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i like deep fried gingko nuts better. jenn hated this! and omg, $4 for 10 nuts!!!

this was good. but, i think i'd rather have just plain maguro sashimi. a lot of these sashimi sauces/condiments overpowered the fish, especially the goat cheese. i don't know. im more of a purist.

extra sweet tamago for dessert. this was delicious and decadent. finally something that should be really sweet.

i would like a big bowl of these please.

nori wrapper, shrimp tempura, avocado, japanese carrot, masago topping, creamy miso, chili oil and spicy sauce


didn't care for the creamy miso (this one guy behind the counter kept suggesting different things, i finally gave into his yammerings about creamy wasabi). my favorite sauce was the straight up chili oil.

they made some damn fine tempura dashi sauce, but gave us a piddly amount of grated daikon to mix in with it.

soy wrapper, tuna, salmon, cucumber, masago topping

king's roll (sorry, a bit dark)


this was recommended by the chef. it's a special roll that he said was very popular. i forget what was in it but it is topped with hawaiin escarole and little brown bits of roasted garlic. we found it rather bland.

creative suitcase did the branding, graphics and print collateral to complement the architect's design.

sadly i don't really remember what this tasted like

all that white fish is ulf's. he's a pig.

this was one of my favorites but i think it might be an acquired taste. very salty. very fishy.

i believe he got tuna, salmon and cucumber as his filling. memory escapes me, we visited back in october.

interesting, but i wouldn't order it again

i felt it was too dry and not decadent and tender as ankimo should be. maybe it dried out from the searing.

Nigri at Kyoto in Austin on Congress. visits Maki, a create-your-own-sushi-roll joint, á la Freebirds/Chipotle


everything was very fresh, quite tasty, but about the same price as a roll you get in a sit down restaurant with real sushi chefs. the seasoned rice could be improved upon.


but for "fast food" maki-sushi, this was quite good.


Musashino with Sean 6.10.05

this is genius. why didn't i think of this?

this was also one of the faves however the candied lemon could've been a fraction of the piece given. the sweetness overpowered everything else.

i usually hate mochi ice cream but these are really good. the owner says he sources these from a vendor in hawaii. they were frozen rock hard (so were the ichigo) so we had to wait a little bit before tasting them.


and again, the containers.

ankimo (monkfish liver)

omg, this was so good. twice cooked pork belly with tangerine arugala salad and carrot sauce

Kenichi was serving up lots of Austin sushi from its mobile sushi bar at the 360 Holiday Party. The residents of the 360 Building were lined up all night to enjoy the sushi, sake and other Japanese food favorites that were being served. Sushi in Austin won't be the same as more and more people learn about how fun it can be to have sushi come to you for your private parties. Book it today!

interesting idea, messy and hard to eat. too much sweetness, not enough acid for all the richness going on.

lots of salt. just like i like it.

taz sake nigiri (tasmanian salmon)

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