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Carrizo Plain National Monument 2017

from the overlook hill: Soda Lake, Temblor Range

Red-Winged Blackbird in a field of Coreopsis

Red-Winged Blackbird in a field of Coreopsis

Red-Winged Blackbird in a field of Coreopsis

Carrizo Beetle (paracotalpa ursina) in April eating some tasty Thistle Sage (salvia carduacea). Ain't she a beauty?


Carrizo Plain National Monument, San Luis Obispo County, California

Recurved larkspur

Carrizo Plain

This flower is included on the list of rare or endangered plants by the California Native Plant Society and is only found in California and primarily in the central valley where development and agriculture have decimated most of its habitat.

Somewhere on the Carrizo Plain

Happy Fence Friday......

Coreopsis Fields, Temblor Range in the distance

A vintage Thresher sits abandoned on a bare section of the Carrizo plain. Sun, sand wind and rain threaten to slowly dismantle it....splinter by splinter.

Absolutely stunning when you get close up. Bob and I drove on some pretty bad dirt roads to get this far only to find the gate locked with 6 locks! Someone else went over the gate and got the money shot. Still, this is pretty beautiful!

Temblor Range and Elkhorn Plain, Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Another view of the old grain bins and seed spreader along Bitter Water Road.

Taken near Cholame, California, USA.

from the overlook hill: Soda Lake, Temblor Range, and Delphinium parishii ssp. pallidum covering the hillside in the foreground

Bright spring yellow flowers, desert gold and California poppies near mountains in the Carrizo National Monument California-CentralB-Coast 2015-03-11

On our way to Carrizo Plain, we came across this homestead. Those yellow slopes behind looked pretty. So we immediately stopped and took some shots of the scene.

from the overlook hill: Soda Lake, Temblor Range

Carrizo Plain National Monument, California

Taken in the Carrizo Plains National Monument,CA. Such a cool surprise,having the resident barn owl fly through while my shutter was open.


I discovered this uncommon little goldfinch on our latest trip out to Carrizo Plain. Per Wikipedia - The typical nesting habitat is dry and open areas near fields of tall annual weeds. Lawrence's goldfinch feeds almost entirely on seeds of shrubs. During the nesting season, it eats seeds of annuals, strongly favoring the common fiddleneck.

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