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cured meat salted and dried or smoked; usually sliced thin and fried

Macro Monday B-Food

This week's theme is food beginning with a b. BACON!

I included part of an egg for color.

Bacon By Rath;


and this Post, with some of the other pieces the lead to this

merry christmas

I fucking **love** the black highlights

English breakfast?

A closeup of bacon, for Macro Mondays theme "B-Food". For a wider view of the whole plate, see the previous photo in my stream.

Doesn't it look like curled-up bacons? Chomp, chomp, chomp...


SOOC below.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts/experiences on my last upload. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Two food items beginning with B ... HMM!

This bacon wrapped asparagus is a fun way to dress up your favorite veggie! You can make this bacon wrapped asparagus recipe for a tasty side dish for dinner or you can make them for an easy appetizer for a party. Either way, they’re delicious! I...


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HSS - Sliders Sunday

Macro of of bacon frying with copious Photoshop adjustments.

breakfast of champions

A strip of nutritious and delicious bacon on a stick. Pretty simple but there are many variations on what kind of spice is put on the bacon.

This image shows only a tiny part of the bacon of course, less than 3" long.

Google "bacon stick" for recipes and directions.

starts with bacon.

It just don't get anymore romantic than this.

I don't post to groups so I don't have to worry about stinking rules or getting my bacon image kicked out because some idiot does not like bacon.

I don't get paid for the number of views my images get, so it matters little.


Rhymes with stone


When I first read the MM theme I thought "swell, some boring rocks." Then it hit me like a sledge hammer. BACON SCONE! Helz yeah!

Macro Monday

This is about 2" off a 4" slice of BACON maple scone.

Always gotta work in BACON! BACON! BACON because some people have a fetish against the healthy, nutritious, delicious food item.

View large so you can smell the BACON!


Nikon D7200, Sigma 17-50mm f/2,8 EX DC OS HSM.

A fridge-clearing salad that turned out beautifully!


365 - 16

Bacon by my man Jimbo! Very Funky. I got one coming for you bro!

5i0/365, 2017 one photo each day

19/28 in February

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