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Pumpkin Cake: Rich, moist, dense but in the best possible way, this pumpkin pound cake recipe is the perfect combination of sweetness, pumpkin, and spices. You do not have to wait until October to enjoy some of the moist, rich, tasty goodness of pumpkin. These pumpkin spice muffins are great for breakfast, and who doesn’t...Read More » click here to more details :

If you want to have Tiramisu and cake at the same time, then this Tiramisu Cake recipe is the solution. 4 ingredient genoise cake made with ladyfinger crumbs instead of flour combined with original Tiramisu mascarpone cream and strong coffee. Just 9 ingredients! click here to more details :

01.01.10 / Sagamihara-shi / iPhone 3GS + CameraKit

This was a very special memorial cake for a little boy that would have turned 6. It was one of the most emotional cakes I have ever done. It was themed for the 5 previous birthdays combined in one. It was a great honor to be involved in such a speacial cake, thank you!

This cake was based on some little models the customer had. I don't know who made them, but they were really sweet. I took three pics as there wasn't really a front or back to this cake.

The wedding cake with knife

She turned 53 on Monday

My very first cake for 2011. Brought this to a friend's house on New Year's day.


It's a two-layered chocolate chiffon filled with quartered strawberries and frosted with my favourite stabilized whipped cream with cream cheese frosting. Garnished with more strawberries and cherries.


I initially wanted to make a Black Forest cake but didn' t find the time to make all the components for it so I settled for something simpler. Although I didn't give this cake much thought, it thankfully turned out pretty and delicious too!

Chocolate mint cake made for part of a wedding package.

Coconut Cake - homemade coconut cake with creamy coconut milk, brushed with coconut syrup to keep it extra moist, and topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting. click here to more details :

Kobe, Japan

We baked and ate this today (I did not though, I dont like cake).


We had this cake and a lovely dinner with all the things you usally have on Midsommar.

Now, I'm so full! But I'm still going to eat some strawberrys we have left.


Happy Midsommar/Midsummer for those who celebrate it!

Cakes from a recent East Timorese birthday photo shoot.

Here's my version of the Dulce de Leche Cake....layers of chiffon cake, filled with creamy custard, frosted with dulce de leche swiss meringue buttercream, sides covered with toasted cake crumbs, topped with dulce de leche and chocolate clusters...


Made this for a visiting friend.

OK, I have to say I did this design just because I wanted to paint the grass. I have seen other decorators do it and just love the way it looks. Also, just got a new 3D butterfly stencil I was trying out. This was a cake for the preteen church girls who were having their mothers as guests so the design was totally up to me. Boy, was it nice just doing a simple pretty cake: no stress, they LOVED it, and I had fun - THIS is the reason I decorate cakes.

My friends made me this cake for my birthday!

Take an imaginary bite - you are welcome, lol, omnom & slurp.

We are having a blast and partying hard here.


This is her famous cake, it more or less melts in your mouth with whipped cream on top and lovely secret recipe for the cream in the middle.


Served with homemade chokolade sauce.


Good grief this is tasty.

This cake was based on some little models the customer had. I don't know who made them, but they were really sweet. I took three pics as there wasn't really a front or back to this cake.

Blue berry cake,

Fruit Flan Cake,

Blackforest Cake &

Chocolate Banana Cake.....


Thank you to all my friends who's sent a Flickrmail asking what am i doing now......


For the year of 2013 make a few changers in my life.......I am still doing a freelance audit but i also slow it enjoy the moment of my life.....I will never work until late night as usual.....


Now i am opening my knowledge of baking which i love so much but have to put aside due to my family financial. I am glad the storm are over from my head. All my children have graduated from the University and work to support themselves......


Baking is my interest since i am in teenager life......each time i travel i have seen all the wonders of desserts and cakes......i am lucky met a few friends all over the world and teach me how to bake a yummy and delicious cakes.....I am not enroll myself to a Pro. baking class but i am back to study again.....Will be surprise ^_^......


As for now every morning i will make an effort to go for shoot around my backyard...At 9 - 9.30 few students or client will attend my baking class at my little industry kitchen and after lunch straight to the office doing my work as usual.....Before dinner Home Sweet Home.......I am only working 3 times a week in office the rest will be Home base work and business.


This year i already make few reservation for my vacation and will share a few photo too soon....everything is already book in advance - air ticket, hotel and destination......i want to enjoy the fruit of my life, which i have work so hard for the pass 13 years as auditor.......


I am also will like to oppologize and missing in action again.......


Have a lovely and beautiful weekend my friends and contacts....Keep smiling and enjoy every moment of Life.

Red velvet cake with cream cheese filling, vanilla buttercream and fondant

cakes from birthday party

This chocolate cake is the next project in my ongoing Build-It-Yourself series. You can find part lists and instruction guides for this chocolate cake (and an alternate yellow cake) at


The cake has been constructed exclusively with parts currently available via Lego Pick A Brick, so if you don't have the parts on hand, you can always order them direct from Lego.




Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Prints available from Society6.

This cake was a favour for my friend Ben who fixed my laptop. It was a joint birthday cake for his two girls aged 3 and 6.

Bolo de dia das mães!!!!

March 2007 -- small fondant wedding cake with gumpaste accents

This was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam filling covered in fondant. Decorated with sugarpaste fairies and butterflies and hand painted daisies.

This was for a friends daughter who requested two fairies, one pink and one yellow!

My cake with my favorite cartoon characters.

My birthday cake :)

July 22nd.

This was a three tiered cake. The bottom layer was lemon, the middle was vanilla with strawberry jam and the top was chocolate mud with ganache. The cookie on top was vanilla. I hand painted the roses and details. This was my first painted cake and I'm really pleased with how it came out. It was for my husbands step-sister as our birthday present to her. She was really pleased with it and didn't want to cut it, so went home from her party with roughly 70 portions of cake!

Amber and I made summer cake that I haven't had in a very long time.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a class with Julie from Creative Cakes by Julie.


This was my first time using ganache under fondant.


The class was so much fun and totally worth the 2 hour drive.


Thanks heaps Julie :o)


Este pastelín estaba delicioso! ;D

Again, thought I shared this one already but looks like I have not. This is a delicious berry topped cake at my friends wonderful bakery in Tiong Bahru, Plain Vanilla Bakery.

Side of this birthday cake depicts Chinese symbols of longevity - cranes, pine trees atop mossy rocks and plum blossoms.

A tiered chocolate cake for a little girl turning 4. I really enjoyed doing this cake, as you may tell. My favourite bit is the trail of ladybirds.


cake from cold stone that mark brought.


x-mas potluck


instead of going out and getting trashed, a few of us decided to get together and have a little house party.


tom yum goong, pad thai, some indian curry, assoroted cheese, chips, an ice cream cake, and lots and lots of wine....


@Kyle's in Migeum


Bundang, RoKorea


Nikon FE2 / Nikkor 50m F1.2 / Fuji Provia 400x

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