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لا اسمح باستخدام صوري إلا بإذن منّي و بدون انتزاع الحقوق *

Zebra Pen Technical Pen, Color brushes & Sakura Gelly Roll pen in a Hahnemühle Grey Book

Some fun I hatched for Sliders Sunday. ;o))




:copyright:Christine A. Owens 9.22.18


I really appreciate your comments and faves. I'm not a hoarder of contacts, but enjoy real-life, honest people. You are much more likely to get my comments and faves in return if you fit the latter description. Just sayin. :oD


If you like b/w photography and/or poetry check out my page at:</a

4" x6.25" Lama Li Thick Journal. It's taken me a little doing to get the lay of this paper. The manager of the art store said it had 'character'. He's correct--it dictates what it wants to do. The grain isn't consistent throughout, but once you learn how to change the pressure of the pen, you can get some beautiful results.

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen, ingekleurd met Derwent ColourSoft

I've been thinking about my granddaughter alot lately and she loves the park. I guess that's where this came from.

July Challenge 'Circles'

3.5 X 3.5 Zentangle

The challenge was to use only 2 tangles- Dex and Verdigogh.

As you can see by how many I did, I really liked this challenge. Dex is one of my favorites, that I use far too often.

Fall Inspired BY TARA OGDIN

Looks better cropped.

Left page has some craft ideas (see notes for links to the finished projects) and right side was inspired by reading Sandy Bartholomew's Zentangle article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.


April, May & December 2009

This Diva Challenge was brought to us by guest blogger Elisa Murphy. The challenge is not only to use 'Nzeppel in a monotangle, but to realize that it is made up of a "balloon" that doesn't quite fit in to the space given. Also, think of when we have felt that we didn't fit in to whatever situation we are or were in.


I think I've never fit in to the "normal" society. My dad was a California State Park Ranger and we lived all over California, moving to many wonderful places. So my fit in place has always been the outdoors, but not so much with places in "society". But, our not fitting in can be different, like the different grids in this monotangle. It can be straight and following the rules, or it can be variations of wonky. I think the wonkier versions are actually more interesting. I think I've lived my life in all those different variations. I'm sure there are more thoughts on this, but that's all I've got right now. Enjoy.


And don't forget to visit the Diva's website at to see how others feel about "Not fitting in".

tekening met Sakuar Micron Pen 01

I'm proud to say this is my first proper 'original' design, inspired by a silver birch grove. The hatched area would do well as pencil shaded. It helps to separate the trunks from the background as well. Each dark patch is a little swirled tangle.

Post card size, done with fine tip sharpie & Helix 0.1mm pen ... Done for Jeanet who is a very special lady!

An older tangle piece that I don't think I've shared before. I can't remember what I used. Probably Tombow and Distress markers.

Zentangle, ZIA drawn with Micron pen

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen 01

12x12 scrapbook paper, Artist Loft Markers and ZIG fine point pen


I really like this design and may try to decoupage it onto a nicely shaped piece of black walnut wood that my hubby has been saving for me for crafting.

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen 01

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen 01

This drawing was done as part of a review on the Semikolon Mucho Spiral Notebook. You can read more about it on myblog.

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen 01

Japanese artist/doodler Noah's ART's live zentangle drawing.


You can see how did I drew this → Youtube making movie :


Noah's ARTのライブドローイング動画は他にも沢山ありますので是非ご覧ください。

Size 5x7 Zentangle Book Page

Made for Patti over at ATCsforALL

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen 01 - onderdeel van een Zentangle Ensemble

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen 01

Zentangle after drawing outline using Dreamweaver Stencils LG740 Open butterfly.

The Weekly Zendala Dare can be found at:


I bought some peppermint oil today at the health food store ... I'm not sure but I think that may have been the inspiration for the red and white lace! LOL


Thanks for visiting!

Zentangle of an 8.5 x 5.5 inch sketch journal page. All hand drawn with Pigma Micron pens.


Can you pick out the squid and the butterfly? How about the piranha (3)?

Zentangle pattern Jajazz by Nancy Newlin, drawn on the iOrnament iPad app (uses symmetry to reproduce a singe square).


Jajazz Pattern with step-outs at .


Information on iOrnament in the App store or at

Well, not 'really' a ZT this one, I guess...

but I used some ZT patterns in the green "spiral'..

Forgot to photograph it in black&white first, so just the colored one this time.

Done with Staedler pen & colored pencil

This one of my latest for the Weekly Challenges Laura Harns puts out once a week. They are really fun to draw.

Japanese artist/doodler Noah's ART's live zentangle drawing.


You can see how did I drew this → Youtube making movie :


Noah's ARTのライブドローイング動画は他にも沢山ありますので是非ご覧ください。

One pattern for the entire string. turned out pretty cool!

Angeregt durch Zentangle®

4" x 6" Gellyroll metallics on black museum board. I picked up a pack of these board scraps at the art store for only $2.00.


I let the color get away from me a little bit. It goes on so easily!

tekening met Sakura Micron Pen 01

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