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An almost B&W shot of a 'Short-eared Owl' from my archives.

Not a great shot but a wonderful experience One of at least eight short eared owls from my visit to Parkside last week (cant wait to go back now ive sorted out my focusing)

This morning I was trying to find some Sun on what was an extremely foggy day in Somerset. I was at RSPB Greylake and noticed Graham in the car park. He was in two minds as where to go next but opted for the coast given the sun that was visible via the Burnham-on-Sea webcam!!. So off he went along with Steve while I stayed put. Not long later, an incoming text from Steve saying that SEO "bagged". So I thought about options for a while and then decided enough was enough and so I packed up and headed for Steart, So glad that I did as an SEO put on a great show. Many thanks Graham and Steve for the heads up!. :-)

Short Eared Owl doing some evening hunting by a Northumberland lake.

Short Eared Owl

Short-eared owl - Asio flammeus. Here's today's owl from last Tuesday's visit to the British Wildlife Centre. What a thrill to be so close to something that I have spent hours stalking in the wild. I just love their "bovver-boy" expression. Thank you all for such interest and kind words.

My first trip out to the new, to me anyway, WWT reserve at Steart - they've done a fine job as far as I can see.


Was hoping for a glimpse or more of the Pallid Harrier that's been around for a while now - no luck.


However there were at least 3 Short-eared Owls hunting around the salt marsh towards the breech. When they first took to the wing the light was great - that late afternoon glow. By the time I got the chance for a shot it was arse - what to do.


My first SEO shot and I'd love to get more.


Don't feel obliged to comment as just a record.

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Manresa is the capital of the Bages comarca (county), located in the geographic centre of Catalonia, Spain, and crossed by the river Cardener. It is an industrial area with textile, metallurgical, and glass industries. Saint Ignatius of Loyola stopped to pray in the town on his way back from Montserrat in 1522. As such, the town is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics. It is believed the comarcal name "Bages" comes from a corruption of the Latin "Bacchus" due to the extensive production of wine in the area. The wine was grown mainly in terraced vineyards, and many of these old terraces can be seen today. Wine ceased to be the main product of the area as a consequence of phylloxera, but is still a very important part of the Manresa/Bages economy.

During the Napoleonic invasion, the volunteer troops of Manresa (sometent in Catalan) defeated the French troops in the Bruch Pass (June 1808), but the retreating French burned and demolished much of the town. After the expulsion of Napoleon's troops, Manresans rebuilt the town using the rubble. This is the reason for the strange "jerry-built" look of the city. In the 12th century Manresa was said to have contained 500 Jewish families, most of whom lived in a narrow lane called "Grau dels Jueus," near the town hall; their cemetery, still called "Fossana dels Jueus," was outside the city. In the 13th and 14th centuries the Jews there were engaged in manufacturing, trading (including slaves), money-lending (at the rate of 20 per cent, the usual interest at that time), and in the cultivation of their vineyards and estates.

The hostility of the Christians towards the Jews, which prevailed throughout Catalonia, was also manifested in Manresa. In 1325 the Christian inhabitants of the town tried to prevent the Jews from baking their Passover bread, so that the latter were obliged to appeal to the King for protection. The Jews in Manresa did not escape the general persecution of 1391, and many of them professed to accept Christianity.

After 1414 comparatively few Jews remained in the town, and in 1492 they sold their property for whatever they could get, and left the country. At the beginning of the 15th century Manresa had 30,000 inhabitants; three centuries later it contained barely one-fifth of that number. Several members of the Zabarra (Sabara) family lived in Manresa. The town is not mentioned in the "Shebeṭ Yehudah."

Phil and I finally caught up with some Short-eared Owls in good light and they came close...... Deep joy !!!!!

Taken in Dorset 17.02.2018.

A great afternoon with Bruv & Sharon watching these wonderful birds.


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So, not my best, but I was very pleased to see two Shorties out on the levels this evening, I thought they had cleared off as I'd not seen them for the best part of a week.

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Went out looking for Barn Owl early yesterday morning, didn't see any but on my way back to car nearly trod on this beauty in the long grass. Still cant get a decent shot of one they are always like this flying away from Me!


La catedral de San Salvador de Zaragoza...

La catedral de San Salvador de Zaragoza es la segunda gran iglesia de la ciudad, como la basílica catedral del Pilar, está construida en la plaza del Pilar, la gente le dice la Seo, como a la otra le dice El Pilar.


Está construida en el lugar de un antiguo foro romano, y fue una mezquita en la época mora. Eso explica que el minarete permanece integrado al actual edificio, y que las paredes exteriores de la catedral parezcan algo influenciadas por los árabes también.


Es una mezcla de estilos, la fachada es diferente de la torre del campanario, mezcla el románico, el gótico y el gótico – mudéjar, el renacentista y el barroco. Siempre ha sido el centro religioso de la ciudad desde la época romana.

Sie haben sich mit Ihren Resultaten abgefunden? Nehmen Sie noch heute die Zukunft Ihres Unternehmens in eigene Hände, bevor es zu spät ist um einen Unterschied zu machen.

Many thanks to all those who take the time to view add them as favourites and comment on my photographs. It is very much appreciated.


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Burwell shorties

Sun rise at Burwell Fen Short-eared owl

SEO Burwell Fen

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Another one from the files.............

With a bit of luck, they'll be back before long. Interesting to see the difference in the size of the birds pupils, it must be able to use it's eyes independent of each other.

Short-Eared Owl


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