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It was really a delight seeing the famous Painted Ladies of San Francisco (now I can cross it out in my wish-list) and that lovely little lady in pink.


Painted Ladies is a term used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details. It is used to describe groups of colorful Victorian houses in American cities, such as this one found in Alamo Square in San Francisco and in other cities such as Charles Village neighborhood in Baltimore City, Lafayette Square in St. Louis, and New Orleans areas, Columbia-Tusculum in Cincinnati and the city of Cape May, New Jersey.


Happy Pretty Pink Tuesday (the little lady in pink counts, right?)!


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Painted Ladies – Alamo Square – San Francisco


I took this image of the famous row houses known as the Painted Ladies, last December. It’s one of those images I thought would be a good addition to my portfolio. As this view has been photographed many times, I would like to attempt to shoot this scene in a slightly different way. Therefore, I will return to this spot in the future, as I have an idea to capture a version that might stand out a little from the masses.


Nikon D7000

16-85mm f/3.5 at 50mm

15 Seconds


ISO 125

Gitzo Tripod

Vanguard Ballhead


It took me a while to get the right shot of these Victorian style houses located at Alamo Square in San Francisco. The place was crowded with tourists and cars passes in front of the houses. Dogs were running around. Besides, there was a group of young people drinking and dancing to loud music near me. So it's difficult to take a 10 second exposure without any distractions. This is actually my last shot that evening.

Wannabe Warmer Wednesday!


A young couple enjoys a Sunday afternoon in Alamo Square, San Francisco, with Hayes Street in the background.


Or, they are not a couple and the guy is just checking her out :)

The historic Victorian homes at Alamo Square are called 'Painted Ladies'

Taken on a (too) short business trip..

Was going for some painted ladies shot and a couple of us picked up and ran back over to the other side of the park to get this line up

Alamo Square Park, San Francisco


Shot during one of my daily morning walks.


Fujicolor Pro 160 S (220) (expired: 4/2009) - C41 (processed @ )

(Shot at 160ASA, exposure unrecorded, hand-held)




The famous Painted Ladies, under a brooding sky. One of the most visited spots in the city of San Francisco. For a reason.

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I was in SanFrancisco City at Alamo Square Park during dusk and Capture Painted ladies along with City in the background. TransAmerica Beacon is kind of Orange along with few other buildings in the cityscape.

Alamo Square and the famous painted ladies of San Francisco.

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Alamo Square in San Francisco always makes me think of the Full House theme song. I'm a true child of the 90s! Photo taken on my 2010 California trip.

Painted ladies" is a term in American architecture used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details. The term was first used for San Francisco Victorian houses by writers Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen in their 1978 book Painted Ladies - San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians. - Wikipedia


Tech: Canon 60D, Lee GND Filter, B&W CP, Processed in LR5, Photoshop CC, and NIK software


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Last evening's civil twilight from Alamo Square, San Francisco. The city begins to light up behind the famous row of Victorian homes known as "The Painted Ladies".


I met up with Miguel last evening for some night shooting at a few familiar sites. A good time was had by all.


This is a single frame, 2-exposure(0 & -2 EV) HDR using a lens I have had for 2 years but had never used before. It is an older zoom, A80-160 on the 645D. It handled the scene just fine and I will be using it again.


Special mention to the couple with frisky dog who sprawled out their picnic event on the grass right in the center of my foreground, perhaps in a sinister attempt to thwart all photographers behind them. Content-aware clone tool to the rescue!


update(9/2017): This image appears in a 1000pc Castorland jigsaw puzzle. Look for it in stores or online!


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alamo square - san francisco, california. 4 stitched images.

yes, another standard shot of san francisco

Alamo Square, San Francisco

Day 33 of 365: It's back to the basics time. One of the main goals for starting my 365 was to improve as a photographer. What started as a search for inspiration in theme groups is turning into attention whoring, and it's getting distracting.

It's time to do some honest photographs again. No gimmicks. Let's master the basics first.


I loaded my trusted old film camera with a roll of expired Ilford 3200, put on the 50mm 1.4, and went to the park at midnight. Let's see how those turn out. I took some pictures with my digicam as well for later comparison, but hopefully the film shots will turn out better than this garbage.


For TRP: live: be more than just alive



Alamo Square, San Francisco

San Francisco - Le pittoresche case in stile vittoriano di Alamo Square sono tra gli edifici più fotografati della città. Queste costruzioni, risalenti al 1856 danno una buona idea di come appariva San Francisco alla fine del XIX secolo.


The picturesque Victorian rowhouses at Alamo Square are among the most photographed buildings in San Francisco. The buildings give a good idea of what San Francisco looked like at the end of the 19th century.



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Testing out my new Nikon D810 and 70-200 f/4 lens. Absolutely astounded by this camera. The sharpness, clarity, resolution, dynamic range, etc.. are all such a huge upgrade from D300. This is jpg image as i'm waiting for my new version of LR5 that is compatible with.D810 RAW files. The color may be a little off but I like it.


More to come :)

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2008 ©Marianne Bush



Like every one of us, I've been trying to improve my editing, especially as I tend to go overboard on satuation. This shot was taken September last year and below is my original processing (including the blown sky on the right). Decided to give it another work over and came up with the above result. Hopefully, in another year my feeble brain will have absorbed even more.

Las Painted Ladies son casas de estilo victoriano pintadas de diferentes colores.

alamo square, san francisco, ca.

No matter what time of year, these ladies shine beautifully and last Saturday night was no different. Following a round of torrential rain earlier in the day, we thought our night workshop would need to be canceled, but amazingly the entire evening was relatively warm and completely rain free. Our first stop was Alamo Square where we waited for the city lights to turn on behind Steiner Street.


Lens is the FA*28-70 (yes, a zoom) on the Pentax K5. It is quite rare to find me with a zoom, but every time I put on this old lens, it never disappoints.


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Alamo Square

San Francisco, California


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Welcome to 710-720 Steiner Street in San Francisco, California. Otherwise known as "Postcard Row" or the "Painted Ladies". Although the term "Painted Ladies" is not specific to this particular row of houses since its a term used to describe any group Victorian or Edwardian houses painted in three or more colors that enhances their architectural detail. But this particular group of "Painted Ladies" has to be one of the more well known groups out there. I know its an iconic photo, one that everyone takes, but how could I got to San Francisco and not take one?? The houses were built between 1892 and 1896 by Matthew Kavanaugh who lived at 722 Steiner which I think is the green house on the left. Apparently roughly 48,000 Victorians and Edwardians were built between 1849 and 1915, but much of them were lost in the great earthquake of 1906. These were among the survivors and are now part of the largest concentration of 10,000+ square foot homes (Alamo Square area) next to the Pacific Heights neighborhood not far from here. On this particular day I actually walked from the 900 block of California Street to Pier 33 to catch the boat to Alcatraz. Walked all over Alcatraz and then walked from Pier 33 back to the 900 block of California and then down here to the park at Alamo Square to catch the sunset. As my luck would have it, just as I got here it started raining. But I stuck it out and figured even though I do not have crystal clear background in the image, I do have two of San Francisco's finest icons... The "Painted Ladies" and fog!! Of course, I had to then walk all the way back to the 900 block of California. What a hike. Especially carrying a 35 pound backpack and tripod. It was well worth it though. I really enjoyed my time in San Francisco, and I felt right at home. The city is laid out in such a way that I just felt really comfortable getting around. Back to the photo, I used my tripod mounted Canon 5d Mark II with my 70-200 f/4 lens at 81 mm for this shot. I allowed the shutter to stay open for 13 seconds in order to get the luminosity just right. Enjoy...

alamo square - san francisco, california

Alamo Square


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I shot these iconic Painted Ladies in November during an impending/incoming rain storm, I know, hard to believe for San Francisco. The shot turned out well, but I still wanted to try to get a decent sunset in here. So, when I returned in April of this year I tried again. I like the colors and clarity in this one a bit better. So, since I am happy with this one it's time to scratch the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square off the checklist. A few things I did to reduce the busy-ness in this shot was to place the street light in line with one of the windows in the house and line the fountain up with the space between the bush and the front steps. EXIF should be available in the "actions" tab above the photo. Below is the previous shot from November of 2011.

Driving by Alamo Square on the way to 4505 BBQ the other month planted the seed of returning and taking pictures of the Painted Ladies, a block of old Victorian and Edwardian homes that served as the outdoor facades for "Full House," and also qualifies as the most photographed block in San Francisco.



distressed negative

alamo square - san francisco, california

sparkle motion

(11 seconds, f/8, ISO-200)

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