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View from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade


I am back from my trip to NYC and have lots of images to upload from there. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

EXPLORED [# 12 Highest] - Oct 31, 2011 - Thanks Everyone! New York City Downtown, viewed from Brooklyn Heights, NY.

View On Black

The Heights is another name for Brooklyn Heights,a neighborhood in well.. Brooklyn,NYC.The shot was taken from the top tier of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.You can have a seat up there on the benches and get a birdseye view of the skyline.You can see there's still a little snow on top of the roof of the building below.The maple leaf you see there is the city's Park's Department seal.Those buildings I've been showing you are in the streets behind this shot.You can walk down any of those streets (about five or six) and walk straight onto the promenade.

View from Brooklyn Heights.


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Smashing here and on black!!

18/04/2017; One of the highlights of my New York City trip, one of the coldest moments of my girlfriend's New York City trip...


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isn't that a cheery little six word story?

Two Soo Line SD60s lead Q365 westbound over Marcy Trestle.

Lower Manhattan viewed from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade


At the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. This is a black and white film shot with a slight blue toning added after the fact.

Q109 heads west across Marcy Trestle with a now retired from CSX Dash-8 leading.

Photo taken from Brooklyn Heights (Washington St. & Water St.). Under the bridge, you can hardly see the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, I had only my wide angle lens with me, so the photo was heavily cropped :(


092713 the title is misleading. he was actually dressed in blue. the color version only had a couple of colors in it. mostly blue & brown. one of those natural color street photos that i like.

For moments like this you travel around the world.

NYC, september 2011.

spring time in the heights.


the same sign captured by pete in 2007:

Lower Manhattan viewed from the Brooklyn Heights

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