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St Joseph Lighthouse encased in Ice on Lake Michigan

Great Ice Balls on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan, Lighthouses

St Joseph Lighthouse encased in Ice on Lake Michigan after a winter storm.

When Ice sets in from Lake Michigan, it can be quite beautiful. This channel marker in St. Joseph is a good example, IMO.


This marker stands about 15 feet tall. The ice that you see beyond, left, and right, is frozen Lake Michigan. We were easily 100 yards from the shore, so the ice extended about 200 yards from shore, more or less.

The very first day of winter 2012 came in with a mighty roar (via "Winter Storm Draco") at the St. Joseph Lighthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan.



Took on the beach at Benton Harbor Michigan

Polaroid 190, ID-UV

Humans walking on frozen lake Michigan, admiring natures beauty.


St Joseph Lighthouse encased in Ice on Lake Michigan after a winter storm.

Lake Michigan Lightning

July Fourth Weekend 2011

June 30, 2011


These storms rolled south down the middle of the lake, so I was finally able to get a long period of lightning shooting without getting nailed by excessive wind and rain. These were amazing storms, one after another. Shot from our family beach.


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Halloween Storm


Polaroid 190, Type 667

My wife and I ventured across the state yesterday to visit a couple of iced-over lighthouses. This is the St. Joseph North Pier Light. It was brutally cold, but as always, so much fun.

The St. Joseph Lighthouse is a beautiful pier lighthouse located where the St. Joseph River meets Lake Michigan. Taken on a cold winter's day (Friday January 30, 2015) from Tisconia Park. Lots and lots of ice - I need better grip next time!

Made the trek across Michigan today with my wife and a friend to visit St. Joseph Lighthouse in Benton Harbor. I just love seeing it encased in ice.

Shapes and angles on the back of this building in Benton Harbor.

I saw the colors, and the wall, and I just had to stop and shoot.

I saw the colors, and the wall, and I just had to stop and shoot.

I saw the colors, and the wall, and I just had to stop and shoot.

I wonder if I can get away with that?


This is an impromptu demonstration of a WWII flame thrower at the Southwest Michigan Regional Airport during the "Lest We Forget" event. The field is being burned to make sure that there are no "surprises" (such as ticks!) for the people who will be reenacting a battle that took place in the Vietnam war.


I don't know what the other guy is doing.


Southwest Michigan Regional Airport, Benton Harbor, Michigan.

I saw the colors, and the wall, and I just had to stop and shoot.

This wall has so many details like doors being removed, power lines, stairs, vines, etc. This alley is in Benton Harbor.

Benton Harbor, Michigan

The details of the columns and around the windows are still visible under a dusting of snow.

It's plugged in and open.

Lake Michigan; Saint Joseph, Michigan. North Pier.


The ice still hangs on for a little longer. This was COLD!! The water was running across the pier and my feet were frozen. The lower 18" of my pants was frozen solid. In fact, this was the first time I had to leave due to conditions - a wind chill around 10F with no gloves. It was torture! Not the frozen hands, but missing many awesome shots with my hands in my coat pockets. Like usual, the Canon DSLRs performed perfectly. I read about way too many people scared to shoot under 40F fearing camera damage. I laugh.

Snow covered boardwalk leading to the beach in Jean Klock Park.

Walking on the nature trail winding alongside this river flowing near Benton Harbor.

Benton Harbor architecture.

Heading down to the shoreline.

Polaroid 190, ID-UV

This is how the St. Joseph, MI outer lighthouse really looks after the "Polar Vortex" that put the Midwest into a deep freeze the week of January 5, 2014. The photo was taken Jan 9 at 5:40 P.M.

A wonderful summer day along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Home ownership, for better or worse, is a key part of the American culture. With every foreclosure on a house the American dream passes by the masses, a little bit more...


Drive-by shot in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim with Kodak EBX 100 XPRO (cropped). (Explore)

The stands and hospitality tent are all set for this weeks 77th Sr. PGA Championship at Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor. This is the 18th green.

I passed this odd place on my way to the lighthouse. The next day leaving town I had to stop and take a few shots. It turns out it is in the Roadside Attractions web site. At first I thought the guy in the window would come out and yell at me with a shotgun. LOL turns out it's Elvis! Who knew he is alive and in Benton Harbor.

At the corner of M-139 and Nickerson Avenue in Benton Township, there is a building that is, at first glance, difficult to pin down. Old-fashioned signs hang on the building's whitewashed sides and there are cars and trucks from the 1950s parked in the driveway. The lawn is bristling with statuary. It's a unique-looking establishment before you even spot the disembodied Tyrannosaurus rex head in the side yard.

Brad Piedt is the third generation of Piedts to run the store, which his grandfather John opened in 1921 to sell farm supplies. Darrell Piedt, Brad's father, ran it next. When Brad Piedt took it over in 1984, he began selling lawn and garden supplies and statues. In 2009, Piedt started manufacturing his own statues on-site.

The small building that was the original 1921 farm supply store is now a museum of old toys, bicycles, cans, signs, other historical knickknacks, including an old soda fountain, that Piedt picked up over the years. Piedt opens the little museum to visitors during the summer.

1952 Chieftain Deluxe

Polaroid 190, ID-UV

Lake Michigan. Saint Joseph, Michigan.


This thing looks great as a 16x20 print. I have a few available...


Flickr Explore #495 on March 25, 2009.

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