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[ entry ] - the latest members of the farm: Ami and Jorge.

Made with different yarns and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Measures 4.7" (12 cm) in height.

Miniatura tejida, amigurumi, crochet, ganchillo.

Company: Pokemon Center

Set: Amigurumi (knit)

Year: 2006

Size: Small

Made in: Japan/US


Have any info we left out? Care to donate better pictures? Let us know at pokeplushproject(at)yahoo(dot)com!

[ entry ] - new members of our farm: pentako, tony, ulrich, mathilda, bono, and annie.


[ the farm ]

Marvin the Monkey arrived at the Adoption Centre with a habit of getting into mischief although he's lots of fun. He's a very cheeky monkey. :)


Marvin is hoping to find an active home and a place with lots of bananas. :)

This little red panda amigurumi wants to be your friend!

I crocheted this elf for Riley this week. He named him Elfie.

cat, bunny, frog, elephant...they are little christmas ornaments i crocheted for christmas ^u^

dentro de poquito se ira a hacer sus telarañas a otro sitio :-(

These guys are hard to photograph and best seen in person. Those chompers are versatile.

This little Amigurumi Buzzard is about 2.5" tall, about as tall as a spool of thread. He can sit on the top of a computer mouse to gard it while you are on break, or sit on a computer monitor to glare at people who linger too long in your office. His neck is poseable.

This little bluebird amigurumi wishes to live in your pocket.

Amigurumi Lambs soon to be assembled into a mobile.

ISBN 978-4-8347-2627-5


a gift from Japan


is time to sleep ^-^


find the pattern of Amineko here



es hora de dormir ^-^


encuentra el patron de Amineko aqui

Little Segi with a dress.

these are the new Amigurumi Ice Cream Rings.


available soon to my shop!

Inspired in the Princess Mononoke character

See my profile!

I made a free pattern for these little amigurumi stars. It's over here:

[ entry ] - i finished Mofi over two weeks ago, before leaving for Japan.

me : put in focus the camera Lunna !!!

Lunna : I try !! but take out your horrible hands !!

me : no way !! you are too small and you can broke the camera !!

Lunna : let me do it alone !! get out !!

me : ¬¬


she is a rebeld girl


yo : enfoca la camara Lunna !!

Lunna : Eso trato !! pero saca tus horribles manos !!

yo : Jamas !! eres muy chica y la puedes romper !!

Lunna : deja hacerlo sola !! vete !!

yo : ¬¬


es una chica rebelde

We (Tobi and me) are on vacation ...

and I come back on Monday ^-^


the pink alien birdy (Agustine is her name) is with Susy (The Enchanted Pumpkin)

I am so happy than she have this little bay ^-^



Nosotros (Tobi y yo) estamos de vacaciones ...

y vuelvo el Lunes ^-^


El pajarito alien rosado (Agustine es su nombre) esta con Susy (The Enchanted Pumpkin)

Estoy tan feliz que ella tenga esa pequeña bebe ^-^

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