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Wine glass put on a tesla coil.

A Tesla coils inner workings...


Included in my "2012 - 366 Days" project.

Playing around with exposure and plasma ball...


ISO200 - f/5.6 - 85 mm - 0.2 sec.

Another CD being toasted on a tesla coil.

A Kirlian photo of a £2 coin. This time taken with a digital camera.

World's Largest Tesla coil demstration, San Francisco.

Photo © Tristan Savatier - All Rights Reserved - No authorized use without written permission

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Therm's giant Tesla coil creates million volts static electricity.


Photo taken at the Burning Man 2004 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).


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Plasma ball... Close-up ;)


Tripod - ISO100 - 0,4 sec - f/5.6 - 85 mm.

Pink Plasma Orb


Tripod - EOS 400D - ISO 100 - 0.4 Sec.- f/5.6 - 85 mm.


...this kind of looks like a uterus I think..!

Sunrise Lightning. The Tesla Coil at the Bonneville Power Administration's High Voltage Test Laboratory. With this device the technicians create lightning to test the electrical components going into the grid that supports the Northwest Power needs.

My brand new plasma lamp ;)

That's my son's finger touching the glass in the top right.

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Today we went to Makers Faire in San Mateo, California. Creativity sparks everywhere, this year mainly with 3D printing and small drones.


Sparks literally fly off these Tesla coils producing the bass sound of rock music. The guy on the keyboard fires of high voltage, modulated in a different frequency with each key. The drummer and electric guitar player add to the psychedelic experience. Four teenagers from the crowd dance in the faraday cage.


This is a balanced HDR photo based on a single 0.6 sec exposure.


HDR, 1 RAW exposure, NEX-6, _DSC0588_hdr1bal1a

Playing around with exposure and plasma ball...


Tripod - ISO200 - 0.2 sec - f/5.6 - 85 mm.

Electric Sparks ( ...Plasma Lamp in action :)


Tripod - ISO200 - Exposure: 0.5 sec - f/5.0 - 35 mm

My beloved plasma ball ;)


Tripod - ISO100 - 0.8 sec - f/5.6 - 64 mm.

Between two worlds of different ideas, a meeting point helps to shape the common ideas.


A close-up photo from the tesla coil project

Originally invented by Nikola Tesla after his experimentation with high-frequency currents in an evacuated glass tube for the purpose of studying high voltage phenomena, a plasma globe is usually a clear glass orb filled with a mixture of various gases—most commonly helium and neon, but sometimes also xenon and krypton—at low pressure (below 0.01 atmosphere) and driven by high-frequency alternating current at approximately 35 kHz, 2–5 kV, generated by a high-voltage transformer. A much smaller orb in its center serves as an electrode. Plasma filaments extend from the inner electrode to the outer glass insulator, giving the appearance of multiple constant beams of colored light.

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” Nikola Tesla


For those unfamiliar google image: "Nikola Tesla"

My brand new plasma lamp ;)

I love this... really love this. It's so colourful and crazy!!! I have more of this type but...I had to show my favourite one first! I couldn't help myself.


View large!


© SJC Photography 2011

I know why the caged man stings.


* ** *** ***** ******* *********** ************* ***************** *******************


This photo appeared on Bostonist: Bite Size News, April 2, 2009: Science Edition


Dr Terren, of fame, is protected from his 2m Tesla coil by a cage made of ringlock and chicken wire.

Tesla coil discharge photographed with superfast B&W film. Colour added to give a more realistic image.

Bands of plasma dance on a spherical top load.

This is my friend, Nikola Tesla. Without him I would probably not have all the cool electrical gadgets that I have around me today. Sadly the world seems to have forgotten about him and all the wonderful things he did to try and better our lifes, such as discovering alternating current or AC He was a true visionary, selfless to a fault and ultimately it was his downfall, despite all the patents he held for his inventions, he died alone, broke and forgotten to the world, while his adversary and much lesser human being, Tomas Edison, claimed all the glory, fame and fortune.


So next time when you turn on your computer, TV, or almost every electrical gadget you can think off, think kindly to my friend Tesla and give him the recognition that he deserves.


"Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine."


-Nikola Tesla-

My new plasma lamp ;)

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