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lake karakul, xinjiang

flowers and butterfly captured in an evening.

I did catch him in a dark evening..

Morning scene at millabedda, Hopton, Badulla, Sri Lanka. Few minutes Drive from my working place.

Buildings and people are reflected upside down in the water at Kaohsiung Love Pier in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan on April 15, 2014. (Chien Liang Kuo/Flickr)



Hasselblad XPan II 30mm F/5.6 Aspherical

birds found on the way to work

While travelling to work after 2 day ''vacation''(actually, I have no vacations), met this landscape in the morning..

finally got a lightening photo

sunrise as seen at my front door. big cloud at horizon gave masking effect to sun.

sunrise at Polhena, Sri Lanka. ( It is a place where you can see both sunrise and sunset.)

Found this Sri Lanka Gray Hornbill couple behind our house.

Found touring foreign couple in one of most interesting foggy day s at a hotel dining room.

Only the sky is the limit

Another from the boat ride.


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Self portrait while stargazing

Sangkhlaburi - Thailand.

Saphan Mon - is the longest (400m) handmade wooden bridge in Thailand.


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A momiji (紅葉)series.

Linhof Technika V

Horseman 612 Magazin Rollfilm

Schneider 90mm f/8

Fuji RDP100

ArtixScan F1

Chinese visitors to the Water Cube Water Park try out one of the slides.


Beijing, China.

Pentax Super-A.

SMC Pentax-A 1:1.7 50mm

This place is about 10 min drive from my place. A place that never disappoint you. Hoped for clearer sun . But clouds gave me different picture.








Da Dao Cheng Dock (aside the Danshui river ) In Taipai, Taiwan

Sinar Handy

Schneider Super angulon 5.6/65mm

Film Back Roll 6x12 + CF





Tomiyama Art Panorama 617

Schneider Super Angulon 90m f/5.6 MC

Fuji RVP100

ArtixScan F1

May all of you have a nice year with full of happiness..

Mandalay - the bridge of U-Bein, 1,300 yards in teak wood at sunset

A 'Red vented bul bul' couple managed to lay eggs inside our house on a lampshade. Chicks came out of eggs and grew day by day. Parents fed them coming through ever opened window for weeks. But suddenly those parents disappeared. Then these three chicks had nothing but us. We fed and tried to take care of them in the best ways we knew. But we failed. We found them dead one by one in three consecutive mornings. It was heartbreaking.

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Pou Pring village, Sre Ampoun Commune, Pichreada district, Mondulkiri - Cambodia


Working on an assignment for the spanish NGO Paz y Desarollo in the remote areas of Mondulkiri (Cambodia) I had the opportunity to meet some indigenous families in the small Village of Pou Pring. They belong, or maybe is more correct saying belonged, to the Pnong ethnies who are an aboriginal Cambodian minority ethnic group, who speaking a Mon-Khmer language. The Pnong minority are normally not members of any organized religion, but instead are animists who revere nature.

Nowadays they lost almost all the ancient traditions and they wear western dresses and, above all, they started to burn the forest that sourrounded the village (in order to plant potatoes and other vegetables). Driving the road to the village was like entering in a some sort of hell... flame, smoke and trees on fire everywhere... with the forest they are burning their traditions, their language, their history, they beloved spirits.


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strobes info: a canon 580exII with a silver umbrella on the left.

this place is 10 min drive from my place. It never disappoint you.

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Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Taiwan

In the early morning rural woman is washing her cooking pots.

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