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we frickin' rocked the playa. bow down to the monkeys, bitches!

By Scott & Roswitha


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A 9-frame pano (stitched with pixtra panostitcher).


More (much) here

It eventually turned into a double rainbow. I have never seen this before. You could see the whole arch stretching across the desert.

I was so happy to run into Steve. Check out his photo portfolio at

that's what i was feeling like, on the inside.

Where's the f-ing port-a-poty?

Note to self: Don't do a dying act near this thing. It could put an eye out just flying over head.

Burning Man Festival 2007 in Nevada. The theme was "The Green Man"

"The Temple of Forgivness" by David Best and Timn Dawson

To see more images from 2007 Burning Man festival go to:

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I just got back from 7 days at Burning Man deep in the Nevada desert and I must say that this year will go down in Burning Man history...


Let me list the reasons:


1) Crazy ass sands storms tore through the camps. Awesome.

2) A Lunar Eclipse happened on Tuesday! I have some cool shots of this.

3) A crazy guy climbed up the Man with homemade Napalm and torched it.,

4) They rebuilt a new Man by Saturday. Kudos!

5) That was an amazing feat to witness.

6) I had the honor of shooting for the Solar Flare Conclave as they performed in front of 1000's of people right before Burn.

7) Right after Solar Flare and the other Fire Conclaves were done performing,

8) The new and improved Man burned gracefully and then exploded to a small fire ball


But I wasn't prepared for what was to come next....


The Oil Rig Burn...


This thing exploded... Im mean like really exploded.....


The Oil Rig exploding into a 400ft (I'm guessing) or larger fire mushroom cloud, in my opinion, eclipsed the actually Burn of the Man.


Check out the notes on this photo to get some perspective on how large this is...


I will start uploading tomorrow.


I think this was taken at center camp.

A close up of a portion "Big Rig Jig" from Burning Man 2007 - View Cross-eyed to see in 3D. These pictures were taken with two Nikon N70 film cameras using 19mm lenses.

The second rainbow ends on top of the Hugmobile.( One of the most amazing moments of my life.

colorful shot - and someone actually gave me Skittles shortly after taking this picture. I'm not kidding! :-D

I was so excited to run into Steve who lives in LA now. I had not seen him for about 8 years and lost touch. We used to live in Grand Rapids Michigan together. How crazy to run into him with 45,000 people at burningman!

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