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Instruction 22 - SPNC - Year 2: ʺGo to a big public event. Do not photograph the event." - Richard Bram

Bicycle Path, Rosendahl-Darfeld, Germany

A father was cycling with his son side by side on a main street in Leghorn, Italy. I like, that the son was riding in the bright light, while his father was riding in the dark.

Last weekend I received this lovely bicycle as an early Mother's Day gift. It's been years since I've ridden a bike and since I'm a little behind on the SP Project, I decided to go up the street and zip about on it.*


True or false:


It's like riding a bicycle. You never forget. Sort of true. Balancing and pedaling came back immediately, but the hopping on and off and braking will take more time to master to ensure I don't endanger anyone or look like a complete fool.

According to a review, you can wear a dress when riding this bike. True, especially with the low step-thru frame. However a black skirt requires some 'hitching up' but is still quite comfortable and you retain your modesty at all times! :D

Melburnians only wear black in winter. Apparently this is still true. It's a long held view but in this case, I wore black to contrast with the surroundings.

It's ridiculously complicated to take a SP like this. True! There were 3 shots where I was actually in frame. They're all out of focus but at least you're unable to see the look of terror on my face! :D


I took this shot alongside a private residence at the end of my street. As I live in an older suburb of Melbourne, it's reasonably common to see old corner shops like this, usually attached to a smaller house, that have been renovated to become one single home. Notice the different brickwork where a doorway must have once stood.


The old bluestone edging along the road is a feature that has been retained by the local council. Many of the old laneways are still paved with their original cobbled bluestone. With residential development going crazy, it's nice to see these pieces of history retained.


* Safety first. I have a helmet but it wasn't featured here as I wasn't riding on the road and also, it's not very stylish.

Música: Bicycle Song-Red Hot Chili Peppers


Un paseo por Lucca supone cruzarte con miles de viejas bicicletas.Las hay por doquier,ya circulando o aparcadas en cada portal de la ciudad.




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Bicycle Path, Höpinger Strasse, Rosendahl-Darfeld, Germany

Light from the natrium lamp, not a sepia filter.

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The Enneüs Heerma Bridge connects Amsterdam with IJburg, which is built on seven artificial islands. View LARGE


Highest position: 359 on Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Another one on my route :)

Wassenaar / The Netherlands

Olympus OM-D, MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7

(Taken with Leica M6 / Voigtlander 35mm F1.4 / Agfa Vista 200)

At Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

(BICYCLE diary series)

Pista ciclabile che da Brescia arriva a Salo', e prosegue per la costa occidentale del lago di Garda.

Taken in Heiloo, the Netherlands.


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Along the bank of the River Rhine near Rüthi, Switzerland.


Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

MColor HDC Plus 400, expired

Old Town Stockholm

near Utrecht (The Netherlands)

After constant encouragement from my wife my daughter was able to schlep me on this wonderful bike path. Only two miles, but more than enough for me. The worst part was that I had forgotten to recharge the batteries in my camera!



Leica M7

50mm Summilux ASPH

Kodak 400TX

Shot with NEX-6 and UC Hexanon 28mm f1.8

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