (there will be traslation, of course) because it's organized by Conectivitas, the comunity that is discussing connectivist ideas is spanish...


More information at

The place where we will meet with George Siemens to discuss (a little more) about Connectivism.


The meeting will be in spanish (there will be traslation, of course) because it's organized by Conectivitas, the comunity that is discussing connectivist ideas is spanish...


More information at

I'm currently involved with new 2.0 projects in Finland. -One question repeated often is - how to exactly begin / become a 2.0 networker. When reflecting my story - in brief: #cck08 created my network(s) and #cck09 & #eci831 sharpened my focus(es). Still - I've done quite little of anything specifically instructed to be completed during the courses! The outcomes emerge outside the exact course context or framework, which - as I've understood it - is the core goal of connective, social and networked (= innovative) learning. I'm currently collecting this process in my Finnish blog. Thanks for creating this pic and everything your all daily share :)


Pic created by akipta with TouchGraph appl. - What is more daunting and chaotic, a decentralized set of sites, or this centralized monster page?

Large version 4077 x 926 is here (don't know how to get this into Flickr). See also my blog post.


Be sure to attend Saturday's workshop, "Connectivism - Personal Learning Networkds (PLNs) for 21st Century Teachers. Are you Ready? Visit META in SL at this SLurl

This is my very first attempt at a concept map for CCK08. Almost certainly changes and corrections are required and many more iterations lay ahead, but I'd like to throw this out for suggestions and comments.

Be sure to attend Saturday's workshop, "Connectivism - Personal Learning Networkds (PLNs) for 21st Century Teachers. Are you Ready? and Visit META in SL at this SLurl

December 4, 2008. Connectivism & Spirals at my work.

Are you ready? Join us on Saturday, October 18, 3:30PM in Salon #6 for the "Connectivism - Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) for 21st Century Teachers. 35th International MEXTESOL Convention, Leon, Mexico. Location: Poliforum . Visit META in SL at this SLurl

Blog post: Sep. 20, 2008

TwitWall microblog post: Dec. 08, 2008

Loyal CCK08 fan, David Kernohan says he was at MOOCstock.

October 3, 2008. I built a little shelf for my exercise bike a couple of weeks ago and now I'm sweating in the morning when I produce the CCK08 Daily newsletter.