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Location: St. Martins Island, Bangladesh


St. Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island where you will find live corals. Its only 30 km from Teknaf and you can go there by local motorboat, tourist boats, or sea truck. This small coral island about 10km (6mi) southwest of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliche, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life.


Fishing, fish drying, sale of coconuts and agricultural practices are the most common livelihoods for subsistence. Fishing and business including shop keeping are the major sources of income among the others. Other supplementary sources of income are coconut and dry fish selling,

We entered by dark of night past the no trespassing signs and proceeded towards this controversial beach. We did not check the tide charts. Several times we found ourselves up to our waists in pounding surf, holding on desperately to our camera gear and hoping we would not be sucked out to sea. As morning came the sky lightened up but remained leaden, until suddenly there was a parting, and the colors seen here burst for a few glorious moments. By this time the surf was threatening to overtake the entire beach so we left... wet, bruised and happy.


I dedicate this image to the Surfrider Foundation as they fight to try to bring this beach back to the public. They lost the first ruling last October but are appealing the judge's decision. Hopefully less paid off heads will prevail.

Riparia riparia >The Sand Martin, I spent six hours today trying to get a reasonable in flight shot, battling with the lack of light the sunny spells were few and far between, these things move so quick and are quite small so getting them in the frame and in focus is a bit of a challenge to say the least! :)


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Is there such a thing as"Day"?

Could I see it from the mountains

If I were as tall as they?

Emily Dickinson

Martin's Landing is a boat ramp on the Edisto River in rural South Carolina, north of Highway 17. On this day I walked the banks, mindful that an enormous alligator had been caught not that far away and that the deadly canebrake rattlesnake will swim its waters. Today, there was no one or nothing here but me and some golden winter light. Summer will be soon around again and the picture will look completely different, the warm browns and golds to be replaced by humid, steamy greens.

Best viewed large!

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This image was shot late Friday evening at the lake.


While at the Lake I happened to meet Flickr member Gary (Imagehunter1). He is a great guy and hopefully we will be able to shoot at another time! He has a lot of great images and they can be found here:




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Purple martins feeding their babies! A few more days and they will all leave.

I am afraid cannot think of any catchy titles for these Lake Martin images. They are all just a combination of trees water and reflections. So # 2 will have to do





Location: St. Martins Island, Bangladesh


St. Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island where you will find live corals. Its only 30 km from Teknaf and you can go there by local motorboat, tourist boats, or sea truck. This small coral island about 10km (6mi) southwest of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliche, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life.


Fishing, fish drying, sale of coconuts and agricultural practices are the most common livelihoods for subsistence. Fishing and business including shop keeping are the major sources of income among the others. Other supplementary sources of income are coconut and dry fish selling,

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Bratislava (Pressburg - Pozsony) is the capital of Slovakia and, with a population of about 431,000, also the country's largest city. Bratislava is in southwestern Slovakia on both banks of the Danube River. Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two independent countries.


St. Martin's Cathedral - Katedrála svätého Martina - Kathedrale des Heiligen Martin is a cathedral in Slovakia's capital, Bratislava. It is situated at the western border of the historical city center below Bratislava Castle. It is the largest and finest, as well as one of the oldest churches in Bratislava, known especially for previously being the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary.


This might be one more twilight photo of another capital city, however I'm very pleased with it. Main reason for being so is the fact that it is not a view of Bratislava you will normally see. It has two Bratislava icons - the Castle and the St. Martin Church shot from lovely bar/club terrace in the old town. I was walking around the city wondering about angles and views and I have noticed top floor terrace on one of the buildings. Although it was way after blue hour, I still went up there where I found this wonderful view. I asked if I could come the next day and take some photos. It was ok to do so... some similar places in different cities actually charge quite a lot of money of photos taken on tripod from their unique view point, luckily not this one.


Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Lens: EF17-40mm f/4L USM; Focal length: 29.00 mm; Aperture: 13; Exposure time: 30.0 s; ISO: 100


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Our youngest daughter's favorite historical figure is Martin Luther. Despite her cognitive challenges resulting from her Cerebral Palsy, she is amazing at remembering historical dates. So in remembrance of the up-coming 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (October 2017) she got this tiny toy of him a couple of years ago. Everywhere we traveled she asked me to take a photo of it. This was taken in August of 2015. Among other places, we have him photographed on the 50-yard line at the Cowboy's AT&T Stadium! This child brings a smile to me Everyday! In her honor--and Martin's we will be taking her to Germany in the fall!

...Gustavo Martín Garzo...



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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

--Martin Luther King, Jr.


My kids had some time off this weekend on Martin Luther King day, which is now a national holiday (for most people :))


We had some good discussions about what he stood for and how it can be an example for us. How you always need to stand up for what you know to be right, even if it costs you your life.


But it didn't really hit home for me until I stood alone at dawn in thigh-deep surf, watching the waves crash against the rocks. You can't get much more iconic than lighthouses, which are internationally recognized as beacons of hope, standing strong against the storms, and bringing the ships safely home. So much amazing symbolism, literature, and history, so much to love about lighthouses.


But for me the rock tells a much more compelling story. For every lighthouse there are thousands of rocks standing in the crashing waves, gasping for breath against the charging surf. And almost nobody will drive hundred of miles to see this rock, but it tells a story about how we all can live our lives in quite defiance of the raging storms, standing up for something even when nobody will ever see our struggle, or remember us for ages to come.


Stand up for something! And you will see beautiful things in the process :)


#escaype #sunriseforecasting



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OTTAWA (Reuters) – The Canadian government on Friday said Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT.N) would be given first chance to bid on a contract to design 15 warships that will end up costing Canada around C$60 billion ($46 billion).


Trade visitors are seen walking over a road crossing...

St. Martin Island- The only Coral Island of Bangladesh is located in the Bay of Bengal surrounded by huge black stone. The natural surrounding of the remote island is considered as the paradise for the nature loving tourist who can enjoy the virgin coral beach and pass leisure time or go for snorkeling in the blue water. The brilliant sunrise and colorful sun set has no match any where in the world. To enjoy the moonlit might sitting on any black stone along side the beach will be life time experience for any tourist.

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"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that"


~Martin Luther King Jr.~



The quote project.


Location: St. Martins Island, Bangladesh


St. Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island where you will find live corals. Its only 30 km from Teknaf and you can go there by local motorboat, tourist boats, or sea truck. This small coral island about 10km (6mi) southwest of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliche, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life.


Fishing, fish drying, sale of coconuts and agricultural practices are the most common livelihoods for subsistence. Fishing and business including shop keeping are the major sources of income among the others. Other supplementary sources of income are coconut and dry fish selling,


Les programmes d’élevage internationaux mis en place pourront permettre de sauver cet oiseau emblématique de Bali.

On estime à environ un millier d’individus la taille de la population en captivité. Malgré les tentatives de réintroduction la petite population sauvage est loin d’être sauvée.

Son nom vient du banquier et ornithologue le Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild (1868-1937) qui a financé de nombreuses expéditions à travers le monde pour enrichir son muséum d’histoire naturelle privé.

Découvert en 1911, le martin de Rothschild ne se rencontre qu’à Bali, sur un territoire dont la superficie ne dépasse pas 40 km2. Pratiquement éteint dans la nature, il fait l’objet d’un programme de réintroduction. C’est l’un des oiseaux les plus rares et les plus menacés.

Oiseau recherché par les collectionneurs pour son plumage blanc pur et son chant mélodieux, le braconnage a toujours été la cause principale de son déclin, à laquelle s’ajoute aujourd’hui la disparition de son habitat.


The international breeding programs put in place will help save this emblematic bird of Bali.

The size of the captive population is estimated at about one thousand individuals. Despite attempts to reintroduce the small wild population is far from being saved.

Its name comes from the banker and ornithologist Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild (1868-1937) who has funded many expeditions around the world to enrich his museum of private natural history.

Discovered in 1911, the martin Rothschild is found only in Bali, on a territory whose area does not exceed 40 km2. Virtually extinct in nature, it is the subject of a reintroduction program. It is one of the rarest and most endangered birds.

Birds sought by collectors for its pure white plumage and melodious song, poaching has always been the main cause of its decline, to which is added today the disappearance of its habitat.


Will be back with some decay soon i hope. Winter in Norway is not very urbex friendly..

Meanwhile i try some new things for me. Waiting for better days. =)

I am posting this one in a hurry, in 2 minutes, it is the soccer with Brazil. I do not want miss this match.

I am sorry but the Cup of the world occupate me a lot, I am a fan !!!!!!


Will come later to comment yours :o)

Will catch up with everyones streams very soon!

Location: St. Martins Island, Bangladesh


St. Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island where you will find live corals. Its only 30 km from Teknaf and you can go there by local motorboat, tourist boats, or sea truck. This small coral island about 10km (6mi) southwest of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliche, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life.


Fishing, fish drying, sale of coconuts and agricultural practices are the most common livelihoods for subsistence. Fishing and business including shop keeping are the major sources of income among the others. Other supplementary sources of income are coconut and dry fish selling,

Well, now this is my last photo for the next few weeks because I will be away. My dear friends, I want to thank every one of you for the big interest in my works. I hope you will have a good time and I hope I will bring back one or two photos of my trip :-)


Why this title? Well, I can still remember this wonderful day. The sun was shining and everything was perfect. No fog, no storm, no snow … it was just beautiful he he he! So I thought „Why not going up the mountain behind our house?“. It’s a small mountain with only a hight of 2’200 meters. It would be nice to enjoy being in nature, breathing in the fresh air and feel the pulse of the earth. Up there I can feel the wind in my face and enjoy the scenery!


Well, do you also know this strange feelings during an exercise? Suddenly you get those special feelings that make one very lazy! That day I had also such thoughts while I went up the mountain. It was very warm and I was sweating. …. bang … the first thought came! Ohhhh, how nice it would be to have an ice cream now!!! What??? No no no … no ice cream now, you have to go up the mountain now! The mountain was getting steeper and steeper and the feeling became uncomfortable! And … bang … the next thought! Imagine how beautiful to be now in a pool and in your right hand you hold a drink! Nooooo! … discipline Manu …. discipline! One step after the other. I have to go up the mountain! And … bang … the next thought! But why do I have to go up the mountain? In the valley there is a restaurant! Oh boy, this would be nice because the restaurant is equipped with deckchair and I could spend my time drinking something cool and eating chocolate :-)


Well, sometimes there are those thoughts in life and sometimes they win! I’ve only reached the tree line and could make this photo. A bit later I was in the restaurant :-)


I want to thank all very much for your "views", "Comments" and "Favourites" :-) The only thing that matters is that you have joy in this photo. Again, thank you :-)

St. Martin Island- The only Coral Island of Bangladesh is located in the Bay of Bengal surrounded by huge black stone. The natural surrounding of the remote island is considered as the paradise for the nature loving tourist who can enjoy the virgin coral beach and pass leisure time or go for snorkeling in the blue water. The brilliant sunrise and colorful sun set has no match any where in the world. To enjoy the moonlit might sitting on any black stone along side the beach will be life time experience for any tourist.

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Watching the swifts over the river

Teasing the gusting wind

Like cats with wool

Beating swallows and martins

Into second and third

Whisking the breezes with

That masterful will

That supernatural skill

Drawing applause from

Clapping counter-current waves

Catching insect spectators

At the air-show

Like an afterthought


© Mike Laycock (Silversalt)

St. Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island where you will find live corals. Its only 30 km from Teknaf.


This small coral island about 10km southwest of the southern tip of the mainland, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. There’s nothing more strenuous to do here than soak up the rays, but it’s a clean and peaceful place without even a mosquito to disrupt your serenity.


Play with me...

Imagine with me...

Would you?


Close your eyes for me...

Would you?

Now... brush the clouds...

Did you?

Don’t think about the pain.

Could you?

Go ahead... spread your wings...

Have you?


Fly with me... Hurt with me!

Will you?


PS: While you are at it, imagine a beautiful cowgirl riding up to you. While you do not know what is coming, she halts her gallop right next to you and says, ‘Hello old, old soul.” What do you do? Yup, that is how I felt after my cowgirl-princess friend wrote a touching testimonial for me. Thanks Jenny!


Member of the Flickr Bird Brigade

Activists for birds and wildlife


Il était un peu loin et j'ai du cropper ma photo.Première sortie photo depuis 5 mois et de ma chirurgie de la hanche du 10 mars dernier.J'ai vite réalisé que je vais devoir travailler durant quelques sorties pour retrouver le contrôle de mes équipements. / The Kingfisher was quite away from were I was standing and I had to crop my photo. This is my first official photo outing since 5 months and since my hip surgery happened on 3-10-17.I will have to pratice a bit more to get back as I used to be with the control of my photography gear.

1. "Do you know what it's about? Jealousy". No, Sir Anthony Steen, we're afraid, it isn't.


2. Maybe a decent moat to keep commoners out didn't seem such a bad idea to Douglas Hogg after he was chased down the street by a mob of reporters.


3. Sir John Butterfill simply didn't have time to dig out the figures on how much his servants' quarters cost the taxpayer before his big Newsnight interview.


4. Speaker Michael Martin berates the hapless Kate Hoey in front of the entire Commons, and of course, the nation...


5. ... which turned out to be less than wise when Mr Martin was forced to resign a few days later.


6. Salford's pocket rocket Hazel Blears brandishes THAT cheque in a desperate bid for survival.


7. In one of the expenses saga's most excruciating moments Andrew MacKay and one of his constituents have a difference of opinion in front of the cameras.


8. Justice minister Shahid Malik makes a strident defence of his claims for a home entertainment system just hours before announcing his resignation.


9. David Cameron names and shames the Tories who will be paying a visit to the fees office to hand back the thousands they claimed.


10. Presenters of Radio 4's Today Programme are expected to keep a straight face even in the face of the most ridiculous duck-related stories. Pity nobody told Evan Davis.


11. At number 11 in our list of top ten MPs' expenses moments - yes, we know that doesn't make sense - is Alan Duncan thinking on his fees - sorry, that should read 'feet' - when confronted in the street.


What TV or radio moment sums up the expenses scandal for you?


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Tom Thumb

said "I think its quite rum

that when I say I fancy Hazel Blears,

everyone jeers".

(acknowledgements to E C Bentley)



on July 11, 2009

at 04:35 PM


Did "that" cheque ever get cashed by the Inland revenue?



on July 05, 2009

at 10:57 PM


thankyou telegraph,


england needs another cromwell but i think it could be to late.


john tonking

on July 04, 2009

at 06:39 AM


I for one am jealous of the british people having a great newspaper like the Telegraph.

Can you send one of the reporters to do an 'expo' on the Vancouver Olympic scandal??

PLEASE! our local newspapers are 'owned' by the government. Something nobody can say about the Telegraph.cheers.



on June 24, 2009

at 08:29 AM


I don't think we will be seeing much more of the Salford Cabbage Patch doll,the fact that a few of her friends backed her,will not override the fact of New Labour polling less than 6% of the electorate,if that cannot be overturned in a general election,and those people who sat on their butts do so again,then there really is no hope.A vote against this rabble is much more valuable than not voting at all.


Mike J

on June 22, 2009

at 11:12 PM


that fact that hazel blears was let off the hook by her constituency party shows just how stupid they are. what does she have to do wrong to be thrown out if cheating the tax man means nothing to these people


barry chang

on June 22, 2009

at 06:01 PM


I thoroughly agree with the sentiment that ALL MPs who have been caught with their "hands in the till" should suffer the consequences and be prosecuted! However, as "we" have reimbursed the said politicians for the items they have purchased, using public money, the items in question belong to US!!! Therefore, the items should be returned to us and, maybe, we could distribut them to the needy of this country. If the MPs don't like it, they can purchase the items for themselves and the proceeds returned to the public purse!!!


Allan D Cox

on June 22, 2009

at 10:37 AM


Anybody who has been involved in the abuse of the expenses system should not have been allowed to stand as the Speaker.


Lorraine Smith

on June 22, 2009

at 08:51 AM


The video is really funny and I enjoyed watching it. All I can see is the funny side. It hides how furious I am that MPs who made these ridiculous expense claims couldn't see how crazy they where at the time of submission. I still can't help imagining that some MPs will feel "hard done by" and "misunderstood" by the general public and can't understandthe opinion of the general public. I think somewhere down the line they forgot who they serve. The question is can we trust them again to make decisions that effect real peoples lives.


Shame on the MPs involved I genuinely don't think they realise how much this event has changed politics for the worst.



on June 22, 2009

at 05:55 AM


Why do members of the public who owe the Inland Revenue tax have to not only repay the outstanding tax, but have the possibility of paying interest and also a penalty which can amount to doubling the bill. In addition, whereas the general public can be referrred to as long ago as 20 years, whereby the MP's are only going back four years.I believe that this could amount to discrimination

on June 21, 2009

at 09:11 PM


Very well done Telegraph!!!

Don't think any more need be said !!!


George A.A. Horne

on June 21, 2009

at 06:20 PM


Every single M.P or Lord who has mis-claimed should be open for prosecution. If in ordinary life one was caught DEFRAUDING the government, one would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. For example, evading taxes, claiming un-employment benefit whilst working, avoiding road tax, motor insurance & a host of other "crimes" the police would invade your home, harrass your family & generally act in a very aggresive way. Why should these people, who we have voted in, escape the punishment of the common man.

They should be above all such behaviour.


Nick Medhurst

Nicholas Medhurst

on June 21, 2009

at 06:06 PM


I feel that the more money people are paid, the more money they are able to extract.


In my early nursing days, a doctor was able to claim from the hospital accounts desk a tax-free 27.00 for every death certificate he signed. He didn't have to have been looking after that particular patient either.


This was called "Ash Cash".


I wonder what Ash Cash is nowadays? Nice monent


miss amaryllis

on June 21, 2009

at 06:06 PM




Many thanks for a job well done !


Sadly, I do not think it will be enough. Many of the culprits seem able to paper over the cracks and I fear that in 6 months it will just be business as usual.


R Preston

on June 21, 2009

at 04:57 PM


Please, please, please, now set your investigative journalists on to the waste and greed in the European Parliament. It might be a good idea to start with the Kinnocks.



on June 21, 2009

at 09:05 AM


Please folks, do not vote for ANY sitting M.P. at the next election. A complete change is what is needed. Maybe then they will all get the message that they are servants of us, the public, and accountable to us.



on June 21, 2009

at 09:04 AM


I believe the depth of this fraud upon the public to be much deeper than these dodgy expenses.


The salaries should be all they're entitled to, if they really want to serve and do well then it can never be about how much the job is worth. We need representatives not selected by some shadowy committee, nor hand picked from the university draft of political studies.


I'm just fed up with the delays in the police getting involved. Now that they cannot ignore the evidence I reckon there will be no charges, therefore no justice; no change there then.



on June 21, 2009

at 06:31 AM


Patricia Hewitt is standing down at the next election "in order to spend more time with her family"


Two days ago it was announced that she would become the senior none executive director of BT after BTs agm on 15 July 2009.


The senior none excutive director usually chairs the renummeration committee.


Oh to be on the BT board of directors....please



on June 20, 2009

at 10:04 PM


Now it's time for the prosecutions!!!


Charlie Stone

on June 20, 2009

at 03:21 PM


I have been following closely the Parliamentary Expenses Scandal that you have so diligently exposed since your first front page article in The Daily Telegraph several weeks ago.


I would like to thank you for the thorough and impartial way in which you have conducted this public campaign, bringing to the attention of the voters in this country the scandalous way in which our MPs have been milking an ill- regulated and indulgent system of provision of compensation for expenses.


In also now exposing how even the publication of expenses ( redacted!!!) confirmed the venality of many of those who are supposed to be representing us, you make it clear that the public has got to continue to be vigilant, and to press for the same rules to apply to MPs as apply to the rest of the population in terms of taxation and expenses.


You show us the value of a free press, and the need to maintain the rights of reporters not to have to expose their sources.


Norma Brewer

on June 20, 2009

at 09:01 AM


Good on the Telegraph for such fantastic work. Could the whole lot of them, MP's and possibly Lords too now by the looks of things, resign en-masse please.


You'd like to think the prisons would be overflowing with MP's and Bankers awaiting their day in court....but alas they aren't and probably won't


What a shame the ordinary hard working folk of this country have been so betrayed and let down by those who have, historically, been held in high esteem for so long.


Well if nothing else - that's all changed and that can't be a bad thing.


A disgraceful example for our kids but a good lesson learnt.


Peter Matthews

on June 20, 2009

at 08:00 AM


I have noticed that the women involved in stand downs from the goverment have used the excuse that parlimentary work does not fit into family life and they want to spend more time with thair families, are they saying to other would be female polititians that this is not a job for women with a family?


Mr J C Adams

on June 20, 2009

at 06:19 AM


Make this a 1 hour show and get the political swine to answer the questions not like the BBC or other broadcaster who let the swine off the hook.


Great show looking forward to the rest.



on June 19, 2009

at 10:42 PM





on June 19, 2009

at 08:51 PM


personally i will never trust our government again, just a set of greedy fat cats lining their own pockets while people struggle to make ends meet,its outrageous to think that my taxes as well as everyone elses in britain have been squandered on nothing that will help this country, truly disgraceful they should be on fraud charges, if it were average joe out there spending other peoples money on whatever they fancy they would be locked up by now!


Gary C

on June 19, 2009

at 05:22 PM


personally i will never trust our government again, just a set of greedy fat cats lining their own pockets while people struggle to make ends meet,its outrageous to think that my taxes as well as everyone elses in britain have been squandered on nothing that will help this country, truly disgraceful they should be on fraud charges, if it were average joe out there spending other peoples money on whatever they fancy they would be locked up by now!


What a dodgy bunch of self-serving shysters.We deserve better.If anyone there thinks that this expenses scandal is only a British thing,please watch this on You Tube 'MEPs expenses scandal." And pass it on.


Peter Appleby

on June 19, 2009

at 02:31 PM


Bless the Daily Telegraph, these exposures have just proved to me why we need a press and not just a news service.

Now - aside from the expenses, I thought that tax evasion (flipping houses to avoid capital gains) was simply a criminal offence. So lets not hear any more talk of lack of evidence, its in the public domain, lets have a prosecution (or two).


Bill Harmer

on June 19, 2009

at 12:08 PM


I wonder what the 'Applicable Amount' is for Housing Benefit in these areas? I live in Manchester. Single parent= 2 bed flat = 109 per week maximum rent allowance.

First and only home. All beings are born equal and should be treated equally before they die equal



on June 19, 2009

at 10:30 AM


Ihave tried to come up with the most relevant description of the current MPs expenses"racket" for that what it is.

Who was it who taght lads to pick pocket skillfuly.

The nations benefit people especially the cheats and scroungers will feel quite justified after the "flipping" behavior of the so called public representatives.

It is a Fagins Den.


Shame on them ..compounded by the cover up of censorship.


Thank heaven or Freedom of the Press and the Daily Telegraph.

Even Gordon Brown and David Cameron were "at it".


Robet Kennedy

on June 19, 2009

at 09:29 AM


People must realise that MP's & Politicians are like Nappies...

They need changing from time to time and for the same reason !!!


Tom Clode

on June 19, 2009

at 09:18 AM


I assume there is some department or office that receives and checks these claims or do they just hand over any amount that is requested? There must be guidelines against which the claims were checked - or were they? I know an Englishman's home is his castle but cleaning the moat? Good grief! That claim should have jumped off the paper had hit the civil servants in the eye! Many of the claims are outrageous but there is also the question of how they got to be approved for payment.



on June 19, 2009

at 08:33 AM


'Let them eat cake'.


Michael Kennedy

on June 19, 2009

at 06:37 AM


i have just retired i worked all my life from 15 apart from 8 years when i had my children i have paid all my dues and demands but if i had done what any of this lot had i would be in prison on a fraud charge and made to pay it back are they a law unto themselves i am thoroughly disgusted


christine travis

on June 18, 2009

at 09:55 PM


Surely that should read "why is it that so many people lack the ability to spell correctly..." Oh, and nobody likes a Pedant...


Andrew Grimes

on June 18, 2009

at 09:13 PM


We don't hear much about the two IRA politicians who don't attend parliament at all.

I understand they still draw their salary. Are they also drawing their parliamentary as well.


Derek Duly

on June 18, 2009

at 07:29 PM


Will O the Wisp


Will Brown stumble?


Will he fall?


Will he reform politics?


Will he save us all?


Will the Labour daggers sink into his back?


Will he hire Sir Alan for gumptions that he lacks?


Will he have the ire to nick Sir Alans, Fired!


Will this SOAP continue until the end of year?


Will its blooming likely and something we should fear


Boom, Boom



on June 05, 2009

at 09:03 AM


I have just been fined 3500:00 for errors amounting to 7,000 in the last five years by the Inland Revenue.


The fines were for for lunches, sundrie items and the like.


I did not get the choice to appeal, they wanted their money and slapped a hefty fine on top.


What is the interest rate for this I wonder??


I also wonder if our glorious MP's will be fined for their false accounting and other errors, or are they above the law of the land.


Bill Whyte

on June 04, 2009

at 03:44 PM


Whilst accepting that the Daily Express is a Tory supporting newspaper I cannot help but notice that there is a biase regarding the blame for the MP's expenses row.


I agree we should be looking at Tony Blairs expenses but what about those of the previous Government before New Labour came to power. We need to know who we can trust out of all of the party's.


The last thing we need at present is another general election without knowing all of the details otherwise we will get another cabinet full of dishonest and maniplitive MP's.


After all the shadow cabinet do not come out of this covered in glory, David Cameron has issues regarding his expenses.


Come on get real what this country needs is an honest government that looks after the poorer people of this country at the expense of the richer, not as we have had for years the rich getting richer whilst the poor get poorer.


Roger David Newman

on June 04, 2009

at 11:15 AM


All of her shortcomings (pun intended) have been aired and her Nuevo -elitist attitude is plain to see but I feel her and her he-mail colleagues Smith et al real crime is that they were given a leg up with affirmative action and wimmin only lists and the like to bring balance and to represent the other half of the UK population to wit the ladies.


Did they do it, no they didnt.


Did they line up to give those awful single mothers as good a kicking as the male members.


Did they bring improvements into the areas you would expect an empathic, good women to have a special interest in, housing, education, welfare, childcare, did they buggery.


Instead they lorded around with that arrogant swagger and sickening look on their faces.


That my friend is the face of Feminism and the Fabians and even with make up on its dammed ugly.


Ken the POM

on June 04, 2009

at 06:56 AM


Blears walks away with a smile on her face, remains in employment and no doubt remains financially secure.


Do we or will we ever know how much she/they have claimed "mistakenly" during their "reign" in politics.


WILL SHE/THEY ever be prosecuted to the full extent of the law or be dismissed with a slap on the wrist ( oops, of course not, that would be considered as "grievious bodily harm"


Sue Hatliff

on June 03, 2009

at 08:30 PM


Your section on MP's expenses


"The moments we'll never forget"

Can you forward the titles of the sound track that accompanies it.

Many thanks.


Bob Crabtree

on June 03, 2009

at 07:12 PM


I have a question-there is a law proposed and carried by the 'members' that anyone who causes racial hatred should have the full weight of the law brought to bear upon them. Surely


the INVASION of Iraq has done that very thing, why are we not asking for the implementation of that law?



on June 03, 2009

at 06:28 PM


To Henry and Danny


Ode to be so precise

Oh to be so very nice

You only focus on the dots and commas

Whilst MPs frolic with no morals

Well, its really pretty petty

But please correct my spelling,




on June 03, 2009

at 05:28 PM


I believe that the MPs have behaved disgracefully,and it takes ones breath away to hear them saying they have done nothing wrong,however they choose to interpret the expenses rules, conscience alone,if they had one, would not allow the disgusting use of expenses that they have sunk to.


Also the rot has been in place for a long time and why are not the Blairs being scrutinised for they were most blatant in their total greed for anything they could squeeze out of the system.



on June 03, 2009

at 04:16 PM


James Kirkup ably describes a worrying and uncertain situation, but the country's economic recovery comes first.


We should accept the fact the elections tomorrow will be very difficult, that's a given, and it would show initiative and leadership to announce the composition of the new cabinet as early as Friday.


Perhaps it would not be effective or appropriate to alter all three positions of Home Secretary, Chancellor and Foreign Secretary at one time.


Margaret Bowker

on June 03, 2009

at 04:16 PM


Danny Sapiano's comment is absolutely spot on. Why do so few people have the ability to spell correctly, let alone write coherently with the correct use of grammar? If you are too idle to contribute in a literate fashion, don't bother.


Henry Keswick

on June 03, 2009

at 02:47 PM


In the 1970's MP's received a salary but no pension.


The salary was not excessive in relation to the average wage of the day.


They could also claim expenses incurred inthe course of their duties.


Not getting re-elected was part of the job.


Today not only do they get a salary which is three times the average wage but they have voted themselves an expenses system which gives opportunity to 'milk the system' for their own benefit, they have a better pension than any other citizen and now if they fail to get elected they have voted themselves an unbelievable severance pay.


Is this like feathering your own nest?


Colin Paddon

on June 03, 2009

at 02:36 PM


Not only are we paying 400 a month for their food they don't have to submit receipts. As an O.A.P I'd love to spend 100 aweek on mars bars. crisps, spicy sausage and other non-essentials. I also resnt having to pay for their families travel expenses.



on June 03, 2009

at 02:36 PM


A Westminster Ditty


There once was a House of MPs

And terribly grand you could see

All the fat cats in hilarious vignettes

Made out they were poor, do you see?


Along came The Telegraph,

With words and some photographs

And al-legations of sleaze,


So these poor old MPs

All fell to their knees,

To plead and plead and plead,

Dont sack us they said

Promote us instead

Its all been a terrible mistake


Were not blinking fools

And we stuck to our rules

Even though we wriggled like snakes


And so my dear reader,

Dont vote for them ever

Next time the election arises,

We need honest MPs

Not asses like these,

And without the expense sheet surprises!


Boom, Boom



on June 03, 2009

at 09:18 AM


it is one section of our trusted society after another,it seem's that the working class,the people who roll there sleeves up and work hard for there living,have been targeted by the greedy trusted minority,in the space of one year,I have seen a life time of hard work by my wife and myself lost,(without any compensation or golden handshake)and we have to watch these people,all of a sudden paying back money,hand over fist,(need they need it then in the first place)it beggers belief,they should be sacked,not polietly resign in order to extract even more money from the ever decreasing workin man


colin fletcher

on June 03, 2009

at 08:11 AM


I just hope these scroungers would be made to pay everything they owe with full interest, just like we have to the demands of the inland revenue.


Also why not go back to the past years eg 5-10 years?


Hope you'd publish the Lords' expenses too: this will certainly reveal quite a few 'mysteries', not excluding the remaining lord of Blackburn!


S khan

on June 03, 2009

at 06:51 AM


What never ceases to amaze me is how so many morons(for that's what they are if they can't fill in a simple form like the rest of us do for tax etc) managed to get themselves elected?,it also appears that to qualify as being a moron,politics don't matter!


Geoff Crimes

on June 03, 2009

at 12:00 AM


The challenge for our elected representatives is by entering government, they are suddenly propelled from modest environs into a world where they are surrounded by Heads of State and Captains of Industry of unparelled riches (think of the Hamilton's and El Fayed).


Their every foreign trip involves rubbing shoulders with individuals literally dripping with gold.


The Blairs were not the first to be seduced by this different world, and once entering this Narnia and sampling its delights, its not easy to go back to the hair shirt local consituency.


Mandleson cannot wait to get into the Foreign Secretary chair so he can join the international jet set. It comes as no surprise that our MP's were so easily tempted by the trappings of other peoples success, that they sought to mirror this by effectively stealing from the public.


Ethics were quickly forgotten and laws changed to excuse the fraud.


I blame Tony and Cherie Blair , who more than any other serving politician and consort, changed the role from selfless public servant to self serving Head of State.


It was their example of chiselling greed that set the tone for the current administration and which encouraged followers from all parties to drink from the same well.


I am delighted that the lying Jacqui Smith has gone - but she should be facing criminal charges along with her conniving husband.



on June 02, 2009

at 05:52 PM


I can barely think of the right words to express my despair and shame after reading the comments above. Have we, as a nation, allowed our standards to fall so low that foreigners now have a better command of the English language than ourselves?


The grammar, spelling and punctuation on this page make the MP's expenses scandal look almost trivial in comparison.


Please get a grip.


Danny Sapiano

on June 02, 2009

at 12:58 PM


This is not's just New Labour.Never did we have people in government more vulgarly greedy for luxury than the Blairs and their "Ites".The truth is that they didn't give a damn for their electors.They were sold to foreign governments and did what they were told to do by those foreign governments....and then reaped the material rewards.


The fact that the corruption and distortion of public life and democratic processes which this caused did not concern them in the least.


Thet had done "THE RIGHT THING TO DO". This is a phrase which will haunt us forever.One can only hope that it will lead us to take more seriously and examine more carefully the decisions of those who lead us (even into evil wars of aggression) while bleating that they know "the right thing to do"


THEY DON'T.If they had,then we wouldn't be witnessing this appalling and shameful spectacle of the results of their doings: the worst recession in over half a century:our young men and our innocent victims in Iraq and Afghanistan stlii dying;and the horribly shameful sight of British politicians behaving like vulgar money-grubbing corrupt third world dictators.


A Macmillan

on June 02, 2009

at 12:01 PM


You forget Eric Pickles on Question Time explaining that the lot of an MP is so hard and generous allowances are needed because the place runs "like clockwork" and you have to turn up on time.


Like a normal job then as Dimblebee helpfully pointed out.



on June 02, 2009

at 11:48 AM


Hear, hear Steve -


Such an apt Cromwell quote re the Long Parliment, but who is there to take Cromwell's place to-day?


The whole nation!


This text should be printed on the front page of every newspaper in the land



on June 02, 2009

at 08:19 AM


What a beutiful reflection of the British hiearchy at it its finest...conniving, greedy and talking from both sides of their mouths.


These are the same people with their high ideals that concocted the war in Iraq and called Saddam a liar.


What a bunch of shameless twits.


Not one deserves to be in the public service for they are not there for any service except what is good for their own pockets



on June 02, 2009

at 06:17 AM


will somebody,anybody please explain we are paying up to 400 a month for mp's food?



on June 01, 2009

at 11:50 PM


Is it true that the evidence of Tony Blair's expenses were shredded, by accident?


Brian Gargate

on June 01, 2009

at 08:03 PM


Just make them pay back all they have taken, they should not be able to resign and take their ill gotten gains with them. Their pensions should be reduced and they should be made to go now with a byelection.



on June 01, 2009

at 05:34 PM


I have written to my MP, Robert Walter, querying various aspects of his Summary of Expenses.


He seems reluctant to reply and now I've heard the story about his Indian carpets and snacks from Morrisons, I can understand why.



on June 01, 2009

at 04:17 PM


Jacqui Smith and the separate one of her husband 'apologising' for his porn films.


John Green

on June 01, 2009

at 03:33 PM


How about the MP who claimed for the 5 he put into the collection at a church service?


But how much has the Fees Office contributed to this scandal? Should they not have been keeping some sort of control? Are they to blame for letting all this happen?


Ian - Chester

on June 01, 2009

at 03:29 PM


"Jim Fitzpatrick: as an MP in the capital, claims the London supplement rather than the additional costs allowance for second homes. Has claimed the maximum for past eight years " - ANOTHER WORKING-CLASS HERO ?


Michael Freeman, E1

on June 01, 2009

at 03:14 PM


I'm reminded of the words of Oliver Cromwell who said:


Oliver Cromwell's Speech on the Dissolution of the Long Parliament

Given to the House of Commons


20 April 1653


It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice;


Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government;


Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.


Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you?


Is there one vice you do not possess?


Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes?


Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?


Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?


Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone!


So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.


In the name of God, go!


Times don't change huh?



on June 01, 2009

at 02:00 PM


I will shortly be receiving a pension rise,as I will be 80.


That rise is 25 pence!


These cheats must be required to go at once without any payout,as is usual in industry.They have proved themselves unfit for the job


joyce foulger

on June 01, 2009

at 01:49 PM


When will the police or the revenue be looking into this?


Or is it that the superior politicians and civil service have threatened them to layoff?

If it was any of us we would have been held guilty unless proven innocent.



on June 01, 2009

at 01:44 PM


It is shameful that our armed forces are virtually forgotten and struggling in Afghanistan with insufficient resources yet most of our MP's seem to be preoccupied with filling their own pockets at the expense of the common man as they refer to us all.


Richard Stainthorp

on June 01, 2009

at 01:09 PM


I am concerned about the way you are reporting this.


Although I can read between the lines and see why some MPs are being shown up but how do we make sure that the others are held accountable in the future, at election time, WHEN IT COUNTS! I don't trust those that have said they will stand down, will they, in a years time when you media types move on to your next bone.


And how can we make sure that the rest understand that this behaviour is wrong, not the latest headline, not the current hit out at prominent people, it is wrong.


And by the way, Who is watching you media types, particularly your owners and their family members working in your offices. Don't tell me you're doing this out of the goodness of your hearts!!


Bruce Nelson

on June 01, 2009

at 12:56 PM


It's time for them all to go,what they cost the taxpayer every year and what they actually do doesn't add up.


We need another form of managing the country, shouldn't be too difficult to work out, a budget of let's say, one million should cover it, tops. All good things come to an end my daddy used to say.


Kenneth McMullan.

on June 01, 2009

at 12:33 PM


As a long time Expat I have alway's held the UK Parlimentary System in the highest esteem , Now I'm uterly ashamed off my birthright.


Les DeVine - Portugal

on June 01, 2009

at 12:26 PM


I'd like to see the video of Jacqui Smith (my sisters back bedroom is my main home so my family can all their living costs paid by the taxpayer).


In my view certainly one of the top sinners.


M Hartmann

on June 01, 2009

at 11:52 AM


I was not surprised at the revelations of MP expenses.


Britain has become a greed and selfish Nation



Credit Card Companies

Credit Card users

et al


so why should the MP s be any different. What I find galling is their list of lame excuses especially " I made and error"


The House of Commns should be re labelled the House of Errors.


If they cant get their expenses rightthen why should we believe that can get anything else right.


Like the way they behaved sheep like for Mr Blair when it came to the Iraq invasion.


The Nation should be ashamed of our MPs and the MPs should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.


One MP said he was far too busy to monitor his expenses but was paid thousands to run his office administration. Pah!!


Denis Findlay

on June 01, 2009

at 11:07 AM



Cervin, Valais, Switzerland


© Gaël Martin

Summer 2012, Cervin, Switzerland

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*texture by Lala Mártin


"as i burn another page

as i look the other way

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from the country of janitors,

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Honduras, you are a squatter's camp

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of their understanding.


No one can speak my name,

I host the fiesta

of the bathroom,

stirring the toilet

like a punchbowl.

The Spanish music of my name

is lost

when the guests complain

about toilet paper.


What they say

must be true:

I am smart

but I have a bad attitude.


No one knows

that I quit tonight,

maybe the mop

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They will call it Jorge.




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but thankfully we've had a few lovely warm days to remind us that summer isn't quite over yet...


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We will start the route, once our vehicle is parked at the height of the chain that closes the pass. The first part of the itinerary goes through a forest track next to the riverbed, which is joined by the ARROYO DE LAS TRUCHAS and it will not be difficult to see fishermen trying to collect some. This is a zone of mild temperatures, which has led to the repopulation of the different species of pines (laricio, resineros and carrascos), which allow the autochthonous vegetation composed by quejigales, romerales, cascojas and arbutus to grow. The fruits of the latter will delight the smallest.

At 3.1 km we cross, for the first time, the river by the bridge of LOS CARACOLILLOS, taking immediately to our left and continue next to the right of the river. Once past another bridge, in just a few meters, we will leave the track to take to our right the path that begins in the place called VADO ROSALES, natural entrance to the CLOSED OF ELIAS. This closed is the most interesting part of the route, there are some wooden walkways framed in rock walls above the waters of Borosa. The Cerrada de Elías is a natural canyoning of the river through which an old fishing path of great geological and vegetal wealth worthy of attention takes place, since it encloses unique rupicolous species such as the PINGUICULA VALLISNERIIFOLIA, a carnivorous plant that grows in the humid rocks of this place. The oak forest with undergrowth of durillos, ruscos of red fruits, olivillos ... next to the continuous presence of the river and its sources, will make this stretch an unforgettable walk. At the end of the CLOSED we will go to the forest track with which we started the route, at this point we will have traveled 4.2 km from the beginning.

We will continue until we reach the source of HUNT NIDILLO (6 km from the beginning) from which we will supply for the ascent. The next stage will be THE ELECTRIC CENTRAL OF THE SALTO DE LOS ÓRGANOS, 7.2 km away. since we started our route. Here, let's take a break, then, we will start the hardest part of the route, since the track ends and a path begins on the right that, in a steep climb, will take us to contemplate THE LEAP OF THE ORGANS, spectacular waterfall where the young RIO BOROSA rushes.

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Comenzaremos la ruta, una vez aparcado nuestro vehículo a la altura de la cadena que cierra el paso. La primera parte del itinerario transcurre por una pista forestal junto al cauce del río, al que enseguida, se le une el ARROYO DE LAS TRUCHAS y no será difícil ver pescadores intentando cobrar alguna. Es ésta una zona de temperaturas suaves, que ha propiciado repoblaciones de las diferentes especies de pinos (laricios, resineros y carrascos), los cuales dejan crecer la vegetación autóctona compuesta por quejigales, romerales, cascojas y madroños. Los frutos de estos últimos harán las delicias de los más pequeños.

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Seguiremos hasta llegar a la fuente de HUELGA NIDILLO (a 6 km del inicio) de la que nos aprovisionaremos para el ascenso. La siguiente etapa será LA CENTRAL ELECTRICA DEL SALTO DE LOS ÓRGANOS a 7,2 km. desde que comenzamos nuestra ruta. Aquí, tomemos un respiro, pues, iniciaremos la parte más dura del recorrido, ya que se acaba la pista y comienza, por la derecha una senda que, en pronunciado, ascenso nos va a llevar hasta contemplar EL SALTO DE LOS ÓRGANOS, cascada espectacular donde se precipita el joven RIO BOROSA.

Por la izquierda de la Cascada, sigue ascendiendo nuestra ruta para remontar unas repisas de caliza dando acceso a los túneles por los que discurren los canales que llevan el agua a la Central Eléctrica. Estós túneles no presentan ninguna dificultad, ni siquiera de iluminación. El primero desemboca en una pequeña pradera y el segundo a poca distancia de la LAGUNA DE AGUAS NEGRAS. En este punto habremos recorrido 10 km desde el inicio y son varias las opciones. A nuestra izquierda, se inicia la senda que lleva al mismo NACIMIENTO DEL RIO BOROSA a tan sólo 300 m. Atravesando la presa, llegaremos en 1 km a la LAGUNA DE VALDEAZORES por una vereda bien definida. La riqueza que encierran estos parajes va a desbordar todas nuestras espectativas, por tanto, recomendamos ir con el tiempo suficiente para poder disfrutarlos. El cambio de vegetación, en el que ya se hace presente el pino laricio en laderas y montañas junto con grandes extensiones de bojes, tejos y acebos, y especies lacustres, delimitan la zona de estas dos lagunas. Por su variedad y abundancia, queremos hacer mención a la fauna de esta zona donde podremos contemplar especies acuáticas como garzas, fochas, patos reales, mirlo acuático, incluso, algún martín pescador. La cabra montés, el muflón y los ciervos completarán el gran espectáculo con el que nuestro esfuerzo se verá recompensado. El regreso lo haremos por el mismo camino y habremos recorrido 22 km.

Enjoy an early evening view of downtown Seattle from the Beacon Hill neighborhood.


Here in the States, we will observe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 16th. The City of Seattle itself is the county seat of King County, Washington. The county was initially named in dedication to Vice President William Rufus King (who retains the record as the U.S. Vice President with the shortest term in office of only 45 days). Vice President King, under the presidency of Franklin Pierce, was a strong advocate of slavery in the nation, and opposed all efforts for the movements to abolish slavery. He was also a slave owner, and one of the founders of Selma, Alabama (another town with its own profound history in civil rights and race relations).


The King County Council elected to have the county’s name rededicated in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1986, the year the USA first initially observed the third Monday of each January as the national holiday. There was plenty of controversy in ratifying the holiday. Even President Ronald Reagan, who passed the motion into law, was not altogether pleased in creating a holiday for MLK. The states of Arizona, New Hampshire, and South Carolina initially refused to observe it, and it wasn’t until the year 2000 that every state in the nation officially observed the day.


King County’s name was officially ratified by Washington Governor Christine Gregoire in 2005, a decision that had to be passed by the state, not the county, which is probably part of the reason the rededication took nearly 20 years to officially be recognized.


On March 12, 2007, five days before I relocated to Seattle from D.C., the official logo of King County was changed to an image of MLK. As a result, King County, Washington is the first county in the USA whose government decided to switch its own logo (originally a golden crown) into the image of one of the nation’s most internationally renowned civil rights activists.


These are some of the very remarkable aspects about the City of Seattle and King County that I have come to respect wholeheartedly. I keep on learning more and more about the aspects that make this city and its people quite unique.


Outside the USA, two cities that also officially observe MLK Day are Toronto, Canada and Hiroshima, Japan.



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The light of the time - of the life.

Are we responsibly for it how long still it will burn?

Or does this determine a higher power?


But the question is much more important: When will it go out?

When will the end of the time expect us?


A really important question to which we don't have any clear answer till now!


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My friend has suffered a major heart attack. I am spending lots of time at the hospital with him so will be away from flickr for awhile. Thanks for your kind understanding. I will fave when I can but may not be able to comment <3


“An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.”


- Martin Buber


Soundtrack :





In your eyes I see the world

in my hand I hold your heart

in my heart I feel your joy

and hope that we will never part


Through your eyes I see the world

and my heart beats stronger

I will take your outstretched hands

and hope will live for longer


In your eyes I see blue skies

shadows, shapes and silhouettes

reflections of a soul so wise

my heart performs a pirouette


Through your eyes I make more sense

I feel affinity; I feel at peace

we are divided by a fence

but together we break down barriers


In my eyes I see your strength

great willpower yet gentleness

I will go to any length

to ensure your happiness


Through my eyes I hope you see

what is at the heart of me

stay with me and never flee

let us live in harmony


In our eyes we choose to be

everything we are meant to be

we can live extraordinary lives

two hearts beat as one yet free


In your eyes I see Heaven

where all our dreams come true

if I could live another day

I'd spend it all with you


I will be silent

speak only with my eyes

and fall beneath the spells you weave

and love you all our lives


Now even if your eyes are closed

I hope your heart will be forever open

and your arms flung out far and wide

please always leave me hoping


Our dreams are where we know we are

only we can make it real

step outside the boxed confines

let's shout about how we feel


I will paint a rainbow for you

that wipes away your tears

I will always be there for you

to free you from your fears


Eyes wide open

faces upturned towards the sky

make this moment last forever

make it last until we die.


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Talgo Madrid Chamartín-A Coruña/Vigo cruzando el viaducto de Martín-Gil, en Zamora. Algún día este hermoso viaducto se quedará sin trenes que lo atraviesen, debido a la construcción de la nueva línea de alta velocidad Madrid-Ourense. El tiempo de viaje será mucho menor, pero el encanto nunca será el mismo...


Talgo Madrid Chamartin-A Coruña/Vigo crossing the viaduct of Martin-Gil, in Zamora. Some day this beautiful viaduct will be without trains that pass through, due to the construction of the new high speed line Madrid-Ourense . Travel time will be much smaller, but the charm will never be the same ...

Location: Damrak Amsterdam. Copyright Martin Alberts 2011.

Nikon D90.

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// Illustration_ Martin Grohs

// Photography_ Mayer George Vladimirovich, Tischenko Irina


Second place at the competition 'life 2050' in the Photoshop Creative Magazine // DE


What will we do?

Will we show our solidarity or tear each other?

It is essential: 2050 - a future without oil!


Just 39 short years yet.

How will the world look like? No oil, nowhere.

Will we then notice first that we aren't only on the oil but have arisen only from it?


Will there still be a "we"? Does not everyone then only by an "I"?

Everybody fights for his surviving. War. Each against everybody.


Shouldn't we devote much more the time, energy and money to the search for a substitute?

To then not stand there without any solution in 2050?


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