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I was able to get out after the monsoon for a few pictures. I was hoping for calmer water but averaging several exposures turned out ok.

This is the view from the Cambie Street Bridge in Vancouver, Canada looking east towards Science World.

This was my favorite shot of the night by far. I loved the tone of the reflection and how it showed between the boats. I also liked how there was three levels to the shot. 7 shot RAW processed in photomatix and adjusted in photoshop. The boats were a bit challenging because they shifted through each shot.

I thought we were on another planet as we watched the sun rise at the Old Marina on Mono Lake!


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Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris is the biggest science museum in Europe.


This is view from the back of the museum looking over the garden and the theatre.

A stained glass mural at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA

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L'Hemispheric at City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

The Christian Science Center at Dusk


Science World, Vancouver.

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Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències - Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe

The City of Arts and Sciences is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. The first stage was completed in 1998. I last visited here in 2002, the Arts and Cultural building was under construction at that time.

“Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question "How?" but it gets terribly confused when you ask the question "Why?"”

Erwin Chargaff


“In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.”

Paul Dirac


Telus World of Science dome, Vancouver

Science World is striving to be the hub of science and technology education and communication in BC. Vancouver, Canada.

High Definition Panoramic View of Science World


for Knightmusik.... =P

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Leipzig, Germany

(Leipzig University)

The all new Art Science Museum at Marina Bay was now open, me and my wife was having a late night walk at Marina Helix and spotted this view. I have to come back during blue hour.

Its my first time trying to process an ISO 400 image, took me some time to manipulate the noise.

These large glass instruments remind me of something from a '60s sci-fi movie.

Science decided to spend her Saturday locked in her room reading, snacking and drinking coffee. A day well spent I think. I was able to sneak in and snap this shot. Had she noticed me, she probably would have thrown her book at me for not knocking. She's a great roommate. -__-

I'm going to force her to have a movie marathon with me later today.


This room is only temporary. I'm in the process of having a 2 room flat built for her. She's not very happy that she's unable to unpack the rest of her posters, books and all her other stuff. She's a bit of a pack-rat.


*I built this little diorama in about 40 minutes, so it's not great. I used cardboard for the walls, scrapbook paper for the wallpaper and a dollhouse window I had laying around. Luckily I had all this stuff laying around so I made a little quick project out of it.

The side table, her bed, pillows and blankets I made a few months ago. :)


***I am NOT a photographer. So this photo is not the greatest. I have no idea how to work with light and all that fun stuff.

Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències - Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe

This is the same sphere I edited to glow in my "Science Statue - Transformed!" image of Sep 25.

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Scientific knowledge is a body of statements of varying degrees of certainty--some most unsure, some nearly sure, none absolutely certain.


Richard P. Feynman


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Science World at Telus World of Science. One of my favorite spots in Vancouver. Built for Expo '86 Worlds Fair, Science World has seen many changes over the years.

400 iso, look at it big


this made explore @ #16

Firm believers in the power of knowledge and science, the members of the Vaalderie Coalition funded the construction of many orbital research facilities. These giant vessels are capable of research in many fields. The 3 massive biospheres allow for study and creations of ecosystems while the ship in itself is a giant support for a myriad of antennae and scanners that can detect the slightest cosmic fluctuation. With scientists from different fields being in constant contact, discoveries and theories were significantly boosted.




This was built as a 'Tribute to nnenn'. The colorscheme is similar to his Azura Class Capital Platform.

I tried to honour his memory by engaging in a controversial aspect of MOCing that he defended: the fact that the end result justifies the [non purist] means.


In this MOC the domes and some other small bits are MegaBloks. And the dark grey sphere in the rear of the ship is actually a spray painted SW planet. Most stickers are also non-lego.


Was an interesting experience.




On a side note this is me trying to get used to the new Flickr design. The title has been made bigger, and I will seperate the main, dynamic view from clean multiview pictures.

University of Bristol, Life Sciences Building, UK.


Sheppard Robson’s competition-winning design responds to the University’s vision of creating a world-class research and teaching facility. The architectural ambition of the project was to create a building that respected the neighbouring listed buildings and surrounding conservation areas whilst also adding a confident piece of contemporary design to Bristol.


The building is arranged in two parallel wings, with the east-facing element housing the office accommodation and responding to the proportion and massing of the adjacent listed buildings. Distinctly different in form, the west-facing wing is designed as an undulating aluminium wall.

When it comes to night shooting. False creek is probably my go to spots.

© Steve Rosset 2009


Vancouver's popular Science World cast on the calm waterfront.


Vancouver, BC - Canada


Links: See Large I Vancouver Twilight Set

I know, I know. Its the Science Centre and IMAX again. I really need to go somewhere else to take photos of a different subject.

View on black for best experience


Nikon D80 + 18-200mm VR


Even the crappiest camera has better low-light resolution than a human being with 20/20 vision. It was quite dark out when I took this and the shots and colours are even more vivid as captured by my camera. The rods in my eyes can only resolve so much detail!


It sure would be nice if my eyes had Adaptive Dynamic Range (or my camera for that matter!)


Made completely handheld with a Nikon D80 and 18-200mm VR lens. Lens and body steadied on the railing.

Vancouver Science World where my friends play dragon boat.


These are Jpg rough files, contact me for better quality Raw files, Thank you.

My first attempt at HDR images, sorry if they are rubbish

Exterior signage at the University of Texas at Arlington‘s Science Hall.

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The Imax taken at night. Taken as part of my graded unit for college

Detail of in Berlin, the futuristic home of the Otto Bock Academy. Explore # 161, January 1, 2010

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Science world with the Cirque Du Soleil tents in the background on a misty morning.



Other Photo Gear Used: Sirui T-2005X Tripod with K-10x Tripod Head

Photo Processing Software used: Adobe Lightroom; Adobe Photoshop; Topaz Adjust;


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