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il tempo è un cerchio che finisce la dove comincia..

neanche una fessura lo interrompe.....


"Paolo Conte "

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...e ricominciare, persa nei tuoi occhi,

cerco quella bocca, cerco quelle mani.

La quotidiana poesia.


"Sembra Strano "

The ingredients that go into the creation of outstanding images are subject emphasis, the eradication of time, and universal themes. That is, a readily identified subject in a timeless setting that is universally recognized by people everywhere. Such an image is not only the hallmark of a truly remarkable photograph; it is achieved by very few photographers.


~ Robert Devere


P.S. Non-HDR-processed / Non-GND-filtered ● Black Card Technique 黑卡作品

Copyright :copyright: Silent Eagle Photography

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When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.

Henry J. Kaiser mentioned; yes, I agree:)


Best regards & hugs,



My up to date explore works;

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Allora come spieghi

Questa maledetta nostalgia

Di tremare come foglie e poi

Di cadere al tappeto.


D’estate muoio un po’

Aspetto che ritorni l’illusione

Di un’estate che non so…

Quando arriva e quando parte,

Se riparte...


"Malika Ayane "


La foto sotto e' il prototipo casalingo per coprire l'obiettivo (per ottenere un bokeh di forme differenti)



Sep 3, 2009



Thanks so much everyone! :)

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Si è soli con tutto ciò che si ama.

We are alone with all of this that is loved.


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Thanks everyone for ur fav n comments!


Could not decide so I uploaded all. Took this at the Dinler Hotel in Cappadocia as well. Yes on that magical ground with that magical sky, I captured this magical moment...

Anyone miss my music choice?

This is really a nice piece...

IP)Yuriko - 火宵之月 - 中村由利子


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Model: d/dazzle

Bg: lady-symphonia

Tree: moonchild

Statues and crosses: redgloom


Thank you ^^

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from my archives

São Joaõ do Marinheiro-SP-Brasil

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I'm out today! I'm going to the beach! I'm going to the sea!

I'll sea tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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Puoi votarmi al concorso Leica a questo link:

Sep was hot in Japan. But Oct becomes cool. It has changed season already.Flowers are no longer in season.

I 'm late to take pictures.

Sep 13, 2011. Explore #225

Playa de Guayedra - Gran Canaria


Nikon D300, Sigma 10-20mm + Filtro Hitech 0.9 Hard.

Copyright :copyright: Silent Eagle Photography

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حقوق الطبع والنسخ والنشر والحفظ في جميع الصور محفوظة وحصرية لـ سالم الشايجي ،

ولا يمكن حفظ او نسخ او نشر او استخدام اي من الصور بدون اذن

Copyright and copying, publishing and conservation in all images reserved exclusively for Salem alShayji, can not save, copy, publish or use any of the photos without permission

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A cloudless plain blue sky is like a flowerless garden. ~Terri Guillemets


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission 2011 © Tabish Nayeemi - All Rights Reserved


Thanks 4 every one who remembered my birthday = )

love you all :*** walla you make my day ............. :| !!! fdeetkm ana

o thanks alot noona & dm3t-ytem ! zen ma 97t walla hhh (L)_(L) ;*

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Belle & Sebastian

Bom fim de semana.

Have a nice weekend

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Physalis es un género de plantas de la familia de las Solanáceas, como el tomate, la patata, el pimiento......que se conoce por el nombre de Farolillo chino o Alquequenje y en Sudamérica de donde proviene, por Uchuva.


La capsula en forma de farolillo chino donde se encuentra el fruto.....da lugar a su nombre, aunque realmente es una planta oriunda de Japón.


Sus frutos agridulces que son apreciados por sus propiedades de reducción del colesterol y por su alto contenido en fibra, vitamina A y vitamina C, tienen un sabor entre ácido y amargo muy especial.

Se consumen al natural o en forma de dulces, mermeladas, helados, reposteria varia......


En inglés se la conoce como Chinese Lantern or Cape Gooseberry or Golden Strawberry.


Estas las cultiva mi madre en su finca, pero a mi no me gustan......como tampoco me gustan los pomelos, la escarola o el limón......esto del paladar es muy personal.


Mi galeria en Flickeflu


Copyright :copyright: Silent Eagle Photography

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Obviously not SOOC, I wanted to try and emphasise the strength and structure of the pier and its breakwaters, timelessly defending the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire against the powers of nature and the oncoming storm.

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Thanks to Nesster for texture


Did we abolish frost

The summer would no cease -

If seasons perish or prevail

Is optional with us -


Abolissimo il gelo

Non avrebbe mai termine l'estate -

Che le stagioni muoiano o trionfino

È una scelta nostra -


E. Dickinson


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Un po' di grandine mi ha tenuto compagnia :)


"Dire Straits "


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