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Residents of Trinity Hospital Almshouses, assemble before the Clerk to the Trustees on Founders Day.

The almshouses in Castle Rising, Norfolk, have offered permanent accommodation to destitute spinsters and widows of the parish since 1614 provided they 'are religious, grave, discreet and no beggar, harlot, scold drunkard or haunter of taverns”.

Coming soon for Fantasy Gacha Carnival! ♥


Short blog post: The Merriest Harlot

Pale though her eyes,

her lips are scarlet

from drinking of blood,

this child, this harlot

born of the night

and her heart, of darkness,

evil incarnate

to dance so reckless,

dreaming of blood,

revealing her lust,


Picture taken at the always haunting -Arranmore- .


Seat: Forgotten Attic - DRD mainstore.


Head: Catwa Bento Mesh head - Tala

Teeth:Catwa - Teeth Vampire

Skin: [theSkinnery] - Olga - Honey

Hair: Stealthic - Fatal

Face piercings: RYCA Jewelry

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

Eyebrows: [okkbye] - Eutropic Eyebrow

Eye: IKON - Triumph Eyes - Glass

Eye: Izzie's - Bloody Eyes

Bloody Lips: Izzie's - Bloody Lips

Tattoo: Identity Body Shop - Rosco's Legitness


Jeans: Addams - Luna Rubberised

Shoes: CULT - Penta Heels

Blouse: Moon Elixir - Salem - Blouse now @ Salem


Necklace: Empyrean Forge - Corvus Charm

Necklace: Nova - Black Widow

Headdress: Empyrean Forge - Kali Ma Headdress

I want to lick the "H" and "A" in Harlot - that's how frigging beautiful I think they are.

Near Phoenix, Louisiana

Built 1840

Smells / Harlot in boston

Rosy cheeks aglow she spreads her legs for all the world to see.

You know how those smokey harlots can be... those floating floozies

drifting this way and that. Scandalous really....

Harlot's Ghost by Norman Mailer


Taken at Dog Eared Books on Valencia in SF.


Why did i chose to focus on that book? Oh, because that's where the rangefinder lined up the easiest. I suck at focusing the m8.

A member of 'Ragged Victorians' at The Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Shi No Kamo - coach bristol harbour harlot b's


awesome time in's the proof -


and here

Esther and Tasha in TG Clothing by House of Harlot.


Model: Esther Flatters

Model: Tasha


© Copyright 2009 Kamil Janowski. All right reserved. This photo must not be used under ANY circumstances without written consent of the photographer.

Tiny harlots celebrating their last summer in This Town.


And a great time was had by all.

At this point, she was starting to walk off, so I asked her if I could take a picture of her.


Old Sacramento Ca. Gold Rush Day 2006.

Whosoever loves wisdom rejoices his father: but he that keeps company with harlots wastes his substance.

So after borrowing the Harlot for a photoshoot meetup event at my studio I was invited to do a feature shoot of the bike for Show Class magazine. The magazine is a dedicated subscription monthly book about the chopper world. Die hards know about it, the average magazine rack at your local store does not. This was exciting because of the credibility that is involved with getting your bike featured in such a mag, so when Eric the owner contacted me and asked if I would shoot for it, I jumped at the chance.


Rather than doing the typical portraits of a chopper amongst an auto shop, or near some industrial estate, I thought we could do something a bit different. Lots of the back alleys and old houses in the neighborhood nearby offered an "off the mainstream path" sort of depiction without getting out of the city. Neighborhoods where these enthusiasts tinker in their small garages, simply because they love the craft and art of these bikes. Seeing the dirt, overgrowth, and alike, meant that this isn't some poser show bike; it's a bike that gets to ride and be seen. We decided on almost 20 images for the article, but these two I've included I thought really captured the vibe of the day, and the rest were detail shots that showcase the build of the bike.



The harlots and thieves were in need of someone who could look after them. Hermes was their man. The shepherds and drifters, the actors and grifters - they were in need as well. Most all of them were on their way to someplace else, so couldn't be waylaid for long, but they all wanted something.. absolution, extra umph, a witness..


Hermes was on top of it. After all, he was Messenger of the Gods. Wings on his heels, the whole nine yards. Those came in handy early on, rustling cattle owned by his bother, Apollo. The Gods overlooked transgressions like that back then. Fact is, they needed fleet feet. They also needed someone who couldn't abide boundaries, as he'd have to pass in and out of the underworld.


Hermes fit the bill all around for gods and gypsies alike.

Gorgeous Yarn Botanika fiber in a 2 ply yarn. I renamed this Blueberry Pie and gave it to the Yarn Harlot as a gift when I met her at Webs.

Unfortunately, Operational Security precludes the employment of coloured toe polish.

Photo Credit: Girly Jennifer

I've called her Harlot's Web because she's been such a minx so far ... It was all very well just doing one block for a sample!


How many strips??


Too many, that's how many!


I honestly don't know how people have the patience to do this for a whole quilt, but if the blocks were bigger I guess it would be different!


These come in at 7" each, so they're quite fiddly for me.


All those seams ... gah! ...


My beloved machine has been very sick since day one of this little project - so far we have gone through 9 needles!


Luckily a lot of them were when doing the foundation bits, so I wasn't using my very best, but still ... it was more the time it took to replace and re-thread (!) grrr!


But this weekend I just sat down and thrashed through it all in one long long session.


Anyway, now I'm at basting and quilting stage, so am ready to have a lovely peaceful hand quilting session.


I'm just delighted that I even managed to get this far.


I do hope you're going to like it, partner! It's a real labour of love.


edited to add .... Oooh and it got an Explore! Woot! Woot!

One last image to process of our local Austin model, Keli Jasso, on the sixties Triumph custom chopper. The bike is named "The Harlot" by it's owner. From the moment I saw it I knew I wanted to take pics of it and get it into some sor tof rustic scene that blended with the copper metallic paint job and reflection details on the bike. We literally stylized Keli around the character of the bike which lent itself towards a steampunk sort of character.


I asked our amazing MUAH Allison Lowery if we could get closer to a Mad Max meets Paris-couture. The end result was a fun collaboration that Keli pulled off well. Although the other shots I've posted offered some more depth in the shot I like this one frankly because it shows so much more of the bike, and we see the two together. Especially with her pose, they seem to align more cohesively.


Shot with a mix of 4 continuous Lowell hot lights, one gelled orange/amber and the rest bare bulb or snooted with some barn doors. Then a single strobe in a large softbox just off left from me as the photographer.



A very good friend on mine in London set me this article. Its so fitting. No pun intended.


How to drive men mad: TV's sexiest show is back - but as I discovered when I had my Mad Men makeover, you have to work hard for those wolf-whistles




PUBLISHED: 23:34 GMT, 30 March 2012 UPDATED: 10:25 GMT, 31 March 2012




Understated: Marianne Power's usual everyday look

Wolf-whistles, yes. The odd ‘Oi, gorgeous’, absolutely — but, never, have I had a whole building site down tools and stare at me as I pass.

There’s no leering, no jeering — these men are putty in my hand. I can feel their eyes follow me as I walk down the street, so I give them a little wiggle.

I can’t quite believe I’ve done it, it’s out of character. But this is what happens when you dress up as a Mad Woman.

Ever since Mad Men first came on to our TV screens, I have wondered what it would be like to dress up like Christina Hendricks’s character Joan, the foxy office manager.

With our red hair and generously proportioned hips, Joan and I have a thing or two in common — but while she makes the most of her curves in tight dresses and heels, I hide mine in jeans, jumpers and flat shoes.

I wouldn’t normally have the guts to wear such outfits, so when the Mail challenged me to a Mad Men makeover to celebrate the start of the fifth series, I jumped at the chance.

I learn it’s hard work trying to be a sex bomb — but worth it . . .




'It takes celebrity hairstylist Simon Izzard a full hour and 35 pins to achieve the look, which feels surprisingly secure,' said Marianne

The Sixties was all about big hair and the up-do. And that means backcombing and hairspray, hairspray, hairspray.

It takes celebrity hairstylist Simon Izzard a full hour and 35 pins to achieve the look, which feels surprisingly secure.

It beggars belief that women used to do this every day — before work. I’m lucky if I run a brush through my hair before dashing out of the door — but Simon says that many women of the time would have gone to the hairdressers once a week to have it done and they’d try to make the style last, going to bed with a scarf on to protect their hair at night.



Fern Britton: Half of me is mumsy and cuddly... but the other half likes to drink margaritas and dance on tables

BEL MOONEY: I'm 42 and still single - is there a blueprint for love?




'To get the Mad Men look, Eyelure false eyelashes and thick liquid are applied to my upper eyelids,' said Marianne

My usual look — if I can even call it that — is a bit of mascara, foundation and lip gloss.

That’s it. But, according to make-up artist Carl Stanley, back in 1966, more was more when it came to cosmetics.

‘Everyone was very groomed, you wouldn’t be seen dead without a full face of slap — even husbands didn’t see their wives without their make-up,’ he says.

To get the Mad Men look, Eyelure false eyelashes and thick liquid are applied to my upper eyelids.

‘Back in the day, women used a solid block of eyeliner and they would spit on their brush to paint it on,’ he says. ‘It was the same with mascara’.

Next comes foundation.

‘There were very few shades of base back then, and it was very heavy. Most women would have used compacts such as Max Factor’s Creme Puff and they piled it on. The formulations weren’t like they are today, everything was much denser,’ says Carl.

The look is topped off with a fuchsia pink lipstick, a colour I would never, in a million years, wear. But the result is amazing and I swear my spidery false eyelashes are making my face look slimmer.




'It might feel restrictive, but the shape of my body is transformed,' said Marianne

The right period underwear is vital, says Janie Bryant, the costume designer on the show, because it makes the actresses ‘hold themselves differently’.

While most actresses wear reproductions of the vintage undies, poor Christina has to wear the originals, which are unyiedling and uncomfortable.

I cannot find any vintage underwear in a size 12, so I head to What Katie Did in London’s Portobello Road, which stocks vintage-inspired smalls.

Joan’s character wears girdles, stockings, a slip and longline bras.

A longline bra, I discover, is one which is attached to a bodice that comes down to your tummy, to nip in at the waist.

And the bullet-shaped cups? Talk about making the most of your assets! Meanwhile, the tightly fitted bodice makes it impossible to slouch. Or breathe.

Next comes the girdle — the Sixties’ equivilent of Spanx. It pulls in your tummy and bottom and comes attached to suspender belts with fiddly hooks.

It might feel restrictive, but the shape of my body is transformed. My waist appears 3in smaller and I am starting to feel — and look — more like a screen siren.




'Usually I would never, ever wear a pencil skirt, as I don't like my hips, but when I slip this dress on, it looks stunning,' said Marianne

Finally, the bit I’ve been waiting for: the dresses. By 1966, which is when the new series of Mad Men picks up, mini-skirts, psychedelic prints, monochrome ensembles and boxy shapes were starting to make an appearance — but many women were still holding on to the old look, including Joan, who sticks to her trademark body-hugging pencil dresses.

There are subtle changes though — she starts to wear bolder prints and show slightly more cleavage than she did in the years before. Even though by today’s standards, Joan’s dresses are modest, she still manages to look amazingly sexy.

I picked two iconic dresses Joan wears in the series — bottle green and a beautiful black floral dress for the evening — and asked designers at The Pretty Dress Company to recreate them for us.

The online shop specialises in retro-inspired pencil skirt dresses, very similar to the ones Joan would wear, and says the look is now very popular.

The results are perfect. Usually I would never, ever wear a pencil skirt, as I don’t like my hips, but when I slip this dress on, it looks stunning.

The big hips I usually hate actually look shapely. I top off my green dress with a retro-inspired broach from Fenwick. There’s only one thing lacking — the bust.

While Christina’s cups runneth over, mine look half-empty, so I shove a couple of ‘chicken fillets’ down my bra.

Now it’s time to take my new curves outside. I’m terrified — I’ve never worn anything so figure-hugging in public before.




'I realise quickly that you can't walk in a girdle and a pencil skirt, you can only wiggle - which makes me even more conspicuous,' said Marianne

Men can’t stop staring. Literally.

Taxi drivers are looking out from their cars, men in business suits are turning around, and one young guy stops in his tracks — his mouth is open.

I am painfully self-conscious in the bottle green dress.

I can see a woman digging her husband in the ribs when he twists his neck to look at my behind. Oh dear, I feel like a harlot.

I realise quickly that you can’t walk in a girdle and a pencil skirt, you can only wiggle — which makes me even more conspicuous.

I’m sure women are giving me catty looks, but then a glamorous older woman with a perfect white bob smiles at me.

‘That takes me back,’ she says. ‘What a pretty dress.’

She tells me that she is visiting from Hampshire for the day and that she used to live in London in the Sixties, working as a secretary for Unilever.

‘Everyone made an effort back then, you’d never leave the house without having your outfit on,’ she says. ‘I wore a corset and stockings every day and went to work wearing white gloves.’

I decide to hold my head up high and do a spot of shopping. As the hours pass I get used to the attention, and actually grow to rather like it.

A man behind me in the supermarket checkout tells me that he likes my dress and that women should wear dresses more often.

A young guy waiting at the bus stop asks me if I’m that actress. I don’t know if he’s having me on or not, but he’s certainly made my day.

After lunch, I change into the black floral number to treat me and my dress to a refreshing martini, so I head to the absolutely stunning 10th floor bar of the Royal Kensington Hotel, which has views all across London. Sipping my drink — with two olives — I start to feel the part. I could get used to this.

I swear that even the very handsome French barman is giving me the eye.

But then I go to powder my nose, and remember my complicated underpinnings. I’m in there for 20 minutes fiddling with hooks and poppers!



As the day goes on, I get tired. My bra is suffocating me, the waistband of the girdle is digging in to my tummy and the tops of my thighs are rubbing uncomfortably together.

As for the stockings, I got the old-fashioned variety without Lycra in them and they are heading south. I feel more like Nora Batty than a Sixties sex symbol.

Even my eyelashes are beginning to feel too heavy to wear a minute longer. I had planned to take my new look for a night on the town but, now, I just want to head home, where it’s such a treat to take off my girdle so that I can breathe — and slouch — again.

The dress is swapped for my usual jeans and jumper and I rub off my inch-thick layer of make-up and leave my false eyelashes on the side of the bath.

Then I look in the mirror. Gosh, I look rotten. Like a cartoon character who’s had all her features rubbed out. And in my normal clothes I look about three sizes bigger. I am like a completely different woman. Actually, I don’t really feel like a woman at all.

Later that evening I pop down the road to buy some milk. Not a soul looks at me. I am invisible, and that makes me sad. I’ve realised that while I couldn’t be a Mad Woman every day of my life, I’m going to make an effort to be one every once in a while.

It might not be easy, but with the right undies, a good dress and a bit of slap — everyone can look like a star. Come back girdle, stockings and false eyelashes — all is forgiven!


James Clayford ( Peggy Gaddis ) . Art by Fred Claude Rodewald.

1977 White Riot gets focused for her first Jam of the bout.


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Bristol Roller Derby:

Croydon Roller Derby:

Wiltshire Roller Derby:



harlot maid nix costs£70

We caught the tread of dancing feet,

We loitered down the moonlit street,

And stopped beneath the harlot's house.


Inside, above the din and fray,

We heard the loud musicians play

The 'Treues Liebes Herz' of Strauss.


Like strange mechanical grotesques,

Making fantastic arabesques,

The shadows raced across the blind.


We watched the ghostly dancers spin

To sound of horn and violin,

Like black leaves wheeling in the wind.


Like wire-pulled automatons,

Slim silhouetted skeletons

Went sidling through the slow quadrille,


Then took each other by the hand,

And danced a stately saraband;

Their laughter echoed thin and shrill.


Sometimes a clockwork puppet pressed

A phantom lover to her breast,

Sometimes they seemed to try to sing.


Sometimes a horrible marionette

Came out, and smoked its cigarette

Upon the steps like a live thing.


Then, turning to my love, I said,

'The dead are dancing with the dead,

The dust is whirling with the dust.'


But she--she heard the violin,

And left my side, and entered in:

Love passed into the house of lust.


Then suddenly the tune went false,

The dancers wearied of the waltz,

The shadows ceased to wheel and whirl.


And down the long and silent street,

The dawn, with silver-sandalled feet,

Crept like a frightened girl.






I've no idea what that title means. Just liked it. Playing with the iPhone app noir.

Model - Suzi X

Shot November 2nd, 2010

New City Suburbs, Edmonton

Nice to see some familiar faces so far away from home

Don Holliday - Harlem Harlot

Nightstand Books NB1619, 1962

Cover Artist: Harold W. McCauley


"No sin too great – no lust too degrading!"


Title page credits Andrew Shaw as author.

costs £300 the skirt is short you must get knix fro £70 more. cute yes oberpriced yes and it gets marks on it.

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