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Title: The varieties of pock delineated and described [electronic resource]

Creator: Dendy, Walter Cooper, 1794-1871

Publisher: London : Samuel Highley

Sponsor: Wellcome Library

Contributor: Wellcome Library

Date: 1853

Language: eng


If you have questions concerning reproductions, please contact the Contributing Library.


Note: The colors, contrast and appearance of these illustrations are unlikely to be true to life. They are derived from scanned images that have been enhanced for machine interpretation and have been altered from their originals.


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Fotowalk mit den Fotofreunden Pocking mit dem Thema "Fotografieren mit nur einer Brennweite (50mm). Sollte man öfters tun.


Fotowalk with the "Fotofreunde Pocking" with the topic "photographing with only one focal distance (50mm).

You should do this more often. - "Night Sky," - Taliesin Orch. (as elegant and lyrical as the arrival of Spring)


Spring approaches on winds that flow over us; softly, but relentlessly. The sun rides a little higher in the sky each day. Ice flows piled upon each other over the course of a long winter lay like thick playing cards thrown in a heap; stacked like lumps and bumps, indentations and crusty lesions on a badly pock-marked face.


The last of the rough ice - evidence of winter's power - struggles to remain whole. ~ View On White (Large, if you can)


But wind, current and heat pull at the ice, as warm taffy is pulled in the hands. And, on that wind, just under the sounds of awakening birds and warm southerly breezes coursing through the trees, is carried the sound of ice "in emotional breakup;" moaning and stretching, bending and cracking.


Surrender to Spring is at hand.


It is undeniable and adamant; like the warm and seductive whisper of an impatient lover in your ear, after the last sip of wine.


Jackson Park Outer Harbor, Chicago.

"Auf dem Bahnhof" war das Fotothema der 'Fotofreunde Pocking'


"At the station" was the photo-theme of the 'Fotofreunde Pocking'


I bike here in the day time, it's so beautiful like some kind of sunglasses for the soul. But as days are getting shorter I came here few days ago in the evening, actually in the forest it was already night, I thought I know this place so good as my own pocked so I continued to bike.

The path was covered with the leaves, light of my bike was just illuminating tiny circle in front of my wheel, the intense smell of the misty wood the sounds of the birds and rustling of the rabbits I suppose they were rabbits I could not see so it could be what ever escaping from my route and me loosing the path all the time. As much I loved it I could not imagine I forgot the curves of the road I should follow.

Sprocket pocket lomo

Glaskunst in Pocking.


Pocking ist eine Stadt in Bayern

Pocking ist eine Stadt im niederbayerischen Landkreis Passau. Pocking gilt als Hauptort der Rottaler Pferdezucht. Größere Ortsteile sind Kühnham, Indling und der ehemalige Markt Hartkirchen.

Flickr-Treffen der Fotofreunde Pocking mit Fotofreunden aus Ebersberg, Grafing und Geretsried

Flickr-meeting of photo-friends Pocking with photo-friends from Ebersberg, Grafing and Geretsried

Close-up of a fascinating square cut out of a grey-metallic painted door revealing a part of the bright red interior, in an industrial area in inner suburban Melbourne.


Looking down through the ice on the Crawford Path, new and old layers of crampon pock marks can be seen.

Very seldom does one get to witness such apocalyptic displays of the setting sun in the Himalayas. The plains and the sea side get some immense ones. I was quite taken by surprise when this happened late one evening in June. It was a sudden storm brewing up and the clouds moving swiftly while the sun was beating a hasty retreat in the west ( and this is not even due west.). The storm front moved away in a matter of minutes.


Solan is a place midway between Kalla and Simla. Names that are familiar to people in North India as well as lovers of train journeys and the Raj era afficionados. It used to be a sweet slumbering township once but now in the madderning spiral of out of control population explosion, the concrete structures appear like ugly pock marks on the once pristine Himalayas.


This was shot not from the Himalays but from the last mountain chain of the old Aravali mountains of India.. From the exact fault line of the two colliding mountains.


I hope this is a welcome break from the over dose of Ladakh blues. It is the weekend and one needs to, not, have the Blues.


The reds are a tad upped and the hillside details brought up in the processing. Two photos have been merged into a panorama, two raw frames that is.



Taken on June 7, 2011 at 7.32pm IST (edit)

Posted to Flickr November 18, 2011 at 5.22PM IST (edit)

Exif data

Camera Nikon D70

Exposure 0.02 sec (1/50)

Aperture f/4.0

Focal Length 12 mm

ISO Speed 200

Exposure Bias -1/3 EV

Flash No Flash

Untitled_Panorama 872 873 nef nikprocont sh


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Schnaken kopfüber bei der Paarung

Gnats upside down while mating

Schwarze Nudeln mit Hummer


Black pasta with lobster

.Birdy. Pocket pet {Kitty} Grumpy RARE (TCF gacha)

An iron strap and nut at Fort Pulaski near Tybee Island, Ga.

Walmart has looked at acquiring New York-based luggage startup Away. In the past few years, Walmart has bought up a string of smaller consumer companies in a quest to become the “Netflix of e-commerce” — and a direct competitor with Amazon. via Pock…

Before going to Dubrovnik I had planned to walk the two miles from the hotel to the bottom of the zigzag path below the cable car and walk up to the top of the 800m hill. But with the heat I found that even a Citroen C3 with wildly vague steering was a better idea up the very narrow track to Srd. All the same I missed sunset due to dinner but found that the prettiest time was after sunset but before full darkness as the old city lights started to come on, illuminating the old walls. But it is only about 25 years since there was a very, very nasty war here, and the old city was pounded by very heavy artillery from up on this hill. The film footage of those times is horrible. In the countryside you still see houses that are pock marked with bullet and shell holes, and on one wander round the back of a vineyard I was shocked to see what I thought was a bleached skull lying amongst stone stones and grass. Thankfully it was not. But knowing a little of the splitting up of Yugoslavia, and the so called "Homeland War" is a vivid reminder of what civilised people in a European country can easily descend into and the evil they can do to each other if democracy and human decency breaks down.

St. Stephen's Cathedral (more commonly known by its German title: Stephansdom) is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna.


The main part of the church contains 18 altars, with more in the various chapels. The High Altar (HA) and the Wiener Neustadt Altar (German: Wiener Neustädter Altar) (WNA) are the most famous.


The first focal point of any visitor is the distant High Altar, built over seven years from 1641 to 1647 as part of the first refurbishment of the cathedral in the baroque style. The altar was built by Tobias Pock at the direction of Vienna's Bishop Philipp Friedrich Graf Breuner with marble from Poland, Styria and Tyrol. The High Altar represents the stoning of the church's patron St. Stephen. It is framed by figures of patron saints from the surrounding areas – Saints Leopold, Florian, Sebastian and Rochus – and surmounted with a statue of St. Mary which draws the beholder's eye to a glimpse of heaven where Christ waits for Stephen (the first martyr) to ascend from below. (Wikipedia)

A barren landscape where boulders have been severely pock-marked, sculpted, perched precariously, and otherwise dramatically eroded by countless years of salt water spray. Copyright :copyright: Kim Toews and Kim Toews Photography. Please contact Kim Toews for purchasing and publishing options.


Custom prints available.

Photographed at Rhu near Helensburgh, Scotland. A fine place to set sail or return to.


Irish Rovers - The Drunken Sailor + Lyrics

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Rollingstone1's most interesting photos on Flickriver

:copyright: All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal

Pugin was commissioned by John Talbot, the 16th Earl of Shrewsbury to create a church that "would have no rival" and so gave him unlimited resources with which to build it. It was opened and consecrated on 31 August 1846, and the next day the first Solemn Mass was celebrated inside. CLICK HERE




That's how the day woke up here today...

Foggy everywhere and of course I couldn't let the opportunity pass and took photo from the car window the entire way until my Neuro clinic.

Now the sun is shining bright...better!


Finally with my right arm free from needeles. I spent the 3 days with the needles in my arm so they wouldn't need to pock me every time I got there. It was getting difficult doing most of things with my left hand...

Love the nurses and the way they took care of me with a great mood and energy =)

Thank God this is behind me now...just pray to feel better and better!


94 / 263 das Theme des nächsten Treffens unseres Fotoclubs. the theme of the next meeting of our photo club.



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