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Brown Argus - Aricia agestis



Hinterland Regional Park, Australia-1801

Brown Falcon, Falco berigora


We've seen a lot of light morphed Brown Falcons at WTP of late.

This richly marked bird was so intent on movement on the ground behind that it stood its ground as we parked the vehicle.

After about 20 minutes it was obvious it was in no hurry to move from its secluded spot, so we moved on. It sat us out. :-)


A pair of brown argus butterflies mating on some salad burnet on the steep south facing slopes of Swelshill Bank near Stroud. The male is the larger butterfly of the two.

I was driving home on a back road last night when I saw the setting sun shiningon the back of this Brown Eyed Susie. I had to stop.

Brown Hare - Lepus europaeus


Brown Hare / lepus europaeus. Private marshes, Suffolk. 09/03/18.


Another hare from a frosty start to a day on the grazing marshes in Suffolk recently. This one had a broad and distinctive creamy-white band almost entirely encircling its nose.


In its form beside the rushes, it had warmed up sufficiently to have lost any traces of ice on its fur or whiskers. Although fully aware of us, s/he remained completely relaxed because the vehicle we were in was familiar. That said, s/he obviously thought it worth checking our smell. Just look at the way its working and flexing those nostrils!



A brown argus butterfly seen on the lower slopes of the Bill Smyllie field at Prestbury Hill nature reserve in Gloucestershire.

319) BrownStreaked Flycatcher

Brown-Streaked Flycatcher, Muscicapa williamsoni, Sambar Belantara

It is found in southern Myanmar, southern Thailand, northern peninsular Malaysia, and northeast Borneo. Some authorities consider it to be a subspecies of the Asian brown flycatcher.


Macro view of a little brown sun, staring at us with little brown eyes.....

A Brown-Eyed Susan wildflower growing in the garden. Processed with Topaz Detail

Brown argus butterfly on salad burnet. Near Incombe Hole, Bucks.

Brown Hare / lepus europaeus. Private marshes, Suffolk. 09/03/18.


This lovely doe was relentlessly pursued by an ardent buck. She was obviously giving off the right scent to keep him interested but on the two occasions he attempted to mate, she rounded on him and saw him off, (…if 2 metres can be classed as ‘off’ that is!)

Whenever she dozed in the sun, he did. When she fed, so did he. When she groomed, he went through the motions too. He was clearly smitten.


This image catches the doe watching the buck advance on her yet again. Wide-eyed and fully alert she looks ready to take flight.

We watched this pair from a distance for some time, thinking there might be some boxing action at any minute. Unfortunately, it never materialised.

“It always amazes me to look at the little, wrinkled brown seeds and think of the rainbows in 'em," said Captain Jim. "When I ponder on them seeds I don't find it nowise hard to believe that we've got souls that'll live in other worlds. You couldn't hardly believe there was life in them tiny things, some no bigger than grains of dust, let alone colour and scent, if you hadn't seen the miracle, could you?”

― L.M. Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams


Textures: Shadow House Creations


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Brown Hare early morning in Nottingham.

Alaska Brown Bears

dates August 10 -16, 2016 NEW


This all inclusive tour takes photographers to a remote, comfortable lodge on Cook Inlet to photograph Brown Bears as they fish for salmon, play, fight, and roam an incredibly dramatic landscape.

Brown Trout & Pike


A cold and snowy morning today, with a good mix of rain, sleet and snow out on St Mary's Loch, continuing my work gathering some hopefully decent images from around the Loch.


I have used these boats before, their names meaning Brown Trout & Pike, but this time I was trying to catch them as the snow moved in towards me, hopefully you can pick up the feeling of how cold it was.


St Mary's Loch, Scottish Borders


Sony A7RII

Sony FE16-35mm f4


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Been a great year here in Dorset for these little butterflies in my opinion.

Browns Bridge over Lake Lanier

The direct brown gaze of a Rough Collie.


I know his nose isn't in focus, but those eyes...!

Boca Tapada - Costa Rica

Brown Pelican in breeding plumage

Getting a decent shot of the Brown-headed nuthatch had eluded me until this morning, when I was outside weeding and one was at the feeder. This usually flighty bird let me get this shot, which is heavily cropped and which would have been better if the feeder pole hadn’t cut off the bottom of its wings, but it’s my best shot of this bird until now. It’ll have to do until I can do better.


These little birds are adorable, but they do a number on my cedar shingles in early spring, making woodpecker-like holes in them.


Note that this is the second species of nuthatch in a week that I've finally been able to get okay shots of and that it was NOT shot through the window.



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Taking a look around the crop field at dawn.

Brown argus (Aricia agestis)

Brown Thrasher (Toxostoma ruff) singing his heart out. Outer Banks of North Carolina

While sitting on the steps of the back porch, this Brown Thrasher arrived to get peanuts. It didn't seemed to care that I was nearby. (minimal crop)


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Brown Creeper at Hazleton, PA


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This metal fence is decorated by the snow and a little brown leaf ;-))

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A first for me and lucky enough to be able to photograph this lovely little Brown Argus in very windy conditions.


This butterfly is tiny and possibly the size of an average sized persons finger nail.Amazing detail on this fantastic butterfly.


Brown bear @ everland.korea

High Brown Fritillary - Argynnis adippe


The Beautiful Rare High Brown!


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